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C1593 the surprise happened

Lingmo Feng's name, thoroughly hurt the heart of blue fiber. At the beginning, she also held a good expectation and ran to work in the general office. She also dreamed that one day, she could get Lingmo Feng's love, but it was only a dream after all.

Now, LAN Yanxi is more than a dream. She really wants to marry Ling Mo Feng as his wife, and step by step to a higher position with his aura.

"She wants to be the first lady. Don't think. I won't let her dream come true. She ruined me, and I will destroy her." In recent days, blue fiber has to look up to Yu. She feels that her life is not as good as death. She is afraid. Those videos are not only seen by Li Changsheng, but also by more men.

Once it's exposed, she really won't survive.

Lanlin is waiting for Lanxian to say this, because she finds that Lanxian's revenge is real this time, unlike the previous one. This time, I'm afraid that she really wants to find lanyanxi desperately. "Sister, lanyanxi is really cruel this time. How can she destroy you? She can scold you or beat you better than you are now. She really wants to kill your rhythm." Lanlin is angry for her.

Blue fibril thought was extreme, listen to blue Lin's words, she is more painful, angry.

"When will she go back to the blue house?" The blue slender face became ferocious.

Lanlin's eyes turned around: "in the last two days, the weather is not very good. It seems that Grandpa's condition has worsened. Otherwise, I'll call her and let her come back to see Grandpa."

"Well, let her come back. I'll make her more miserable than I am." Blue fibril's hands were holding, and he could not tear blue Yanxi's expression.

LAN Lin is very proud in her heart. Seeing these two cousins tearing up, she really feels very happy.

At the cost of one sword and one sword, it can cause the blue family war. Lanlin is proud of her cleverness.

After leaving the blue fiber room, Lanlin immediately called lanyanxi.

"Cousin, have you been busy recently? I haven't seen you back very much. " Lanlin immediately showed a lovely smile and put on a harmless expression.

LAN Yanxi's faint voice came: "I have to work recently. What's wrong? What's the matter? "

"In fact, it's nothing. Grandpa's weather is changeable recently. He seems to have a bad cough. I look worried." Lanlin said in a distressed voice.

"Is Grandpa seriously ill? Then I'll come and see him in the evening. " As soon as LAN Yanxi heard the news from Grandpa, he became anxious.

"If you are busy with your work, don't come back. Anyway, I'm at home. I can take care of Grandpa. But you've been keeping grandpa's side. Grandpa prefers to see you." Lanlin said that, a sad expression.

"Don't say that. We are all granddaughters of Grandpa." Lanyanxi is most afraid of the two cousins saying this, so she quickly corrected the way.

"Yes, I'm wrong. Grandpa loves me very much, cousin. Will you really come back tonight?" Lanlin asked with a happy expression.

"Well, I'll go back." LAN Yanxi replied.

Yang ChuChu is doing publicity for her new drama platform. She is wearing a lovely flower long skirt, under the fluffy bangs, and a pretty and delicate face. She is making a heart to heart gesture to the camera at the request of the host.

Sweet smile made some male fans on the stage scream crazily, but Yang ChuChu's smile was a little stiff, because she suddenly felt some nausea.

Yang ChuChu sat back in her seat, feeling a little stronger. She wondered if she would have eaten the frozen cake just now, which made her stomach uncomfortable.

Yang ChuChu had to whisper to the director. He wanted to leave first, and the director took care of her. Hearing that she was suddenly sick, he let her leave first. However, when she came out, she was crowded by crazy fans. She felt that someone was pulling her arm and someone was pulling her skirt.

Yang chuqiang pulled a smile, and with the help of the security guard, she quickly squeezed through the passage. As soon as she walked through the door, she immediately covered her lips and squatted beside her, retching.

Two of her assistants saw her like this and asked anxiously, "you are fine, what's the matter?"

"I feel bad." Yang ChuChu straightened up, and her pretty face turned red. She put her hand over her chest and said, "I don't know what's wrong. It's too bad."

"Well, you won't eat anything bad."

Another assistant's head was wide open. "You are pregnant, are you?"

Yang ChuChu didn't think much just now. When he heard her, the whole person shook.

"I'm pregnant?" Yang ChuChu was a little incredulous, and immediately reached out to his belly to feel: "so fast?"

The two assistants looked at her face with a face covered in circles. They both covered their mouths and sniggered: "it's very clear that if you are pregnant, you and Luo are still unmarried."

The expression of the two assistants made Yang ChuChu understand that he must not be pregnant at this time, otherwise, things will be big.

"Can't you get pregnant without marriage? How strange of you. " Yang ChuChu is discontented, but she can't wait to fill in the descendants for the Luo family.

"Well, you Are you not really pregnant? " Suddenly the two assistants couldn't laugh.

Yang ChuChu reached out his hand and lifted his long hair for a while. He said with disapproval, "so what? Anyway, I've been prepared for it. "

"Well, you can't be pregnant. You're only nineteen."

Yang ChuChu immediately glanced at her: "I will be twenty in two months."

"That's not good. You have a lot of advertising endorsements. Besides, you just got two new scripts. What do you do if you are pregnant now?" The assistant asked in a hurry.

"I'll do what I have to do. Someone will help me if I lose money." Yang ChuChu blinked mischievously.

The two assistants looked at each other. Since president Luo was a big supporter, Yang ChuChu has been living at will.

Yang ChuChu got on the bus. She was thinking about it all the way. She had to go home quickly. There was a pregnancy test stick at home. She could have a test.

Two assistants are still urging her to think about pregnancy carefully, because she is very popular now and can't choose to be pregnant at this time. Many new people are waiting for her position.

The wrong music circle is so cruel. It's a matter of minutes for new people to replace old ones.

Yang ChuChu slouched back in his chair, put his hand on his belly, and said with a faint smile, "I'm not afraid of anything, I just want to know if I'm going to have him and me."

Back home, Yang ChuChu hurried to get the pregnancy test stick out, waiting for the process of some tension.

"Two bars?" This time, Yang ChuChu's eyes opened wide and his face was full of surprises.

Yang ChuChu immediately took a picture with her mobile phone. Next second, she sent it to Luo Jinyu.

Luo Jinyu's phone call followed.

"Well, what is it?" Asked Luo Jinyu curiously.

Yang ChuChu immediately said happily, "Luo Jinyu, I have it."

"What's up?" Luo Jinyu asked her casually as he signed.

"I have children." Yang ChuChu immediately said loudly.

Luo Jinyu's signature hand suddenly stopped, and Jun Mou opened a circle: "what do you say?"

"I'm pregnant. I just got it." Yang ChuChu said with a smile.

"Really?" Luo Jin Yujun's face was ecstatic for a moment, but soon, he found that there were still many people standing in front of him, and he immediately gave a light cough: "delicate, I'll finish the work at hand, and call you later."

"Well, you're busy."

"Take a rest." The man quickly ordered a sentence, then hung up.

Yang ChuChu lies on the bed dizzy and stares at the ceiling, his heart beating fast.

She thought it would take a long time. Now, it doesn't take long.

It can only be said that she and Luo Jinyu have made great efforts to make people. Thinking of all the feelings of the pictures in this room, Yang chuchuchuan shamefully buried his small face in the quilt, as if it was still stained with the mint fragrance of men.

Yang ChuChu is waiting for the man to call her, but after a long time, she is almost asleep, and Luo Jinyu's phone hasn't been called, she can't help but lose.

When she decided to go to bed first, she heard the sound of the door being pushed open. She immediately raised her eyes, and saw the man walk in with some unsteady breath. It seems that he ran in.