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C675 touching

Yang ChuChu's intimate and warm words instantly cured Luo Jinyu's sense of loss.

He reached out his hand and gently grasped a soft little hand that she put on the table. The temperature of the palm made Yang ChuChu's face blush. He bowed his head shamefully, and her beautiful eyes flashed: "why, others are watching."

"Well, I love you!" Luo Jinyu is not emotional at the moment. He just wants to express his inner words. If he doesn't meet Yang ChuChu, he doesn't know that his emotions can boil to such a warm level.

He always thought that he had already entered the ice age, and no longer had a warm desire for someone. At this moment, Yang ChuChu rescued him from the ice and let him taste the sweet love.

"You Why do you say that all of a sudden? " Yang ChuChu is usually very bold, but at this moment, she is inexplicably coquettish like a little woman, a heart crazy jump, beautiful eyes but with a happy smile looking at the opposite man.

When touching the fiery light at the bottom of his eyes, Yang ChuChu could not help biting his lips: "I love you, too!"

Hearing her response, Luo Jinyu's thin lips raised a charming smile, and even made a dark decision that she would not marry in this life.

Luo Jinyu loosened his grip on her palm, took up his coffee, and took a sip of it in a good mood. Maybe he will never forget the strong and mellow taste in his life.

Yang ChuChu secretly smiled, like a thief, like a little fool, so happy.

The authoritative brain experts in China are making the final examination for Tang youyou. The wound on Tang youyou's head has healed, but she has a nerve injury. Although her recovery is still good, there are still some hidden dangers. The doctor told her to pay more attention to rest in the future. If she has any discomfort, she must come to the hospital for examination immediately. Tang youyou is also worried and uneasy

and nods and agrees.

Take off the gauze. The first thing for Tang youyou is to find a place to wash his head.

Accompanied by Ganma Liu Xi, Tang youyou came to a high-end beauty salon and asked the technician to wash her long hair very carefully. Later, he accompanied Ganma to do some neck care. The two men were lying and chatting.

"Yo Yo, it's still up to you. Now Miffy has stopped her crazy behavior." Liu Xi said with a smile.

"It's not me. It's Ji Xiaohan who helped me a lot." Tang youyou replied with a chuckle.

"Anyway, this matter has been solved. You are the number one hero. There is a year-end dinner in the company tomorrow night. Are you coming?" Liu Xi sincerely invited her, because Tang youyou is now an indispensable talent of the strength school. Of course, Liu Xi also hopes to come, have a company and be lively.

"Tomorrow night, I'll think about it." Tang youyou will eventually return to work in the company. She doesn't want to alienate her colleagues too much, so she may go there.

"Well, I'll wait for you then!" Liu Xi said happily.

It's over 4 p.m. since she came out of the beauty salon. Tang youyou made a phone call to the old lady. She wanted to pick up the child at school in person. The old lady agreed to let her pick it up if she had no opinion.

Tang youyou is sitting in the bodyguard's car. Behind her, there is a bodyguard's car following her closely.

Looking out of the window, Tang youyou is still worried about the two towering buildings. He doesn't know how the crisis of jixiaohan company has been handled. Is jishangqing coming back from his company?

Tang youyou dare not think deeply. The more you think, the more afraid you will be.

It's not that she doesn't believe that Ji Xiaohan has no ability to deal with all this. She's just worried that Ji Shangqing's father and son are too cunning and treacherous, for fear that they will harm Ji Xiaohan if they don't choose their hand.

When she arrived at the school, Tang youyou looked at the time. It took more than ten minutes to open the school gate. The luxury cars around stopped one after another. All of them were parents who came to pick up the children. Tang youyou leaned back in his chair and looked out of the window. Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure.

It was LAN Yue.

LAN Yue seems to have found her car and is walking towards her.

Tang youyou opened the door politely and went down.

"Aunt, why are you here?" Tang youyou is very curious to ask. Tang youyou has always been very polite to LAN Yue. No matter what her identity is before, she always feels that Lan Yue is not like a bad woman. She can make her father cherish love so much. She must have her advantages.

"I just want to see the children. I thought it was the old lady." LAN Yue sees Tang youyou and smiles.

"The old lady didn't come today. Why are you still in China?" Tang youYou can't help but ask. She called her father. He has gone back abroad to deal with the company's affairs.

LAN Yue bowed her head and gave a wry smile: "I will stay in China if I don't go abroad. I moved to a new home. Please come and have a seat with my children when I have time!"

"Good!" Tang youyou agreed with me.

LAN Yue wrote down the address and handed it to her: "if Xiao Han doesn't agree, don't be angry with him!"

"I will try to persuade him. You are the children's grandma after all!" Said Tang youyou with a smile.

"Well, I'm so ashamed that I'm a grandmother who doesn't stand up to my duties at all." LAN Yue said, lowering her head.

Tang youyou knows that her relationship with Ji Xiaohan's mother and son has been very stiff. At this moment, she doesn't know how to comfort her.

Just at this time, the school rang the bell after class, and the school gate opened at this time.

"Aunt, if you don't have time, come in with me and pick up the children." Tang youyou invites in a whisper.

LAN Yue listened, and her eyes were inexplicably astringent. She immediately became happy: "well, I don't have anything to do now. I just want to see more children inexplicably. Xiaorui looks like Xiaohan when he was a child."

Tang youyou laughed: "you all think Xiaorui looks like him, but I haven't seen what he looked like when he was a child."

"I have his childhood album at home. When will you come here? I'll show you. They were naughty when they were little!" LAN Yue said with a smile that she was still very happy about the two children.

When they came to the children's classroom, they saw that Tang xiaonai was playing games with a few girls, while Tang Xiaorui was sitting beside them playing brain burning robot games with a few boys.

"Mommy, is grandma here?" Tang xiaonai saw them at the first time, and immediately ran happily.

LAN Yue looks at Tang xiaonai happily: "xiaonai, grandma has come to see you!"

Tang xiaonai immediately ran over and grabbed LAN Yue's hand. She was forced by her little strength to go to her little friends and shouted happily, "look, my grandma has come to pick me up from school, and I also have a grandma!"

Hearing these words from her granddaughter, LAN Yue's eyes were wet again, and almost burst with tears. Tang youyou also sighed beside him. It turned out that the little guy wanted not only his father but also his grandmother. Sure enough, the inner thoughts of the children were so simple and pure that they wanted to have what others had.