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C1654 mutual care

Lanlin was arrested. The couple seemed to be split by thunder. The whole person froze.

LAN Yanxi doesn't want to stay here for a moment. She turns around and goes out. Cheng Yuan and Chu lie follow her and leave. Blue third lady covers her mouth and cries bitterly.

"How could this happen? How can Xiaolin harm her grandfather? The child has been introverted since childhood. I always thought she was timid. Why did this happen? "

LAN Chen's eyes were also red with anger, but he knew that his daughter's mind had always been very heavy. She didn't communicate with their adults when she was young. She liked to hide things in her heart. She was bullied by others when she was reading, and she didn't mention anything. If she hadn't found the scar in the bath and asked her, she might have said nothing.

"It's our fault. We ignored her." LAN Chen seems to have found the reason, but it's too late to regret.

Mrs. LAN San immediately raised her red and swollen eyes and looked at her husband. LAN Chen covered her face with pain, and her voice choked: "what's wrong with our blue family? Why does everyone's character seem to be distorted? Is it really that heaven is going to kill our blue family?"

"Even if it's retribution, it shouldn't only be reported to us and our second brother. We didn't do anything harmful. Why, why do we hope to be happy? Isn't her surname LAN?" "Blue three Madame hate voice to say.

Hearing his wife's words, LAN Chen was stiff and his face was a little gray.

He and his second brother have committed felony when it comes to the things that hurt the nature and cause injustice. The eldest brother died and the second brother was the mastermind, but he didn't hand in the evidence. It's very useful to threaten the second brother at an important moment. These years, he was able to stand in the company because of the evidence in his hand. Although the second brother didn't ask carefully, it seems that there was a certain tacit understanding between the two brothers If it wasn't for excessive demands, lanchen would have agreed with him.

"My fault, my fault." Lanchen hugged his head in pain. At this moment, he felt that even if he wanted to say something now, it was too late.

Lanyanxi came out and saw that Lanlin's car had not yet left. She couldn't help being angry and strode across.

Lanlin's expression is stiff. She looks at the front, but she doesn't want to see her.

"Lan Yanxi, do you want to kill me? Do it, I have no resistance now. If you want to avenge Grandpa, do it. " Lanlin raised her chin arrogantly. Even if she was caught now, she didn't want to show a inferior attitude in front of lanyanxi.

Lanyanxi didn't expect Lanlin to be unrepentant, angry and hateful. However, she suppressed her anger and said in a very quiet voice: "I didn't expect you to admit your crime so happily. I thought you would continue to quibble. If you don't feel guilty, you will surely find that it's not grandpa's handwriting, but I wrote it. Do you want to see what grandpa wrote "

Lanlin's heart is like being stabbed with several knives. She turns her head and stares at lanyanxi angrily, biting her teeth: "you insidious woman, you lied to me?"

"If you don't feel guilty, will you be afraid of being cheated by me? Lanlin, you are really damned. You should see what grandpa wrote. " LAN Yanxi finished and took out the words written by grandpa from his bag.

Lanlin didn't dare to take it, but lanyanxi directly threw it in: "take a good look at how you repay grandpa's love for you."

Lanlin's eyes still couldn't help looking down. Although the light was not bright, she could see clearly the words on it. Her heart suddenly pulled. She didn't cry all the way. Now her tears were like rain.

LAN Yanxi didn't want to see her tears of remorse and turned away.

Lanlin cried loudly, tearing her heart and lungs.

Finally, Grandpa's business came to an end. LAN Yanxi left the hospital tired and came back home. He was going to move to the presidential palace today. But when Ling saw this, he couldn't bear to let her go to a strange environment and delayed for several days.

Lan Bo went to the hospital to go through the formalities. As a son, although he said that his father's life and death were not involved in his life, he really left. He still wanted to have a filial piety.

Although lanyanxi wanted to deal with it in person, she felt that she couldn't do it. As a granddaughter, she couldn't overstep her power and do it instead of her two uncles.

The night was intense. LAN Yanxi received a comforting call from LAN Laozi and Ling's parents. Actually, she had accepted the fact, but she felt uneasy when she thought that there would be no grandpa around to guide her in the future. But she also realized that she would learn to grow up, and could no longer look at the world with naive eyes like an immature child.

Outside the gate came the sound of the car flameout. LAN Yanxi stood up and saw the door pushed open. Ling Mo Feng took a bunch of flowers in his hand and walked in with a heavy step. Seeing her standing beside the sofa, he was stunned. Then he flashed a bit of shame.

"I thought you were upstairs." Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but smile and ask, just now he was anxious to enter the door, I'm afraid she saw it all.

LAN Yanxi was also embarrassed. He lowered his head and said in a low voice, "you just called to say that you are coming back, and I will wait for you downstairs."

Ling Mo Feng Xin long body has come to her in front, hand over a bunch of flowers: "to you, I hope you will like it."

LAN Yanxi was surprised and surprised. She didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to send her such a romantic bouquet. After all, he is a mature man who works so busy every day. He is not a man who carves romance into his bones. Unexpectedly, he also sent her flowers.

"Of course, I like everything you give me." LAN Yanxi chuckled.

"Just like it. I'll find you a glass bottle. You can keep it up." Ling Mo Feng is inexplicably ashamed and embarrassed. This bunch of flowers is specially selected by the roadside of his return journey. He is not easy to appear himself, but he has found a bodyguard to pick them. It is not just a bunch of roses, but also some other flowers.

LAN Yanxi looks at the man in suits and suits looking for an empty bottle for him. She is slightly shocked. Then, she feels warm like spring, just like this bunch of flowers in her arms, blooming in the best season, waiting for someone to pick and give.

Ling Mo Feng was a little annoyed because he didn't seem to find a suitable vase. What he set up here are all old things, which don't match this bunch of flowers at all.

LAN Yanxi, seeing that he was standing in place, seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. He walked over immediately and said in a low voice, "let me take a bucket and keep it first."

Ling Mo Feng listened, and Jun's face flashed a smile: "OK, my things here are too ancient."

Lanyanxi turned and walked upstairs. Ling Mo Feng followed her. Youmou carefully looked at her expression and found that her eyes were not so red and swollen. His heart relaxed. He was really afraid that she would cry all the time, which was very bad for his health.

Ling Mo Feng's mood has never been so careful, as if she is a fragile doll, let him guard her carefully all the time.

LAN Yanxi is aware of something. She suddenly turns at the stairs and looks back at him. She just looks up at the deep eyes that come from the man's side.

"Er..." Ling Mo Feng was startled. Later, he smiled with embarrassed eyes and lips: "why don't you go?"

LAN Yanxi frowned and asked in a low voice, "Why are you looking at me all the time? Is there anything on my face? "

Ling Mo Feng quickly shook his head and explained, "no, I'm just worried that you will always be sad."

LAN Yanxi shook his head: "I'm not sad, in my heart, grandpa has been in."

Lingmo Feng heard her saying this, which proved that she really wanted to open up. Indeed, people can't come back to life after death, but the living people still have to live, live a day with sadness and hope.

"If you think so, I'll rest assured that the old man will look at you in the sky, so you have to live a good life." Ling Mo Feng came over and stood on the next step. He could look at LAN Yanxi. He reached out and stroked her cheek: "later, I will take care of you. I promised your grandfather that I would not hurt you again."

LAN Yanxi's eyes were sore and she wanted to cry again, but she could only hold back the tears desperately. She nodded and smiled: "I will take care of you too."

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and hugged her fiercely into his arms. His thin lips kissed her eyes with tears.