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Tang Xiao Rui, who was drinking milk at the side, was feeling the most depressed. He arrogantly thought that he was no longer like his little sister.

However, although he had maintained his aloof image as the older brother, why did the conversations of these people always have the suspicion that they were going to forget him?

Tang Xiao Rui hurriedly pushed a cup of milk in front of her. "Mummy, eat slower.

Ji Xiao Han had thought that Tang You You would find any reason to reject him, and he was still waiting to see her make a joke of himself.

However, he never expected that Tang You You would actually doubt his outer appearance and character.

This damned woman, what right did she have to question him?

Father is indeed not as handsome as Uncle Leon, nor as gentle and considerate as Uncle Jack. Uncle Leon is recognized as the most handsome man in our town, and when Uncle Jack goes out in the morning, he will always bring a bunch of roses for the Mummy. " Tang Xiao Nai seemed to have realized this fact in an instant as well.

A cloud of smoke-free smoke died down just like that.

In the other women, he was simply Prince Charming's choice. He was a male god, but in front of the woman in front of him and his daughter, he had fallen into a divine seat and instantly changed into a different person.

This was definitely the most humiliating moment in Ji Xiao Han's life, even his handsome face paled by several degrees.

Forget it, he didn't want to bother with this woman. Heh, isn't it just a rose? As long as he wanted to, he could plant a rose garden every minute. However, he wouldn't do that. Only shallow women would like flowers.

Tang You You didn't think that her words and actions had already stepped into Ji Xiao Han's bottom line. After eating a few mouthfuls of bread, she clapped her hands and said to Ji Xiao Han: "I plan to go to work today, I'll leave the two kids to you to take care of later. Their adaptability is strong, and they will definitely like the school you choose for them."

"You're really not going with me?" Ji Xiao Han saw that this girl was actually so cold-hearted. The children going to school, wasn't that the most important thing in their lives? Which parent wouldn't go and check out the school environment for their children? She was going to be her class just like that?

"No, I believe the children will feel happy if they follow you." Tang You You stood up, and after she said what she wanted to say, she patted his daughter's head and said: "Xiao Nai, go and take a good look at the school with daddy in a while. If you are dissatisfied with anything, remember to mention it to your dad."

Mummy, you can go to work in peace. If someone bullies you, remember to mention this to Dad. I believe Daddy will definitely help you. " Tang Xiao Nai said with a smile, he did not see any unhappiness on her little face.

"No one will bully me." Tang You You muttered. She then patted her son's shoulder and reminded him, "Remember to take care of your sister!"

"Mummy, don't worry. With me here, no one will dare to bully Xiao Nai the fool, as long as she's not too stupid!" Tang Xiao Rui couldn't help but say a few words to his little sister.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately roared at Tang Xiao Rui in dissatisfaction: "I'm not as stupid as you!"

Tang You You was already used to the bickering between the two little fellows. In any case, they were arguing and if she wasn't careful she would make up for it, so she didn't take it to heart.

Ji Xiao Han watched the woman walk up to the second floor naturally and unrestrainedly. She must have gone to change her clothes.

How could this woman entrust her child to him without worrying about it at all?

Even if he loved children, she must not forget that she was a mother.

"Daddy, is Mummy's back beautiful?" Tang Xiao Rui snickered from the side.

Ji Xiao Han was so angry that he could not even eat breakfast, he threw away his knife and fork, and stood up with his tall body: "I still have some things to say to your Mummy, you guys take your time, I'll go upstairs to look for her."

The two little fellows immediately turned their attention to the delicacies.

At this moment, Tang You You was standing in her bedroom, planning to change into a set of professional clothes. When she took off her casual shirt, she turned around to get a white shirt.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was forcefully pushed open and a tall figure stood at the doorway.

"Ah …" You... Ji Xiao Han, you rogue! " Tang You You was shocked, he forgot to cover his chest with something. By the time she reacted, the man's eyes that were as deep as ink had already become much deeper.

"I think you should come with me to the school to see what's going on." Ji Xiao Han stared at her white spot for two seconds before changing the topic, causing the atmosphere to become less awkward.

Tang You You's snow-white face had already turned red from embarrassment and anger. She used her shirt to cover herself tightly and said angrily: "What are you trying to say, can't you wait for me to change my clothes first? Get out of here right now. "

Ji Xiao Han did not expect her to actually want to drive him away, his handsome face sank, and his tone became sarcastic: "With just this little bit of strength, I really want to see, if you want me to see, you don't need to hide, since there's nothing to see anyway."

"Get out of here, or else I'm going to yell …" Tang You You felt that this man did not respect him at all.

When Ji Xiao Han heard her say that she wanted to shout, his handsome face suddenly flashed with panic, attracting the two little fellows over, he was afraid that he would be killed by his son's gaze.