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C1148 lust for this time

Yang Siyu saw the people sitting on the sofa, and her expression was shocked. She couldn't help shouting: "what's the matter with each one? My Jiajia has taken your souls away? " Ji

Yue Ze is the first to slow down. He reaches out and pinches Bai Yiyan's palm, who is also shocked. Bai Yiyan wakes up like a dream and smiles.

"Miss Chen is so beautiful!" Bai Yiyan was immediately praised by Zhong. Yang

Si Yu immediately smiled twice proudly: "of course, I have a very selective vision. How could I love so many years without Jiajiamei's being like an immortal?"

Although their love is regarded as an alien, even most people can't accept it, but the picture of two people standing together at the moment is very beautiful, especially eye-catching. Liu

Xiaoxing is also surprised to say: "Miss Yang, I thought Chen Xiaojia's dress would be very neutral, because I've known you as a group, and I found that one of you must be dressed more neutral, but why do you two stand together and are two big beauties? It's not scientific!"

"It's unscientific because you haven't seen my previous photos. Come here and show them to you. Don't doubt our emotional problems any more." After Yang Siyu finished speaking, he calmly turned on his mobile phone, ready to open everyone's eyes. Suddenly, he froze again and turned to ask Chen Jiajia, "Jiajia, do you mind?" Jiajia's beautiful Danfeng eyes were smiling and she shook her head gently: "no!"

Yang Siyu then happily handed his mobile phone to Liu Xiaoxing: "in fact, five years ago, I was a tomboy. I stayed in a dirty pigtail, played exaggerated earrings, dressed in strange clothes and mixed with a nightclub. At that time, I totally let myself go. If I had not met Jiajia, I would have been the same. My family would not have much disliked me!" "

wow, this handsome and beautiful boy is you?" Liu Xiaoxing sees the person in the photo who is dyed with exaggerated red, with a diamond earnail, and is arrogant towards the camera. He is shocked and unbelievable. "

then, I have many shapes. In fact, I look like a woman, but I live in a man!" Yang Siyu never stops talking. At this time, she doesn't need the bottom line. Since she decided to make these friends, of course, she should tear off her disguise and let everyone know a new self.

"Siyu, you are so handsome. It turns out that you are the man who plays the role of boyfriend in your two roles. Looking at your cool photos, I will blush." Liu Xiaoxing is a straightforward person. At the moment, looking at the photos one by one, Yang Siyu, who is more and more aware of the beautiful angle, even the women are moved.

Bai Yiyan and lengfei had already sat beside Liu Xiaoxing and enjoyed the photos together.

It was Ji Yueze who looked at Yang Siyu with interest. Then, with a smile on his thin lips, he said, "don't tell me. Your family also know about you and Miss Chen?" "

to be honest, know something." After Yang Siyu finished, he reached out to hold Chen Jiajia's hand. Chen Jiajia also held it tightly with her on the back hand, as if it was a kind of emotional communication that outsiders could not understand. "

then your parents sent you to me for a blind date, which is a deception to us!" Ji Yueze joked. "

let's do that!" Yang Siyu is cheeky. Even if Ji Yueze said that, she didn't realize that she was wrong with him.

Ji Yueze nodded: "forget it, we take what we need, and there is no cheating. I'm a little sleepy. You women talk. I went upstairs to have a rest. Xiaoyan, don't play too late!"

After Ji Yueze finished, he went upstairs first.

Bai Yiyan is not in the mood to take care of Ji Yueze at the moment. She is admiring the handsome old photos of Yang Siyu with Liu Xiaoxing. "

it's said that she has made friends. I bought some small gifts specially when I went abroad. I hope you like it!" Chen Jiajia opens a bag in her hand and takes out some lovely pendants she bought.

"Wow, it's so beautiful, Miss Chen. You're so thoughtful. Now I can understand why everyone wants to be friends with tuhao. It's really a very happy thing." Liu Xiaoxing said with an exclamation and exaggeration.

Her words, teasing the room full of women can not laugh.

After chatting for half an hour, several women went back to their rooms to have a rest. Chen

Jiajia and Yang Siyu have slept in a room, Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei have a room by themselves, Bai Yiyan has never lived in a villa with so many friends. At this moment, she feels both novel and happy. They are happy and have a good time. This time is also worth remembering.

Bai Yiyan plays with the small gift from Chen Jiajia, pushes open the bedroom door, and Ji Yueze has taken a bath, lying on the bed, turning her mobile phone in her hand and seeing her come in, her eyes are deep.

"What's in your hand?" The discovery of Ji Yueze's eyes. "

it's a gift from Miss Chen!" Bai Yiyan walked over and showed him the present. "

this Yang Siyu is really charming. You women are fascinated by it. Do you want to compete with me for the market?" Ji Yueze is joking.

Bai Yiyan couldn't help laughing: "who makes your men more and more untrustworthy? That's why women choose alternative love. I think Miss Yang is very good. It must be very easy to get along with her. She won't be tired at all." "

I think her relationship with Chen Jiajia should be good. Don't think about digging other people's corner!" Ming Ming is a joke, but the two fight very seriously. Ji Yueze opens the quilt and gets out of bed, hugs her directly from behind: "don't you worry about me at all? Chen Jiajia is very good. Aren't you afraid that I will be moved by her? " Bai

Yiyan was stiff and looked back at him: "are you serious? Think language so help you, you even want to rob someone else's girlfriend? Are you still not human? "

"Fool, I want to see you jealous." Ji Yueze finds that Bai Yiyan has misinterpreted his meaning, and quickly says. "

I'm not jealous anymore. Every day I'm with you, I seem to steal it. It's too late to love you. How can I be jealous?" Bai Yiyan is like a pitiful, pessimistic murmur. Ji

Yueze can't bear to hurt her any more. He hugged her tightly, pulled her over, and her eyes were red: "how can I be more and more like a child? I'm going to be a mother!"

"Ji Yueze, I like the life now, and the life with you!" Bai Yiyan nestles her face in his arms and sobs.

"This kind of life will last forever!" Ji Yueze gave her a kiss on the forehead, promising.