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C1971 the heart starts to move

Ji Tingyan didn't know that her trip was not good. She took a white eyed wolf with her. At the moment, she still has full trust in the two bodyguards.

Lu Mengmeng, with a full stomach of anger, walks forward, and from time to time looks at tie ting and Ji Tingyan with his bitter eyes.

Ji Tingyan has a helpless smile in her heart. Everyone can see that Lu Mengmeng has a good feeling for her, but she seems to be playing dumb. It seems that he really treats her as her younger sister.

In this case, she won't eat the pot of vinegar.

"What are you laughing at?" Tie Ting pays close attention to Ji Tingyan. Suddenly, he sees her mouth rising. He attaches himself to her ear and asks her in a low voice.

"No Nothing. " Ji Tingyan shakes her head.

"Do you feel so happy with me?" A man's wild guess.

"You think more, who is happy?" Ji Tingyan white his one eye, do not admit.

Tie Ting is not angry or angry. On the contrary, he feels that this woman is flirting with her and has the potential to fall in love.

"Tired? Do you want me to carry you? " Tie Ting has no words to talk to.

"Don't look down on me, I'm not so delicate." Ji Tingyan's mouth is full of bravado, but she has begun to gasp. She is not delicate. But it has just snowed here. The snow is thick. You have to use your strength to move.

Tie Ting saw through her character, and he could do it with one mouth. However, he was quite appreciative of this hard character.

"I can't stand it if you want to breathe again." Due to the distance between them, the front and back bodyguards guarded each other. Feting and Ji Tingyan were walking in the middle. They lowered their voices and talked, which was almost inaudible.

Ji Tingyan's whole body is stiff. Mei Mou immediately stares at the man with shame. What does he think.

"Make a joke." Tie Ting also felt that he had just said, some bastards, in order to appease her, he quickly explained.

"No more such jokes." Ji Tingyan is a serious woman. Just a few days after she got to know him, she said that there was a color topic. She didn't agree.

Tie Ting reluctantly shook his head and smiled, but Ji Tingyan's gasping voice pierced into his ear from time to time, which made him extremely hot and embarrassed.

"Hiss, ah..." Ji Tingyan is walking forward. Suddenly, she feels a stabbing pain coming from the sole of her foot. Her whole body shivers with pain.

"What's the matter?" Tie Ting reaches out to hold her for the first time. Ji Tingyan raises her left foot slightly with a flutter, and sees her boots pierce a thin nail.

"Take off your shoes and I'll see." Tie Ting saw the nail and his heart quivered.

Cheng Yue and others rushed forward.

"What's the matter, nane?" Cheng Yue asked anxiously.

"I stepped on a nail." Ji Tingyan looks speechless. She went out today. Didn't she see the Yellow calendar?

"Take off your shoes and I'll see." Tie Ting said in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan cried out in pain, took her foot out of her boots, stabbed her toe and bled.

Cheng Yue quickly picked up the shoes and looked at them. "Fortunately, the bottom of the boots is thick, otherwise, the nail will suffer."

When tie Ting wants to take off her socks, Ji Tingyan is shy at once. She bends down to do it by herself, but the man takes off directly and checks the wound on her foot.

Ji Tingyan is still embarrassed in front of so many people.

"The wound is not deep, but it must be disinfected. Wang orange, bring the alcohol." There was a deep cry.

Wang Chengli is about to hand over the sterilized alcohol. Ji Tingyan knows how painful the alcohol is. She pinches her clothes nervously and closes her eyes tightly: "please, take it easy."

Mingming is just an instinctive plea, which can be heard in the ear of tieting, but it seems to have another meaning.

"Don't be afraid, just bear with it." Although tie Ting can't bear it, he still needs to disinfect the wound as soon as possible to avoid infection.

Lu Mengmeng and Li Jingwen are not happy. Ji Tingyan, who always feels that she is acting in a drama of bitterness, deliberately steps on a nail to win the attention of Jieting. Moreover, she can let Jieting carry her because of her foot injury.

"Well!" Ji Tingyan can bear it very much. When the alcohol gets on, she just shivers all over and doesn't cry out for any pain.

Tie Ting skillfully bandaged the wound for her and stood up: "your feet hurt like this, can you still walk? Do you want to go back? "

"No, everyone has gone so far. Let's move on. I can go." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to let everyone work in vain because of herself.

"What hobbies do you have besides bravado?" Tie Ting asked her jokingly.

Cheng Yue hurriedly said something good for Ji Tingyan: "Mr. tie, Xiao Nai has been hurt. Don't talk about Feng Rong. Jing Wen and I will be responsible for carrying her for the next journey."

Hearing this, Li Jingwen suppressed her dissatisfaction and nodded, "yes, this is our duty as bodyguards."

Ji Tingyan can't help but look at them with emotion. In fact, she regards them as friends along the way. But when they meet this matter, they are willing to carry themselves forward. They are really grateful.

"I can really go. Don't worry about me. Go." Ji Tingyan immediately put on her boots and walked forward. However, the wound under her feet was still slightly painful.

"Oh, what kind of strength is it? It's not for brother tieting?" Lu Meng sneered in his heart.

Tie Ting didn't expect that Ji Tingyan's bones are very hard. It's such a time. She doesn't want to bother others.

He quickly walked forward a few steps, blocking in front of Ji Tingyan and bending: "come on, I will carry you."

Ji Tingyan seems to have predicted that this man will carry himself, but when he really stoops in front of her, she is nervous and at a loss.

"Don't be surprised. Come on up quickly." Tie Ting burst out laughing. I don't know if it's heaven's help. I just wanted to carry her forward. Such an opportunity came right away.

Ji Tingyan had to lie down on his back. The man's arms held her up forcefully. She hung her whole body on his back. Only then did he find that he was really tall, which made her feel a sense of flying.

She subconsciously reaches out and grabs his shoulder. The man has a light smell of tobacco and mint. Ji Tingyan takes two greedy sips and her heart beats faster.

In other people's eyes, it's a normal thing for tie ting to carry Ji Tingyan forward. Women get hurt, men help, and there's nothing to do with Fengyue.

But in the eyes of some people, this is a conspiracy. At least, Lu Mengmeng is so aware of it. Li Jingwen wants to blow out fire from the bottom of her eyes and stare at Ji Tingyan, who lies behind her.

"Am I heavy?" Ji Tingyan is a little embarrassed and has been shouting to lose weight. But a year later, she has gained two pounds. Now she is not thin, but she has reached the most golden figure of a woman.

"It's not heavy, but it seems soft." Tie Ting finish saying, deliberately throw her up, and steady catch, that moment of collision, let the man is very satisfied.

Ji Tingyan feels that he is making trouble and can't find evidence, so she can't make a sound.