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C1679 new identity

The National Library is full of people. Today is the anniversary of the opening of the library. Guests from home and abroad have entered in an orderly manner. Nearly thousands of well-known domestic and foreign books have been donated to the shelves. Appreciation, among which dozens of famous scholars and friends from the literary and artistic circles came to bless the speech. At the moment, the writing and calligraphy of the book are thick and poem-like, which makes people feel this exciting and uplifting atmosphere and makes the country flourish. Upward fighting spirit.

There was a warm atmosphere from nearby college students and high school students who came to perform for guests.

Lan Yanxi wore a set of obscure white dresses, all over her, only a leather watch was worn on the wrist, a thin necklace, a heart-shaped pendant, long hair tied into a ponytail, and elegant makeup , Showing a calm and confident temperament.

She was followed by Cheng Yuan, and several staff members sent by Ling Mofeng to help her manage the emergency.

When Lan Yanxi's car arrived, she squeezed her handbag nervously, her face flashing nervously.

"Cheng Yuan, do you think I can dress up? Is it too gorgeous?" Lan Yanxi really cares about her appearance, not because she is beautiful, but just wondering if she is decent enough, will she be criticized? After all, she now represents not only her personal image, but also Ling Mofeng, and this country.

There are many foreign media here, and her image today will definitely be photographed.

"Very good, really, Yan Xi, don't be nervous, just cut a ribbon in the past, and interact with the children, just leave a photo, if you don't like talking to others, we will arrange you to rest in the lounge "Cheng Yuan is already familiar with the full set of procedures. As a bodyguard, she has to remind Lan Yanxi of all her trips today. Although she is a bit tired, Cheng Yuan has been grateful to her superior for arranging her tasks because she has been promoted .

"Okay! Let's go down." Lan Yanxi chuckled softly, with Cheng Yuan beside her, she really relaxed a lot.

Lan Yanxi got out of the car and found that there were several cameras facing her, both domestic and foreign. Everyone was excited to see her. At this moment, when she got out of the car, everyone was very Excited to shoot.

"Everyone said that the first lady was young and beautiful. I saw it today. It was really young. It was full of belly melanin." There was a staff whispered next to each other. Many people looked at this lucky for the first time. The happy first lady, when she saw her clear and godly eyes, all of them were shocked.

Cheng Yuan shouldered her bodyguard duties completely. She blocked the person leaning forward so that Lan Yanxi could walk forward with victory.

Lan Yanxi walked forward with a smile. When she stepped up the stairs, suddenly, a five- or six-year-old girl suddenly fell down and happened to fall in front of Lan Yanxi.

Lan Yanxi instinctively bent down and stretched out his hand to drag the other side. The little guy is today's little welcome. Just five years old, she wrestled because of sleepiness.

"Sorry, the child may have been too excited last night and didn't rest well, so he fell asleep at this time." A young teacher hurried over and took the little boy in the frightened circle to appease, while aside Anxious to explain to Lan Yanxi.

Lan Yanxi couldn't help laughing, reached out and grabbed the little girl's hand, tender and cute.

"It's okay, it's the nature of a child to be in a state of being." Lan Yanxi looked at the little girl's beautiful face, her heart stunned. Suddenly, there was an urge to want a child. If it was her and Ling Mofeng's child, Maybe it will be so pretty and cute, you can fall asleep when you are funny.

"Teacher, this sister laughs so beautifully!" The little girl was obviously infected by the gentle touch in Lan Yanxi's eyes. She immediately smiled sweetly and turned to the teacher.

The teacher was afraid that the child would offend Lan Yanxi by saying something wrong. After all, Lan Yanxi is now in an unusual position, and now it is such an important celebration. In case she is really angry, it is her teacher who blame. Weak education.

"Xiaoyu, you can't talk nonsense, and apologize quickly, but this is our wife, Mr. President." The teacher said to the little girl immediately.

"Who is Mr. President? Is this pretty sister's boyfriend?" The little girl came awake in shock, and a small mouth began to grow.

Lan Yanxi laughed with a laugh. The innocence of the child is like a good medicine to heal the wounds in the heart.

"Ma'am, I'm so sorry, I'll hold her down first." The teacher looked embarrassed and quickly took the little girl down first.

Lan Yanxi's mood seemed to have changed a lot from this moment. It turned out that she was still very popular with children.

Walking all the way forward, there are elementary school students, high school students, each of them smiles with enthusiasm, this is the most beautiful smile.

Lan Yanxi ’s mood also seems to be boiling. The hope of the motherland is built on these children. It ’s really urgent and very important to take them to experience some activities that are beneficial to the body, mind and body. Maybe she The future direction has been found. She can shift her focus to the education and growth of her children. I believe Ling Mofeng will certainly support her.

Through the greeted student team, the curator slammed the staff and greeted them. Lan Yanxi greeted them with a smile and greeted them.

"It is an honour for my lady to be able to take the time to attend the celebration. I also ask my wife to provide more valuable suggestions to help our museum make better improvements." The curator said enthusiastically.

Lan Yanxi said with a light smile: "The curator is polite. I just came here to take a look. I am not an expert in this area and may not be able to give advice."

"My wife is very blessed to have this insight at the young age. It is really a blessing for Mr. President. Please invite your wife to visit it. I will be accompanied by you. I hope you will be happy." He is still nervous whether this young lady is a temperament person. Now seeing Lan Yanxi, with his years of experience in reading people, he feels that this young first lady is a good temper and very gentle. Kind person, he really feels that this is the hope of the kingdom.

Lan Yanxi was already following a group of people behind her. She was a little embarrassed to walk in front of it. A staff member in the museum was going to explain some important things in the museum for her. Taste, but this may be the meaning of work.

In the distance, there are several young female college students doing reception work. In the distance, I saw a woman wearing a beige professional dress and was accompanied by a group of people to visit the book paintings in the museum. They were very The surprise was also amazing.

"Who is that young woman? Is it a female star?"

"How could it be a female star? I heard that the first lady will come over today. Is it her?"

"No, she is so young and so pretty?" The female college student looked at it with envy.

"I heard that she is so young. She has such a good temperament. I heard that she came from a large family. Her grandfather also donated tens of billions of net worth to the country for charity work. The dignified and generous temperament, Mr. President's vision is so good. "A girl next to her said with emotion.

"Really? Her family is so rich. Ten billion yuan has been donated. Will it be a girl spoiled by the family?" Someone immediately questioned.

"I don't know. At present, Mr. President is willing to marry her now. It must be that she has something worthy of appreciation."

After all, they are the same age. This group of female students is still a little bit sour towards Lan Yanxi, but it is just sour. Who doesn't want to be able to marry a white horse prince?

Lan Yanxi visited the whole museum area, and it took nearly two hours to finish the explanation. Cheng Yuan saw that she was a bit tired, so she said to the staff next to her, "Mrs. take a break first, and then invite the ribbon-cutting ceremony. come on."

The staff was so honored to let Lan Yanxi enter the lounge.