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C1795 the end of happiness chapter three

Ji Yueze looks at the man in front of him. He seems to be mature and stable. Without his father's shadow, he has become himself.

"In the last few years, you haven't returned home. Grandma said you had a daughter not long ago."

Ji Yueze didn't know what to talk about. He could only talk about it casually.

"Yes, I may not go back in the future."

Ji Shangqing looks at the distance, and his voice is sad.

"Are you still remembering what happened?"

Ji Yueze couldn't help asking.

Ji Shangqing looks back at him and shakes his head: "no, I have long forgotten. I just want to take care of my wife and daughter now. I don't want to remember the past."

"Well, we are all father's roles, not older than fist before. I wish you happiness."

Ji Yueze's words are more sincere and sincere, which is very pleasant.

Ji Shangqing chuckled: "thank you. Go back and ask grandma a good question. She is the only one I owe the most."

"If you want to come back and see her, you're welcome at any time. The old man's body is not as good as before. Maybe he can't fly around in the sky. If you really want to see her, come back."

Ji Yueze also knows that grandma has been remembering this grandson who is far away from home. He will read it every few days. He and his brother are also distressed.

"Let's see. Let's go first."

Ji Shangqing nodded, then walked towards the blue.

Blue slightly smiled at him, Ji Shangqing took over the child in her arms, gently hugged in her arms, a line of three people, slowly walked away.

Bai Qingyue leads her daughter to come over. Ji Yueze leans against the railing nearby and sighs: "I didn't expect to meet him here."

"The relationship between him and his wife should be very good. His wife is also beautiful."

Bai Qingyue could not help feeling.

"Yes, his life is safe now. Grandma should be able to be at ease. Let's go."

Ji Yueze also squatted down to hug his daughter, but the little guy pushed his hand away unhappily: "don't hug, I want to walk on my own."

Ji Yueze's arm is slightly stiff. Don't you want to pay?

Bai Qingyue laughed: "your daughter has grown up and doesn't depend on you. Are you not happy?"

"Not happy."

Ji Yueze can only force her daughter to come over and kiss her tender little face: "other family's little princesses all like daddy's hug, how don't you like it?"

"If daddy doesn't hold me, he can hold Mommy."

Small Mo Mo blinks crystal like big eyes and says with a smile.

"Daddy can't hold your mommy."

Ji Yueze is afraid to hold it. Bai Qingyue is now pregnant again and can't fall and touch it.

"Mommy doesn't want him to hold it. Mo Mo, let's go."

Bai Qingyue beckons directly to his daughter, and the little guy comes like a light little butterfly.

Looking at the beautiful wife and lovely daughter, Ji Yueze's inner satisfaction is unparalleled.

At the door of a restaurant in China, the paparazzi have been waiting here for an hour. After eating the bread in their hands, they stare at the door of the restaurant.

It's said that Lu xuanchen seems to have come to dinner today, not alone. His wife, daughter and little son are all here. This is a rare opportunity. I hope to take a positive picture of his two children, which is also exclusive news.

Lu xuanchen's development in the last few years has been very stable. It's said that he chose the script to be very toxic. He acted in one big movie and won a lot of awards and small prizes in a few years. He has already had a group of very loyal fans. Of course, this is not only because his behind the scenes team is very powerful, but also because he is a very low-key and dedicated male star. His wife is an outsider and a strong lawyer, But he can still hold his heart when facing the colorful world of entertainment circle, which is really rare.

Now his wife has given birth to a son and a daughter. The difference between the two children is more than one year old. It's said that his wife, a lawyer, is unwilling to waste too much time in order to work hard. One child a year is very diligent. Lu xuanchen has only made one play in two years. The basic time is to go home and take care of his wife and children, which has been upgraded to a professional father. Some people say that there is a very hot Department recently I hope he can think about it.

We are full of expectations for this. There are few male stars with first-class acting skills and first-class personalities. It is even more difficult to see those who are serious in acting and do not get involved in gossip. Lu xuanchen has taken up both of them, and we naturally love him deeply.

There is a box in the restaurant. Lu xuanchen is inviting friends to dinner today, and the other party will bring the children. Lu xuanchen and Mao Rongrong are not willing to leave the little guy at home and let the nanny take them with them, so they bring them out together.

The child is still very small, the oldest is only two years old, the youngest is only a few months old, the oldest is a daughter, the youngest is a son, the son still has a small pacifier in his mouth, the daughter is wearing a pigtail, carved with powder and jade, white and clean, cute and lovely.

After dinner, two people came out with the their children, one in arms, with the no bodyguard or sister-in-law. Paparazzi rushed to take a picture.

At the same time, the two people blocked the child's face and politely greeted the reporter's friends.

A group of reporters didn't seem to dare to pursue them, just took a back picture and stopped.

Some people will be deterred by their temperament. Lu xuanchen gives them the feeling that his temperament is cool, while the woman around him is more queen like, which is why they dare not chase after him.

However, although they did not take pictures of the faces of the two children, they still felt that the little guy hiding in their arms was very beautiful and lovely.

Three years later, Mu Weicheng has become a key figure in politics. Now he is thirty-one years old, and the girl he doted on for three years is about to graduate from university. She has reached the age of marriage, which is his happiest, because his waiting will eventually have a result.

The four treasures of Ji's family are enviable. They are cute and adorable, which makes the family that has a son want daughters. So after this time, the men began to look for their wives to consider the issue of second child.

Luo Jinyu just mentioned it, and Yang ChuChu agreed. Because Yang ChuChu's beautiful gene can't be wasted. He must have a more beautiful daughter than her. In this way, Luo Jinyu will have a little lover in charge of him all his life. Luo Jinyu is speechless.

Ling Mo Feng also made up his daughter's idea. When he saw blue Yanxi's beautiful face around him, he would think that if he had a daughter who looked like her, he would pet her and grow up.

"Why do you have to have a daughter?"

Asked LAN Yanxi, leaning over him.

"Because, I want to see what you looked like when you were a child. It's not cute."

The man's answer is very interesting.

"Oh, it turns out that when you were little, you must not be cute. Look at your son. It's a headache."

LAN Yanxi made fun of him at once.

Ling Mo Feng's expression was a little bitter. He put his wife in his arms and said, "you are right. My son is as mischievous as I was when I was a child. What about you?

I really want to see you as a kid. "

"Well, I promise to have another one. I can't decide whether it's male or female."

LAN Yanxi nodded. After having children, she knew their innocence and loveliness. She would inevitably look forward to her daughter's appearance.