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C982 marriage proposal

More than two hours later, the news that Luo Jinyu accompanied Yang ChuChu to see a doctor in the hospital was known by the media reporters. Soon, there was a circle of reporters around the hospital gate, waiting for the latest and hottest news. Luo

Jin Yu sits on the sofa in the ward, takes out his mobile phone and reads the news. He just sees the news, and Jun's face is frozen.

Unexpectedly, the media moves so fast.

"Cough..." Yang ChuChu suddenly coughed in bed, and then she woke up in a daze. "

LUO Jinyu..." She opened her eyes, did not see Luo Jinyu, subconsciously murmured his name.

Luo Jinyu got up quickly and said softly, "are you awake? Thirsty? I'll pour you a glass of water! " "

OK!" Yang ChuChu sat up and looked at the medicine bottle. He was almost finished.

Luo Jinyu sends Wen Kaishui to her, Yang chuchulazily reaches for it, and the man hands it directly to her mouth. She lowers her head and drinks.

"I just had a dream that our relationship was exposed!" After a sip of water, Yang ChuChu has the strength to talk again. "

your dream has become true, and our relationship has indeed been exposed!" Luo Jinyu's thin lips pulled lightly and laughed.

"Ah..." Yang ChuChu's expression was stunned: "when did it happen? Have I slept here for a long time? "

"It just came out!" Luo Jinyu said, put the mobile phone in front of her, let her see. "

I know!" Yang ChuChu closed his eyes regretfully: "I really should have taken my mask with me."

"You seem very unhappy!" Luo Jinyu's expression of regret on her face made her look stiff.

Yang ChuChu didn't reflect the meaning of his words. He hung his head and said, "of course, I'm not happy. If they scribble again, wouldn't they have to involve you again?"

"I'm not afraid of being implicated!" Luo Jinyu sat down beside the bed and stared at her closely: "it's very clear. Since it's exposed, let's just get married!" "

really?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't believe what she heard. She blinked hard: "Luo Jinyu, I'm not dreaming. You really Do you want to propose to me? "

Seeing her exaggerated expression, Luo Jinyu raised her thin lips lightly and said with a smile: "I know it's not right to propose to you now, but I think so. We don't need to hide all the time. It's too aggrieved for you."

"No, I don't feel wronged at all!" Yang ChuChu's eyes are slightly red. Is he concerned about her?

"But I feel so aggrieved you. Since we are already together, it's time to let everyone know. Just this time it's exposed, let's just announce this relationship." Luo Jinyu reached out his fingers and straightened her long hair, which was messy on the ear side: "do you think it's so good?"

Yang ChuChu was drowned by his gentle eyes and affectionate words. Her eyes were red and she nodded excitedly: "of course, in fact, I'm not afraid of what others say about me. I'm afraid it will affect you and your company. After all, I I still don't deserve you! "

Luo Jinyu hears her saying that she doesn't deserve it, and her eyes are slightly stunned. At the next moment, he gently hugs her to his arms and hugs her: "don't say that again, I don't deserve you!"

Yang ChuChu's heart at the moment was in full bloom. If she hadn't got a needle in her hand, she really wanted to jump over and hold him.

Did she finally wait?

She knew that this man would not let her wait too long, so happy or lucky. When the door of the room was opened, the doctor and two nurses came in to see the situation, but they didn't expect to see two people clasped tightly together, and they all walked out in embarrassment. Luo

Jin Yu gently released his hand, got up, opened the ward door, and said to the doctor outside: "please come in!"

The doctor came to ask Yang ChuChu about her condition, then pulled out the needle for her, told her to explain a few words and left. The two female nurses who were coming with

were also very excited. After staring at Yang ChuChu, they looked at the man standing next to him in a suit. They were immediately amazed by Luo Jinyu's beautiful face, which was not cast. They all blushed and dared not look up. Yang

after the injection, he can be discharged from the hospital. He needs to come back tomorrow.

"Shall we go like this? There shouldn't be many people downstairs! " Yang ChuChu got out of bed and moved his arms. "

I asked the driver to drive to the door, it should be OK!" Luo Jinyu whispered. "

wait for me, I'll go to the bathroom! Will you go to the nurse's station and get a mask for me? " Yang ChuChu asked with a chuckle. Luo

Jin Yu nodded and turned to go out. By the time he came back, Yang ChuChu had come out of the bathroom. She put on her mask, pulled her hair up again, and blocked her face: "I dare not see you!"

The most frightening thing for a female star is that she is photographed in an ugly picture. Although Yang ChuChu feels pretty, she can't be too confident under someone else's lens. She'll be more relieved to block it.

Luo Jinyu chuckled, his eyes full of doting. No matter what Yang ChuChu does, in his eyes, there is a light that attracts him.

The two opened the ward and walked out. Take the

elevator to go downstairs. In the hall, a dozen reporters around quickly make their faces stiff.

"So many people!" Yang ChuChu couldn't believe that there would be so many reporters. She thought there were only two or three at most.

When is her popularity so high? I don't know why these reporters are here. "

Yang ChuChu, are you in contact with Lord Luo? What kind of examination do you come to the hospital for? " "

excuse me, is it the birth inspection? Is Yang ChuChu pregnant? "

"How long have you been together?" Sharp problems are coming, which can't be caught off guard. Luo

Jin Yu instinctively put Yang ChuChu into his arms to protect him. Facing the questions of these reporters, Luo Jinyu is still calm. "

this is our private matter, which is inconvenient to inform!" Luo Jinyu answered with indifference and directly protected Yang ChuChu to leave. Yuluo Jinyu's momentum is strong. Although those journalists want to block him, they don't have the courage. They can only watch him holding Yang ChuChu and leaving quickly. After entering the car, Yang ChuChu was relieved.

"How can so many people come?" Yang ChuChu is still wondering. Luo

Jin Yu leaned back in his chair and said lightly: "if I'm not wrong, it must be the other side of the nebula. If I want to step down your reputation, it's also like stepping on Ji Yueze."

"How hateful!" Yang ChuChu gnawed his teeth.