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Mu Shi Ye looked athiss peach blossom eyes, and looked towards the direction his friend was pointing at. When he looked, her face turned gloomy.

At a table not far away, a woman with short, pretty hair was chatting with a young man.

His gaze was fixed unblinkingly on the beautiful woman, her short hair fell behind her ears, and a shiny diamond earring lit up her delicate face. Her skin was snow-white, and her eyes were bright and full of teeth.

"An Xin, when did you return?" Luo He Ning also anxiously followed, and when he looked at his cousin, he was surprised.

Pei An Xin's gaze swept across the angry Mu Shi Ye's face, and finally, looked at Luo He Ning. "Cousin, you guys are here to eat as well?"

"Wow …" The little milk baby at the side, who was previously in a state of shock due to Mu Shi Ye, immediately opened his little mouth wide. With a wow, he started crying loudly.

Pei An Xin immediately pulled her into his embrace, coaxed her while angrily looking at Mu Shi Ye, "You scared my daughter."

The moment Mu Shi Ye heard her say that she was her daughter, he felt as if his heart was about to stop beating. He stared in disbelief at the little fellow that was gently consoling her in her arms, wishing that he could pull her out and throw her out.

Luo He Ning was also incomparably shocked, and asked anxiously, "An Xin, when did you get married? This child is yours? "

The light in Pei An Xin's eyes dimmed, the hand that was holding the child tightened, his head rested against the child's small head, and he indifferently replied: "Yes, this is my daughter, Cheng Cheng!"

The man sitting opposite to Pei An Xin was a very gentle looking man. He immediately stood up and asked Pei An Xin with concern, "Should we change to another restaurant?"

Pei An Xin nodded, "Alright!"

Mu Shi Ye had been completely ignored, but his heart was burning with jealousy. When the man with the glasses decided to help Pei An Xin carry the cart with the child, Mu Shi Ye grabbed his clothes: "You bastard, you dare to marry a woman that I fancy …"

As he was speaking, Mu Shi Ye was about to punch him crazily. Pei An Xin suddenly shouted: "Mu Shi Ye, are you done yet?"

Luo He Ning also hurriedly grabbed his good friend's arm and advised him anxiously: "Yeye, forget it, don't hit anyone."

Mu Shi Ye was so angry that his eyes had turned red, no one knew how much he was jealous or angry.

Seeing Pei An Xin hugging a child so tightly was simply a torture to his soul.

Pei An Xin's beautiful face instantly turned cold. He turned to the man who Mu Shi Ye had let go of and said: "Let's go, to another restaurant!"

Mu Shi Ye was tightly grabbed by Luo He Ning so that he wouldn't chase up and viciously beat up the man who left with Pei An Xin.

He stared intently at Pei An Xin's figure that had disappeared outside of the hall door. After that, his entire body seemed to have been drained of all of its energy, as he powerlessly sat back down on the chair that Pei An Xin had just sat on.

Looking at his expression, Luo He Ning finally understood how much he cared about An Xin, who seemed to be playful towards the world.

"Yeye, are you alright?" Luo He Ning was no longer in the mood to joke with him. On the contrary, when he saw his head lowered without saying a word, he was worried.

"You knew she was back, didn't you?" Mu Shi Ye's voice seemed to be stained with a trace of grey.

Luo He Ning immediately shook his head: "I don't know, I didn't lie to you, I really don't know."

"That man just now, is he his husband? "How could she marry a man like that? He's far inferior to me. After so many years, has her vision gotten longer and longer?" Mu Shi Ye mocked himself, but more importantly, he seemed to be laughing at himself.

Luo He Ning understood his character the best, so he must be completely hurt at this moment.

"I'll go back and ask for you. I feel like that man isn't her husband. He might just be a friend." Luo He Ning's intuition told him that his cousin was not married to that man.

"Even if the one she married wasn't that man, she already has a child. There's no hope, there's no hope for her and me." Mu Shi Ye was such a proud man, but at this moment, he was like a wronged child. His eyes were red, and tears actually flickered in his eyes.

Luo He Ning looked at him in disbelief.

"Why didn't you lower your head to pursue her? Why do you have to test her? It's too late for you to regret it now that you've missed her. " Luo He Ning still understood the love and experience between the two of them very well. Back then, Pei An Xin had liked Mu Shi Ye in high school, but at that time, Mu Shi Ye had acted like a cold and aloof young master and ignored her, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, making Pei An Xin feel extremely weak. The two of them pestered Pei An Xin until he was a second year university student, at that time, Mu Shi Ye had decisively decided to go abroad, and at that time, Mu Shi Ye had also been secretly sad for a good while.

When Luo He Ning heard that he went to look for Pei An Xin overseas at Christmas, and immediately announced that he was in love with his, Luo He Ning felt that he must have been playing with his cousin's feelings again, so he didn't really care about them.

Then, he said that he had lost his love. In short, Luo He Ning still did not know how he broke up with her.

"Is it too late? I am such a bastard! " Mu Shi Ye realized that he was in the wrong and wished that he could slap himself in the face.

Luo He Ning looked at his sad expression as if he had missed out on love, and suddenly thought of the secret love that he might have died for no reason, and for a moment, was extremely sad.