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C722. She believed him

In the dim bedroom, there was a mess of soldiers and horses. Ji Yueze didn't expect to have so much blood, and a handsome face was frightened. He quickly supported Bai Yiyan's shoulders and asked urgently: "It really hurts. ?"

Bai Yiyan just endured the pain just now, when he asked, his eyes were hot, and he nodded: "A bit!"

"Let me see, I'm not hurt!" Ji Yueze, a man who thinks he is very experienced, is anxious now.

He is no longer the high-cold star, his image is gone at this moment.

"Don't look!" Bai Yiyan quickly grabbed the quilt and wrapped herself into a brown child, a small head shook violently: "Can't watch, I'm fine, don't worry!"

"No, we have to go to the hospital to see, in case you are really hurt!"

Bai Yiyan still shook her head, her face flushed, and she shouted, "How good it is to go to the hospital, it's really okay, don't worry about me, you still want it!"

"No more today!" Ji Yueze's handsome face was also full of frustration. He did not expect that he was only three minutes. This is absolutely unscientific. His body is so strong that this situation will never occur.

Ji Yueze is very concerned about this matter, but Bai Yiyan feels nothing, because she also hopes that Ji Yueze's time can be shorter, it is best to get it in three seconds.

Of course, she didn't dare tell him his inner thoughts, otherwise, she would be furious.

I heard that men are very concerned about this ability, she still should not hit him.

The two went to the bathroom to take various baths. While taking a bath, Bai Yiyan still felt hot and sore, and her head was tense.

Fortunately, the pain disappeared after taking a bath, and she came out wearing a bath towel.

I saw that the man had also taken a bath, was wearing a large nightgown, and was smoking a cigarette in depression.

"Go to this bed to sleep here!" Ji Yueze was really depressed, he still felt that he had been hit.

He thought he could fight for three hours, but the gap was too big.

Of course, Ji Yueze didn't know how brave it was for men and women for the first time.

"Okay!" Bai Yiyan ran to his room and lay on her back on the bed.

Ji Yueze stunned his cigarettes and turned over to lie on the bed. The two looked at the ceiling. For a moment, the atmosphere was silent.

"Ji Yueze, didn't you lie to me." Suddenly, Bai Yiyan asked him with a smile.

I don't know why, Bai Yiyan felt that she was in a good mood, so that she wanted to laugh out loud.

"When did I lie to you?" Ji Yueze turned his head to look at her with a very depressed look.

Bai Yiyan laughed, "Your first time ..."

"You still don't believe it?" Ji Yueze wanted to get angry again. To be honest, this woman was still doubting him.

"It's not that you don't believe it, but you can't believe it." Bai Yiyan still wanted to laugh, but was afraid to anger him and had to put up with it.

"Is there any disbelief, in your heart, am I so carey?" Ji Yueze snorted angrily.

"No, I don't think you care about it at all, but before, it seems that you and Yang Chuchu are friends with each other. I thought you ..."

"Don't make such a mistake, be careful I'm strangled to death." Ji Yueze saw that she even suspected that he had a leg with Yang Chuchu, and this was going to reach Luo Jinyu's ears. Ji Yueze was really afraid. Can't bear the anger of the other party.

"Who wants to beat you?" Bai Yiyan asked curiously.

"Yang Chuchu's boyfriend!" Ji Yueze didn't want to mess with Luo Jinyu. The man was so deep that it wasn't easy to see at first sight.

"She has a boyfriend? Who is her boyfriend? I know? Is she also a big star?" As a woman, Bai Yiyan was curious about this gossip.

"No, her boyfriend is a wealthy businessman named Luo Jinyu. Do you know?" It just happened that the two had no topic to talk about. If they continued to talk about his three minutes ago, Ji Yueze was really faceless and had to move quickly Up the topic. "Luo Jinyu? I've heard this name. Is he an entrepreneur? I got a paragraph with your elder brother. I heard that he is a well-known logistics industry leader, is he?" Bai Yiyan previously worked as a reporter. When I was still a lot of big names, Luo Jinyu is also very famous in the business world.

Famous, so she knows this character.

"Well, that's him!" Ji Yueze nodded.

"Wow, that Luo Jinyu I remember seems to be about the same age as your elder brother, but isn't Yang Chuchu just eighteen years old? The two of them are together, this is really explosive." Because of the professional habits of reporters , Immediately felt that this is definitely a great news.

Ji Yueze gave her a white look and whispered a warning: "Bai Yiyan, don't say anything out of nowhere, now their relationship has not been made public, and you must keep it secret!"

"Relax, I'm sure I won't make a mess!" Bai Yiyan was just surprised by herself, and if she let her say it, she certainly wouldn't.

"The relationship between the two of them is very good. There is no problem like you think." Ji Yueze knew what she was thinking, so she said with certainty.

Bai Yiyan nodded: "Well, I believe that age is not the distance, if they really love each other."

"How old are you this year?" Ji Yueze suddenly squinted.

"I'm twenty-one years old!" Bai Yiyan answered immediately.

"Then we are four years old! Will you be too old for me?" Ji Yueze asked casually.

Bai Yiyan laughed out loud: "No, I think you are the best at this age, you will not be so naive and mature."

Ji Yueze saw her say this, thin lips evoke a smile, so to speak, in this woman's eyes, he also has a mature side?

"Well, let's go to sleep!" Ji Yueze saw her look tired and talked a little dumb, and quickly reached out and touched her long hair.

"Yeah!" Bai Yiyan stuck to his arm and closed her eyes.

Ji Yueze had no drowsiness. Although he only had three minutes just now, he just was thinking about the picture now, and he wanted to try again.

But thinking of the blood stains on the bed sheet, he had to hold back, and did not dare to hurt her again.

Bai Yiyan soon fell asleep. Previously, she had to guard against Ji Yueze, so she would have some vigilance.

But now she sleeps very peacefully and very securely.

After Ji Yueze thought for a while, he found that the woman in her arms was only wearing a bath towel. At this moment, she rolled over and the bath towel broke.

The halo outside the window came in, and Ji Yueze's brain buzzed, blowing up a blank.

Is this woman intentional?

Knowing that he was still thinking, he was lying on his side like this, and it seemed that he was going to lose sleep tonight.

The young and delicate skin of a woman makes Ji Yueze sleepless. When she drilled into her arms, Ji Yueze made two sounds. This feeling was really uncomfortable.