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"Ah …" Lu Qing was shocked, Miss Tang wanted to run away from home? How is that possible?

Forget about Miss Tang's deep feelings for Young Master, when it came to marriage, even if it was for the sake of her two cute children, she would never run away from home.

"Stop it, hurry up and come with me to look for someone!" Ji Xiao Han immediately dragged him into the elevator.

When they got downstairs, Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing got on the cars and rushed in the direction of the hospital.

"Go in the direction of her company! And also give Liu Xi a call to ask around! " Ji Xiao Han instructed Lu Qing.

Lu Qing called. Liu Xi said that he did not return back to the company, but Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was once again plastered with worry. He knew that Tang You You was angry at this time, and would definitely not go back to the company.

She might be walking aimlessly on the side of the road right now.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin drove along the road.

"Drive slowly, I want to see clearly!" Ji Xiao Han ordered the driver.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across the two sides of the road.

Suddenly, he heard Driver brother's voice: "Young Master, quickly look, is that Miss Tang?"

Ji Xiao Han only felt that the carriage suddenly stopped, and in the next second, he anxiously looked over. As expected, he saw Tang You You standing by the side of a broken bridge, staring at the water below the bridge in a daze.

Ji Xiao Han felt his heart tensing up, and anxiously pushed open the door to go in.

The Dr. Liu had warned him before that although Tang You You's condition wasn't serious, the conduct of a person like her, who had been depressed for a long time, would also be dangerous.

At this moment, Ji Xiao Han had a very uneasy feeling, he felt that Tang You You might not be able to get away.

"Wandering …" Ji Xiao Han rushed behind her in a hurry, steadied his tone and pretended to call her by her name.

Tang You You turned his head around in shock. Seeing Ji Xiao Han standing not far behind him, he looked as if he wanted to come over but didn't dare to do so.

"Why are you here?" Tang You You felt that it was strange, at this time, shouldn't Ji Xiao Han be in the company?

"Wandering, the Dr. Liu has already told me this. I'm sorry, I didn't know that I was the one who caused your injuries." Ji Xiao Han looked at her lost expression. Without saying anything further, he apologized. He felt that he was really a bastard, to have caused her to have such negative emotions.

Only now did Tang You You know why he was here. She laughed bitterly at herself: "I never thought it would be you! Ji Xiao Han, you lied to me, didn't you? "

"I didn't lie to you, I really didn't lie to you!" Ji Xiao Han wanted to explain and refute, but, at this moment, he was only left with silence.

Indeed, it was true that he didn't love Ji Yun Ning now, but five years ago, there had indeed been a place for her in his heart.

"You don't want to tangle with my past anymore, okay? "The past is meaningless and doesn't mean anything. I only know that you are the only person I love now, and I want to marry you. I want to take care of you and the kids for the rest of your lives. I want to give you the best living." In the cold wind, Ji Xiao Han only felt an indescribable fanaticism in his heart, and even the shock in his heart, made his eyes moisten.

Tang You You's eyes had long ago turned red. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and she looked miserable and beautiful yet weak.

"Ji Xiao Han, I know I can't pursue your past, but... My mind is currently filled with voices of you calling her by his name. Just leave me alone for a moment, just go back to the company. Maybe I'll be fine after standing for a while alone! " Tang You You backed off, her mind was in a mess.

Seeing that she had somewhat lost control of her emotions and was retreating, Ji Xiao Han felt as if her heart was about to stop beating as he anxiously shouted, "Alright, Traceless, don't be agitated, I know you believe me. As long as it can resolve the knot in your heart, I'm willing to do anything!"

"Ji Xiao Han, you can go back now. The wind is strong here!" Tang You You raised his hand towards him.

Ji Xiao Han saw that she was pretending to be calm, how could he be at ease.

Even if she wanted to be alone, she shouldn't have found such a dangerous place. She should have found a safe place.

"Wanru, can I take you home first? I'll go back to the company! " Ji Xiao Han did not dare to leave, so he asked her gently.

Tang You You shook his head: "No, I don't want to go home right now, I just want to stay here. Don't worry, I won't live lightly, I just want to calm myself down!"

"But this place is too dangerous, how can I be at ease?" As Ji Xiao Han spoke, he walked towards her step by step. "Traceless, since you believe in my sincerity, shouldn't you take our feelings seriously?!"

"Ji Xiao Han, don't come over!" As Tang You You watched him walk towards his step by step, she inexplicably wanted to retreat.

Ji Xiao Han didn't listen to her words and continued to walk forward. He extended his hand out.

"Ji Xiao Han, why didn't you listen to me? I told you to leave, would you leave? " Tang You You was really in pain. She had just remembered what happened that night, and he didn't want to face Ji Xiao Han right now. But, why didn't he leave?

Just give her one afternoon, wouldn't she be able to quell the anger in her heart?

She still loved him. She wouldn't deny his feelings for her just because of this.

"Wandering, I can't rest easy …" Ji Xiao Han ignored her objections one more time and continued to walk towards her.

Tang You You continued to retreat a few steps, just when she decided to leave with Ji Xiao Han, suddenly, her high heels were tied up by a steel bar that had stuck out from beneath her feet. Tang You You's beautiful eyes widened, but her center of gravity was unstable as she fell backwards.

"Ah …" Tang You You never expected such an accident to happen. After he let out a miserable scream, he felt a figure quickly pouncing towards him.

He hugged her tightly and fell down with her.

The bridge was only eight or nine meters from the river's surface. At this moment, it was only a matter of seconds before the two of them fell.

With a "teng", water splashed out!

The bodyguards and the driver had already jumped off the car with cold sweat dripping from their foreheads and were running towards them.

In the next second, the six bodyguards threw their coats away and plunged into the river.

Ji Xiao Han knew how to swim, but Tang You You's swimming wasn't very good, plus it was a river, the water was a little tight, she could not paddle at all.

After Ji Xiao Han fell down, he immediately lifted Tang You You's delicate body out of the water.

After Tang You You's five senses were dipped in water, she coughed continuously, and felt extremely uncomfortable in her five visceras.

Just then, two bodyguards helped Ji Xiao Han to swim to the shore.

"Wandering, are you alright?" As Ji Xiao Han was drenched in sweat, the first person he cared about was still Tang You You.