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Wang Xin opens his car, Bai Yiyan sits in, and the two drive around the clean street of the town towards the restaurant.

"Mr. Bai, I'm really aggrieved. You used to travel in luxury cars. I can't compare this used car with you!" Wang Xin still has some inferiority, because before, he only knew Bai Yiyan, a new actress, and didn't go deep into her life. Later, he went to the Internet to find out the gossip about her, and found that Bai Yiyan's boyfriend was Ji Yueze, the famous boss of Baiyu media in the entertainment circle. It can be seen that her previous life had Open more. In front of her, Wang immediately counseled her, unlike when she first met her, when she was calm and calm, but tense and hurried.

Bai Yiyan laughed at herself and said, "I didn't live as well as I do now. Really, I didn't realize the difference between riding in a luxury car and riding in your car. Anyway, it's all four wheels. I can go where I want to go." "

Mr. Bai, to be honest, I read a lot of news about you. Is your boyfriend really Ji Yueze? Did you break up? " Wang Xin can't hide his curiosity. He asks.

Bai Yiyan didn't want to hide anything from him. Many things about her were written on the Internet more clearly than herself.

"Yes, we have been together, but now we are separated!" Bai Yiyan looks sad.

"I'm sorry. Did I mention your sadness?" Wang Xin saw her eyes turn red at once, and immediately looked ashamed and remorseful.

"No, it's normal. I don't want to cheat you because I treat you as a friend!" During the time when Bai Yiyan was with Wang Xin, he felt that he was sincere and enthusiastic. As a friend, he was very good. "

it's a great honor. I didn't expect to be your friend." Wang Xin was immediately excited. Bai

knowing that he may think too well, Yi Yan immediately chuckled: "don't be like this, I'm not a big star now, let alone Ji Yueze's girlfriend. I'm the same as you. I'm a teacher here. Moreover, I'm just an external teaching assistant. I'm not as good as you."

"No, you mustn't say that. I'm just an ordinary person. My life has always been very ordinary. How can I be like you? After seeing the market, I think you feel like you are going through a lot of things and want to return to the ordinary. Your mentality is not what ordinary people can do. I think you're great." Wang Xin couldn't help admiring her.

"If I tell you that I am forced, do you believe it?" Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes flashed a touch of sadness and laughed at herself.

"No matter whether you are forced or not, it's hard to be willing to live the life of ordinary people after you've received the honor and wealth. If you're not strong enough, you'll be completely destroyed by this gap." Wang Xin is still impressed by her present state.

"Don't flatter me any more. If you flatter me any more, I will be proud." Bai Yiyan breathed in a low voice. She was the only one who knew how many stories were hidden in her heart. She could not tell them. Wang didn't dare to talk to her again. She always felt that the light in her eyes was painful.

At a restaurant where Wang Xin often goes, the waiter saw him and joked: "Mr. Wang, have you brought your girlfriend to dinner?" Wang

Xinyi's face turned red, but Bai Yiyan explained: "no, you misunderstood me. I'm his colleague!" This is a clear expression on the student's face. "

Mr. Bai, don't be angry. The people here are warm and usually like to joke." Wang Xin is afraid that Bai Yiyan is unhappy, so she immediately blushes to explain.

"It doesn't matter. It's normal. It's ok if the explanation is clear." Bai Yiyan smiled at him. Ji

Yueze has sent several people to go abroad. They are looking for the places written by Bai Zhenzhen. Because Ji Yueze requires them to stay more and inquire. If they find Bai Yiyan at the first time, they will be rewarded very much. Therefore, the staff will be so active to inquire around.

At the moment, Bai Yiyan and Wang Xin are talking about their work and eating lunch. There is a car passing by outside the door. Suddenly, a man in the car roars: "stop Found it! " The black car stopped at the side of the road in an instant. The man in the car excitedly picked up his mobile phone and immediately recorded it to Bai Yiyan, who was talking with people at the window.

Just now, Bai Yiyan and Wang Xin have finished their meals, and they need to rush back to class.

Under the camera, Bai Yiyan is wearing a simple and generous camouflage dress, long hair and ponytail, and her face is clean. Except for her clean temperament, the whole style of her is very different from that of her previous female star, which makes people feel that she really integrates into this town.

After she left the door, Wang Xin quickly ran to a convenience store opposite and bought her a bottle of water.

Bai Yiyan nodded politely and smiled at him, then left in his car. The man's mobile phone recorded this scene on the car, his face was unbelievable.

"Bai Yiyan doesn't look like a fox spirit. Why did she just go abroad and hook up with other men?"

"No, I have to show the video to the boss. I don't know what he wants to reward me for."

The man sent the video to Ji Yueze as soon as possible. At this time, Ji Yueze has just entered the conference room and is ready for the meeting. The short message of the hand

machine makes him look different. Recently, he has been carrying his mobile phone with him all the time. Moreover, things that used to need an assistant to remind him to power up have never happened again. He would power up to full capacity every morning and night, so that he would wait for the dispatched staff to report the situation to him in time. At this time, when the message was sent to his mobile phone, his nerves were tense. This

is a video of Bai Yiyan standing in front of a restaurant with a drink in her hand.

Ji Yueze quickly points out the video. Five minutes later, Bai Yiyan is sitting by the window of a restaurant. On the opposite side of her is a young man with glasses. They are smiling, eating, talking and looking like friends.

Later, when the two got up and settled their accounts, the man ran to the convenience store, while Bai Yiyan was standing beside a black car waiting for him. Soon, the man came out, took two bottles of drinks, handed one to Bai Yiyan, and after Bai Yiyan received it, he took the car together. Season

Yueze: "..."