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C1073 double entry pairs

Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze hang out hand in hand on the streets of the beautiful town. The warm light of dusk shines on them. The elongated shadow is also overlapped and extremely intimate.

Two people's hands, holding a cup of milk tea just bought, Ji Yueze is the choice of coffee. "

I love this time!" Bai Yiyan saw a chair not far away. She immediately ran to sit down and straightened her legs. She leaned back and looked up at the dusk sky. Ji

Yue Ze also sits beside her, instinctively extending an arm to let her lean, because this is a cold wooden chair, he still likes to let her lean on his arm, at least, his hand is warm.

Although Bai Yiyan didn't feel these small details, Ji Yueze unconsciously did. "

I like it too!" Ji Yueze found that when he came here, he didn't need to cover up his identity at all, and no one here would treat him as a star. He can let himself fly here and live as a normal man as he likes. "

I wish I could live like this all the time!" Bai Yiyan can't help sighing. "

don't worry, such a life is still long. I will try to make you live such a life." Ji Yueze's tender promise.

"Well, I believe you! I'm looking forward to it! " Bai Yiyan has stopped doubting what he said. She is satisfied that he has done this for himself.

"Have you never doubted that one day I would be tired, give up and find another woman?" Ji Yueze couldn't help but want to make fun of her and see her jealous and anxious.

Bai Yiyan was really shocked. Meimou stared at him for a moment, then she said with a wry smile, "how could it not be? In fact, I've been doubting it all the time, but even if you do that, I won't hate you, let alone blame you. It's the most normal you that I think you are. " Ji wants to test her sincerity, but he doesn't expect that her heart thinks like this. This time, he stays. "

according to your meaning, it's not normal for me to choose to be with you now?" Ji Yueze is so angry and anti laughing. What's the brain circuit of this woman.

Bai Yiyan also thought her idea was funny, but she still explained seriously: "no, you choose me, only to say God treats me well, I will cherish every minute and every second with you." "

the mouth is really sweet. It's worthy of drinking milk tea!" Ji Yueze picked up her chin and kissed her lips.

A few laughs suddenly came from the side. The two people separated quickly and saw two teenage girls passing by. They were very ashamed to look at them.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly blushed and lowered her head, but Ji Yueze looked like nothing happened. "

tomorrow, we will go back to China. Do you have any regrets?" Ji Yueze has been living here with her for several days. He is very comfortable physically and mentally, which makes him not want to return to work.

"I just want to sneak back and talk to my mother!" Bai Yiyan sighed. "

OK, I'll get in touch with you. Don't worry. What do you want to talk to your mother when you see her?" Ji Yueze asked curiously.

"I don't know. I used to think of her as my aunt, but now she's my mother. I don't know how to deal with her." Bai Yiyan laughed at herself. "

do you want to ask her who your father is?" Ji Yueze frowned. "

Yes, of course I want to know!" Bai Yiyan nodded, then said sadly: "I know, what can I do? Am I going to look for him? " "

it depends on what kind of person your biological father is. If he is worthy of your recognition, it's OK for you to recognize him." Ji Yueze is also for her consideration. She is now only a white haired grandmother, except for a little aunt who is no longer her mother. If she can have more relatives to care for her, it is not enough.

"My mother was arrested when she gave birth to me. I heard that she was arrested for taking drugs. What kind of person do you think my biological father would be?" Bai Yiyan can't imagine what kind of circumstances her mother conceived her and what kind of mentality she was born with. "

then you can only ask your mother, Xiaoyan. A person has the right to know who his own biological parents are. Don't be afraid. No matter what kind of person he is, you should at least know." Ji Yueze gave her courage and she couldn't help looking at him gratefully. "

let's go, let's go back!" It's getting dark. Ji Yueze takes her little hand and prepares to go back.

Two people are still walking, enjoying the peace brought by the quiet town.

Just as the two people walked by a garden path hand in hand, Wang Xin stared at their figure with a trace of resentment on a small building not far away. Season

Yueze is tall and handsome. Bai Yiyan is beautiful and charming. She nestles in him like a bird. The two look really matched, as if they were born together.

Wang Xinyue looks more and more dazzling. He is really fascinated by Bai Yiyan's beautiful appearance. People love beauty. Although there are many female students around Wang Xin, they are all ordinary. To say that there are temperament, but the beauty of natural beauty is hard to get.

Bai Yiyan is one of those women who make people look more and more beautiful. Because of her smiling appearance, her lips are red, her teeth are white, and she is delicate and beautiful. Women can't help but like her when she looks at her. What's more, he is a young and vigorous man. "

Bai Yiyan, I have helped you somehow. Is that how you treat me?" Wang Xin's mind is a little distorted and gloomy. People are like this. When they don't meet the person they like, they have a positive attitude. However, once they have the person they like, they will have love and hate.

He didn't like Bai Yiyan's cold look, so hatred was intended to give birth to roots and buds in his heart. "

don't you want people to find people here? If you want to live a peaceful life here with Ji Yueze, I won't let you succeed! " Wang Xin thinks of his lonely shadow. It's boring and lonely. But Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan come out in pairs. They love each other very much. They can't stand it. So he will ruin their peaceful life. The next morning, Bai Yiyan took Ji Yueze's car and headed for the airport. They were accompanied by lengfei. Leng

Fei was specially invited by Ji Yueze to protect Bai Yiyan. She collected a lot of money from Ji Yueze, so no matter where Bai Yiyan goes, she will follow her now.

When they arrived at the airport, Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze staggered the flight time. Ji Yueze left first, while lengfei and Bai Yiyan delayed for several hours.