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Ji Xiao Han helplessly lowered his head and looked at her. Although the light was dim, he could still see her clear and bright eyes.

"I'm only going to marry you because of the children, understand?" Seemingly unwilling to be looked down upon so much by her, Ji Xiao Han also retorted jokingly.

Tang You You smiled: "Turn on the lights, how long are we going to stay like this for?"

"Why?" Tang You You was surprised, and also felt that his words were strange.

"I don't like it when you're bullied. I prefer it when you bully others."

"Am I that kind of person? I am a good citizen! " Tang You You could not help but smile, "I'm a good citizen who follows the law!"

Ji Xiao Han was amused by her words. When this woman was interesting, he could truly make his whole body relax.

"Then promise me, whoever bullies you for no reason, you will bully them back, understand?"

"Aren't you talking nonsense? Am I that easy to bully? " Tang You You curled her lips. How much does this man know about her?

Now it would seem that he knew nothing about her at all.

Ji Xiao Han raised his handsome face up from her neck, turned around and turned on the light. The bright light of the lamp made the woman narrow his bright eyes.

Ji Xiao Han looked down at her from up above. Under the light of the lamp, her delicate and charming little face caused Ji Xiao Han to be a little absent-minded.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Tang You You was somewhat scared by his gaze, and subconsciously, he extended his hand to protect his chest.

Seeing her panicking, Ji Xiao Han lazily turned and sat on the sofa: "Nothing, I just want to see if you are that easy to bully."

Tang You You was speechless!

"What do you feel now?" Tang You You walked in front of him and looked at the man's emperor like figure.

Only now did he realize that he was wearing a suit and leather shoes.

Ji Xiao Han lazily pulled open his tie, then threw his tie away and unbuttoned his shirt. He looked a lot more relaxed now.

"Wandering, I've never seen a woman like you. Sometimes she gives people a very serious look, and sometimes, her words make people feel that you're not very serious." Ji Xiao Han was always in a high position, and beside him were many graceful and elegant young mistresses from rich families. All of them knew and understood the rules, and even when talking to men, they acted according to their own personalities.

How could he be like Tang You You, who had a casual temperament and could speak casually.

Tang You You frowned: "Are you reprimanding me, or praising me?"

He was confused by this man!

Ji Xiao Han patted his leg, "Come over, sit down. We'll talk slowly!"

Tang You You hesitated for two seconds, then walked over and sat down on his lap while testing.

The man's legs were slender and sturdy, the shape of his legs were extremely beautiful, and when Tang You You saw this, he couldn't help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

Actually, not only was his legs long, his upper body was also perfect and sturdy. He was definitely a top-notch man that could easily move a woman's heart.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes stared blankly at the collar that he had casually untied two times.

The man in the suit was very handsome, so handsome that it made one's heart beat wildly.

However, Ji Xiao Han didn't dare have any dirty thoughts about her now, because he didn't want to touch her nightmares.

It's a mental illness that may not hurt, but once it breaks down, the damage is almost devastating.

"I don't know whether I should praise you or demean you, but I like your way of speaking. It makes me feel relaxed." Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up as he said with a smile.

"Is that so? But don't you think I'm rude most of the time? Don't you men want women to be gentle? " Tang You You admitted that in front of this man, he was not gentle most of the time.

"What is gentleness? Like an obedient pet dog? Her master told her to do what she wanted, and it was even a vase in the cupboard. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but it was neat and tidy, making people feel that it was uninteresting. " Ji Xiao Han chuckled in disapproval.

Tang You You frowned and said in disgust, "I don't want to be your pet dog. What's the point in living like that?"

"You're right, even if you want to be yourself, I won't try to change you! "Your appearance is very good. When you quarreled with me, you did not give in to even a single inch. You treated your child with gentleness and care. Un, I felt that you were living a good life." The more Ji Xiao Han realized, the more he felt that his life with Tang You You was like an experience that was flesh and blood. Back then, when he was living alone, he thought that he was enjoying that feeling of loneliness a lot.

Tang You You was stunned, she never thought that there would be a man that would say this to her.

She had seen the emotional truths of many men and women on the internet. All of them were complaining that the other party was not as perfect as they thought.

They were all trying to change the other party into the way they liked him.

But after Tang You You heard what Ji Xiao Han said, he had a completely different understanding of his. It turned out that the person he liked the most was her original appearance.

"Actually, I …" You are handsome, rich, and good to your children. " Tang You You said very superficial.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but laugh out loud, as he held her small face in his hands, and placed a kiss on her forehead with his thin lips: "That's enough!"

Tang You You was startled by his kiss, and blinked: "How is that enough?"

"Because you don't know me very well, but since you're willing to marry me, that means you've decided to understand me well, right?" Ji Xiao Han truly felt that this woman was adorable.

Tang You You's small face instantly flushed red: "I just want to know more about your money, do you believe me?"

"When you get your marriage certificate, you'll know how much money I have!" Ji Xiao Han's thin lips still reluctantly kissed her soft and tender face. "I guarantee to make you satisfied."