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C1455 is about coercion

Time passed by little by little. Sister Mei was just like an ant on a hot pot. She was angry with rage. Gao Yue was like the evaporation of the world. No trace was left. She couldn't find it all the time. Sister Mei wanted to seal it.

"Damn it, who's behind her? Does the man say she sent a message to someone? Did you find that number? Whose is it? " Mei Jie's only clue at the moment is the phone number.

"It's still under investigation, no reply yet!" The other side's face was pale with fright, and replied with fear.

"A phone number, waste. If we don't come out at noon today, we won't live!" Sister Mei's character is very extreme. Now it's about her life. She's naturally furious.

When sister Mei was in a hurry to get angry, a phone suddenly rang. She took a look and felt a shock. She immediately raised her hand to her subordinates and asked them to leave.

After stabilizing her mood, she answered with a smile: "Hello, how does Mr. vice president want to contact me?"

"The second aunt is very polite. You used to call me Mo Feng. The other day, I heard that you were in China and just finished the new year. I didn't want to visit you. I don't know if I'm free tonight. I'd like to talk to you." Ling Mo Feng's tone with a smile, as between all relatives and friends, as usual, did not put any official prestige.

Mei's face suddenly changed. Gao Yuegang disappeared. Ling Mo Feng suddenly wanted to visit her. Is there any connection between the two?

If there is a coincidence in this world, it's too coincidence. It's shocking.

"Mo Feng, my aunt has failed. In recent years, she hasn't made any progress. It's not good to let you come to the door. I should go to the Ling family to see the elder!" Sister Mei immediately replied politely.

"The second aunt is my tutor. Only the students come to see my teacher. That's what I said. I'll sit down with you in the evening!" Ling Mo Feng has taken the initiative and will never give her a chance to refuse.

Mei's face was ugly, but she had to make a strong laugh. She replied enthusiastically, "since you are so thoughtful, I'll ask my aunt to go to dinner and add more dishes!"

"Good, see you in the evening, second aunt!" In the last sentence of address, there is a trace of sharpness in the family relationship, which makes people uneasy.

Sister Mei hung up the phone and immediately felt a headache. Ling Mo Feng was coming to see her at this time. He must have wanted to invite her to join the company. He might have known something and came to test her, but it must have been bad intention.

Gao Yue's whereabouts can't be found here, which is enough for her. Ling Mo Feng still doesn't give her a chance to breathe. Mei Jie is under a lot of pressure in an instant.

In the evening, Meijie went back to her home. Meijie lived in a community because she was an original resident. After the demolition, Meijie received special care from her superiors and was given a villa with a courtyard.

Because she is nearly 40 years old and has not been married, her family urges her every day, which causes her to be upset and directly sends her parents to live in the city. Therefore, at present, she lives alone and has a nanny to take care of her daily life.

Ling Mo Feng drove over at night. However, he didn't come alone, but was escorted by two paintings. Two adjutants followed him to protect his safety.

Sister Mei went to open the door and saw Ling Mo Feng with two tails and eight special level bodyguards in black standing behind. She felt dissatisfied, but she didn't dare to express it.

"Second aunt, you see, I'm so sorry. I didn't want to bring them here, but the situation is so severe that they won't let me travel alone. How disturbing!" Ling Mo Feng immediately smiled and said, pretending to be helpless.

"Don't explain. Can I still not know what's going on? Come in, Auntie has prepared a lot of delicious food, enough for them to eat! " Sister Mei used to pretend to be gentle and generous. Now, she is not easy to tear her face. Naturally, she has to continue to pretend.

"Did you hear that? Our treasurer said, come in and sit down!" Ling Mo Feng immediately said to the people behind him with a smile.

Chu lie's face was expressionless. "Four people are left outside the door, four in the yard, and two of our adjutants follow in!"

"Yes!" Four people answered in unison.

After listening to this arrangement, sister Mei's face was ugly for a moment. What did she think of here? It's a heavy gun guard. Sure enough, Ling Mo Feng is not good at coming here.

Ling Mo Feng deliberately connives his subordinates to make claims. Anyway, sister Mei can't say anything.

In the living room, Mei Jie is sitting on the sofa facing Ling Mo Feng. Two adjutants come in with some gifts in their hands. They are really sincere to visit.

"This is my family, so I don't shout at the official level. In my eyes, you are still that excellent nephew!" Meijietuo said with a big smile.

Ling Mo Feng lowered his head slightly and replied with a smile: "what did the second aunt say? In my heart, you are always the second aunt I admire. Your academic experience is worth learning!"

"I used to be able to rely on the old to teach you a few words, but now I can't. You are a distinguished vice president. Every word and deed is a model. We have to follow your steps firmly!" Mei poured tea and smiled.

When Ling Mo Feng heard her saying this, his face sank and his voice was solemn: "second aunt, I have never treated you as an outsider. In fact, I'm here to beg you for something. You know, I and Mr. President are working hard for the election. After all, I'm young and lack of service. I don't have the power of echoing the president. To be honest, I I'm also worried about my failure. You are a senior in the political office. I want to invite you to join me and help me succeed in the election! " Ling Mo Feng directly put aside his face and pleaded with her sincerely.

Sister Mei didn't expect that Ling Mo Feng, a man of high self-esteem, would come to ask her for help in a low voice one day. She was so surprised that she couldn't speak, and her brain couldn't turn.

"Mo Feng, what are you doing? I'm still on holiday! " Mei immediately replied with a smile.

"Second aunt, I'm not joking. I sincerely invite you to join the gang. Although it's said that it's a shameless act to join the gang. I can engage in politics and love this set. Once, I was confident and decent and despised this kind of means. But now, I'm really a little uneasy. Since the old president can do this and the effect is amazing, I should also be able to imitate it He, besides, you are my second sister-in-law. You have taught me the way to deal with people since I was a child. You are more just for the people. I firmly believe that you must be worthy of my entreaty! " Ling Mo Feng's words are appropriate to advance and retreat. She is unprepared for their demands and pressures.

"Mo Feng, you really put me in a bit of a dilemma. I'm afraid of standing in line, because once I stand, half of the probability is wrong. Wrong is failure. I'm in my forties now, and I don't even have a decent home. I don't know what I will become in the future if I make a wrong choice. I'm afraid!" Sister Mei immediately sang a drama of bitterness, because she felt that Ling Mo Feng was deliberately testing her.

"Second aunt, do you think I will fail?" Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was battered.

"No, no, no, I don't mean that. You come from behind with outstanding achievements, which are obvious to all. How can you fail?" Mei's heart beat almost stopped. She always thought Ling Mo Feng was a stable and deep man. Unexpectedly, at the moment, he was like a confused person who lost his direction, looking for a way out. But she was forced to become the guide of his life. She was almost angry.

"Since my second sister-in-law is such a good judge of me, I believe she has the right vision. So, second sister-in-law, join us!" Ling Mo Feng took out his eloquence in marketing, but Mei Jie had nothing to say.

The two adjutants of Chu lie nearby are like stone carvings, stiff and motionless. They don't speak except for a pair of eyes to watch out in the dark.

"Mo Feng, this matter is too serious. I have to think about it. You make me a little embarrassed!" Sister Mei can't laugh, because she wants to turn over her face, but she doesn't dare, because she doesn't know what kind of price to pay for offending Ling Mo Feng.

"The second aunt said that it really needs careful consideration. I'm not in a hurry. I'll wait for your reply!" Ling Mo Feng said, he stood up and straightened his skirt: "then I'll take the first step!"

Mei sister sent each other with a stiff smile. Seeing the motorcade go away, her smile disappeared for a second.

Angry punch on the door wall: "good you Ling Mo Feng!"