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C1840 cruel words

Xia Xinnian looks at her calmly and listens to her aggressive and arrogant warning. She just says coldly: "what are you talking about?

Excuse me for not understanding. If you don't come to me to talk about cooperation, I'm sorry. I'm very busy! "

After that, Xia Xinnian turned around to leave. Xie minglan even though she wanted to escape, immediately blocked the way of Xia Xinnian in the direction of the door.

Xia Xinnian frowns and stares at Xie minglan coldly, knowing that she and Xia shuran's tail can't do anything wrong without her help.

Xie minglan raised her chin, but was stabbed by Xia Xinnian's cold eyes. The bottom of her heart leaked a section. The whole person didn't feel that kind of coercion. She was shocked in the bottom of her heart. Was this the same Xia Xinnian who even spoke softly?

Xia Xinnian in her memory is like a kitten with a tail in her hand. She dare not speak loudly anywhere. She is shy and frightened easily, because her parents died in a car accident when she was seven years old. Although she is the granddaughter of Xia family, she has no foundation in Xia family except that an old man will hurt her.

Now, Xia Xinnian is like a degenerated butterfly, bright and charming, with no panic and timidity in his eyes, like a pool of ice water. When he looks at people, he will stab the cold into each other's skin.

Xia shuran didn't feel the change of Xia Xinnian. In addition to her more and more beautiful face and trying to make her tear it with her finger clip, she felt that Xia Xinnian was the woman she could bully.

"Xia Xinnian, do you think you can get away with my husband's pity without facing me?

Even if you clean yourself up beautifully, he won't look at you more. He told me that you are dirty and he is disgusted. "

It's Xia shuran's only pleasure to think about what she was sleeping with other men five years ago, and he Jiaxuan will be promoted to know how dirty and disgusting Xia Xinnian is.

Xia Xinnian sneers, turns around and stares at Xia shuran and asks, "I'm sorry to bother Mrs. he to come here early in the morning to ask for help. I don't know if I should be honored. If you're not afraid of my returning home, you don't want to come to me. So, your life with he Jiaxuan is not happy."

Xia shuran's heart was stabbed by these words. Her willowy eyebrows were raised and her anger was high. She pointed to Xia Xinnian's face and scolded: "what are you?

You are just a disgrace to our Xia family. I will be afraid of you?

Don't say such ridiculous words. When I was able to grab him, I proved that my charm was greater than yours. Now, I just want to remind you not to die any more. If you hit the tip of my knife, you will die. "

Xia Xinnian was not frightened by her cruel words, because she had nothing to do with he Jiaxuan when she returned home.

She even drove this heartless man out of his life, and with this girl in front of her, she also listed him as a blacklist of people who refused to go to and from their homes.

Or Xia shuran comes to find her unlucky. She thinks it's unlikely to see her in her life.

But many things in the world are often not decided by people.

Just like at the moment, Xia Xinnian doesn't want to see Xia shuran at all. She still takes the initiative to come and shout.

"That's right, Xia Xinnian. You don't think you are right here. Shu ran and her husband are in love. You can't get in your way. I advise you to die early. Don't be disgraced here."

Xie minglan said in a helping voice.

Xia Xinnian really doesn't want to continue to tear with these two mad dogs. She has no bearing obviously.

"Don't worry, I will never see he Jiaxuan again in my life, and I hope you don't come here to disturb my life."

Xia Xinnian knows that if she doesn't give Xia shuran a word of affirmation, she will absolutely bite her and never let go.

But now she is busy with her work, and she has to take care of her son. She doesn't have time to play with them. She just wants to finish it early.

"Is that what you really mean?"

Xia shuran's face is suspicious. It's impossible for him not to hate her. He forgives her so easily and has more ghosts.

"I have no time to pester you. I'm really busy!" said Xia Xinnian

Xia shuran snorted coldly, "don't use work as an excuse. I hope you come back home for your work this time. Don't have any other ideas. If you let me know that you contact my husband, I will make you unable to get along in China. Remember, I have this ability now!"

Xia Xinnian's eyes trembled a little. Indeed, Xia shuran is a figure in the upper class circle now. If she holds on to her own business, it may affect her career.

"Don't worry, I promise I won't contact him!"

Xia Xinnian had to bite his teeth to answer.

Xia shuran's face finally showed a triumphant expression. He raised his chin, took her best friend, and left.

Xia Xinnian breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't expect that as soon as she came back home, she would attract this disgusting person to let her know her work address. I'm afraid that there will be many difficulties in the future.

Forget it, don't worry about an unworthy person. Anyway, she was prepared for her job before returning home. She was originally serving people in the upper class. It's impossible to meet Xia shuran without her.

As long as she shows her determination later, I believe Xia shuran will not waste time on her. After all, there must be many women around him, like he Jiaxuan, who attracts flowers and butterflies. Xia shuran will definitely spend more time on dealing with other women.

Although this comforted themselves, but the bottom of my heart is still a touch of pain, not because to face that pair of slag men and women, but for their own heartache.

She has given up her identity of being Xia's daughter and inheriting 10% of her father's equity. She just wants to live in her own world. Why do these bad guys want to provoke her?

When Xia shuran and Xie minglan left the office, they suddenly saw a cute and delicate little boy sitting on the leisure sofa beside them. He was holding a comic book in his hand and was looking at it attentively.

At the sight of this astonishing little child, Xia shuran's steps could not move.

Xie minglan also stopped, his eyes flickering twice on Xia shuran's face.

"How beautiful the child is! How happy her mother is!"

Xia shuran has never been pregnant with a child, so she envies others for having such a beautiful son.

If this child is her, how nice.

"Shuran, don't look, you will be pregnant sooner or later!"

Xie minglan immediately comforted her by flattering her.

Xia shuran couldn't help but look at her eyes. She was fascinated by the delicate and lovely appearance of the little boy.