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LAN Yanxi can't answer. She bought this pack of cigarettes in a hurry. She didn't even remember the brand. Ling asked her this and blocked her up. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes narrowed slightly, and his beautiful thin lips pulled a little bit of ridicule: "Lan Yanxi, you don't need to make yourself look like this. I've investigated what kind of person you are." Blue

Yanxi was stiff and cold. She climbed up from her back, and her fingers with cigarettes trembled twice.

A mouthful of smoke swallowed in her mouth was too late to spit out. She was shocked by his words and coughed quickly.

She coughed so hard that she burst into tears. Her cigarette ashes fell on the back of her hand and burned her. She screamed again. Ling

Mo Feng looks at the woman who is at a loss in the face. He has no expression and only frowns slightly.

The woman didn't want to marry herself. He came to the conclusion.

LAN Yanxi finally calmed down. She took the paper towel and wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes. On the white paper towel, it was a gray and black color. She wiped too many eye shadows, all of them faded.

"Ling Mo Feng, have you investigated me?" LAN Yanxi's heart was blocked. Suddenly she felt angry. She knew nothing about this man, but he tore off his coat. How could she not be angry? "

you will be my future wife. Of course, I will investigate your details, including your character." Ling Mo Feng is still indifferent, as if the person sitting opposite him is just a trading object, without any emotion. "

you are too much!" Blue Yan Xi slaps on the table, the pretty face of heavy make-up is a piece of iron green.

"Calm down. Your grandfather married me for the benefit of the blue family. I married you for the support of the blue family. Our marriage will not be cancelled!" Ling Mo Feng had to tell her the cruel truth.

"I don't want to marry you. I don't like you. I believe you don't like me either. If you marry me just for your presidential election, I look down on you as a person who is interested in your interests." LAN Yanxi's teeth are full of hatred, and he regards Ling Mo Feng as a man who does everything for his rights. "

LAN Yanxi, do you think you can decide your own destiny?" Ling Mo Feng is quite impressed with her. This woman is brave and has her own ideas.

LAN Yanxi suddenly stopped talking. She blinked a pair of sad, angry and helpless eyes. She stared at the man's calm face with full resentment. As expected, he was the one who wanted to be president. His ability to be angry was brilliant. "

Ling Mo Feng, are you willing to be controlled by your own destiny? Don't you really love someone? If you marry me, and you meet another woman you love, will you abandon me immediately, or for various reasons, you will not get her, will you be shocked for life? " LAN Yan hoped that it was useless to be angry at him. This man is like a pool of deep water. The water will extinguish all the fire. She felt that she should reason with him. "

If I marry you, I will try my best to make myself fall in love with you and never love others again!" Ling Mo Feng frowned. Obviously, he didn't think about women and love, so he can't tell whether he will regret or not at the moment. "

ha ha!" LAN yanxijue's words of this man are too funny. She has her hands around her chest and looks down on him.

"Don't you think it's possible?" Ling Mo Feng ignored her sarcasm and asked lightly. "

of course, how could you like me? I just pretended to look like you saw, you will like such a woman to give up self? " LAN Yanxi raised his eyebrows and asked him with a sneer. "

I haven't seen you before. I only saw your photos. I think you look beautiful. Now I have met you and talked with you. I find you have courage and discretion. I appreciate you a little!" Ling Mo Feng is bold and straightforward, and doesn't beat around the bush.

LAN Yanxi's heart leaped and her beautiful eyes widened: "don't tell me, I like me a little? What am I like now? Is there any sense of beauty? "

"No, I like your cleverness and loveliness!" Ling Mo Feng's mouth is up, and his eyes are smiling.

LAN Yanxi's mouth twitches twice. What's the man's eyes? Through her vulgar appearance, he can find her inner beauty. Is his eyes OK? "

hungry? Let's eat first! " Ling Mo Feng finished, patted the palm of his hand. Outside the door, someone pushed in the dining car. The delicious food was ready and immediately filled the table.

"I don't know what you like to eat, so I made some dishes at will!" Ling Mo Feng said with a light smile.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes are wide again. This is not the situation she wants to see. She even has to eat this meal with Ling Mo Feng and amiably. "

I thought you'd hate me like this, so I'll be kicked out." LAN Yanxi said angrily. "

don't bother yourself like this next time. I think you look better as you are!" Ling Mo Feng looked up at her and said in a low voice.

"Ling Mo Feng, don't think you don't dislike me, I'll marry you willingly. I hate being forced and don't want to bet my happiness on you. You'd better propose to my grandfather to get back from marriage. There must be many women who want to climb you!" LAN Yanxi is very angry. At present, she doesn't really have any taste. Even if the dishes on the table are famous in China.

"Don't you understand? This marriage was made by your grandfather and my grandfather. My parents have no right to say no, let alone me! " Ling didn't want to quarrel with her, just wanted to clear up the stakes. "

then you can tell your grandfather that you don't like me, and we won't be happy together." LAN Yanxi's face turned pale again. Indeed, she knew that the marriage was not proposed by Ling Mo Feng, but was decided by the satisfaction of the elders of the two families. "

then why don't you ask your grandfather? Your blue family replied to my grandfather that they sent you to study abroad, but what I found out is that you ran away the next day after hearing the engagement news. If it came to my grandfather's ear, my grandfather would be very angry. " Ling Mo Feng said with a frown. "

if your grandfather is angry, he will be angry and cancel our marriage. Is that right?" LAN Yanxi is hopeful. "

No, he will let us get married immediately!" Ling Mo Feng interrupts her beauty with a light voice.