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The atmosphere in the car was still awkward, and the two were not familiar with each other, and there was no common topic to talk about. The only thing I could talk about was which way to go.

But Lan Yanxi still felt that Qiao Zhuo was a very polite man, and very knowledgeable.

That's why she is willing to help him.

"Stop at the gate of the community, I'm home!" Qiao Zhuo pointed to a street light in front, and let Lan Yanxi stop the car.

"Yanxi, thank you for sending me a ride. Be careful when driving!" Qiao Zhuo said, and pushed the door down.

Lan Yanxi turned the front of the car and stepped on the throttle with one foot to the end.

The place where Qiao Zhuo lived was not along the way with her, and it took more than half an hour to get around. At this moment, it was eleven o'clock, and Lan Yanxi felt a lot of urgency.

She drove her little sports car all the way around, killing her home. When she stopped at the door, she was dizzy and exhausted.

As soon as she got out of the car, she heard a low reproach: "Why come back to work so late?"

As soon as Lan Yanxi's eyes were raised, she saw that the man was sitting on a rocking chair beside the gate. Fortunately, he was wearing a khaki trench coat today. Otherwise, Lan Yanxi could not find his existence.

"It's so cold, why don't you sit in the living room?" Lan Yanxi's spirit refreshed. All the tiredness disappeared after seeing the man. She ran forward two steps and stood in front of him. When I saw the man undressing his placket, he stood up, his tall body directly covered the lights above her head, her beautiful eyes blinked, and the next second, the man dragged his wrist fiercely and went to the living room. Go on.

Lan Yanxi buzzed, and followed him into the living room without a word.

As soon as he stepped in, the man gently pushed her towards the wall next to her. Her back was pasted, but the front was clinging to a slightly cool male body.

Because his clothes were very cold, probably because they had been frozen outside, they were not as hot as before.

Lan Yan was inexplicably clinging to him like this, his face was dizzy, but the corner of his mouth raised a smile, looking up straight at him. There were only a few small lights in the living room, the lights were dim, but her eyes were clear The smile is bright.

"Have you missed me so much?" Lan Yanxi asked him boldly and directly, regardless of the girl's hostility.

"Ask me knowing, it's punishable!" When the man finished, he provoked her small chin, and the thin lips dominated the sweet taste of her lips.

Lan Yanxi was kissed by him, but he couldn't help but chuckled and laughed. Because the corners of her mouth were rising upwards, it was impossible for a man to kiss her deeply.

"Is there any good thing? I am so happy to laugh!" The man's mood seemed to be infected by her, his voice was much softer, and his fingers were fascinated and gently stroking between her lips and teeth, unwilling to leave.

"It's nothing, I feel it. Our relationship is a little funny now!" Lan Yanxi still answered with a smile.

"Where is it funny?" The man's face stunned slightly, and he blamed himself inexplicably. Is this woman disgusting him?

"Sneakly, it's exciting!" Lan Yanxi lifted her toes and exhaled blue in his ears.

Ling Mofeng listened, but gave a hint of guilt, and apologized dumbly: "Yanxi, I'm sorry, I didn't let you be my girlfriend in a fair and honest manner, and I still need you to cooperate with me every day. Bother me?"

"No, I like the feeling of secret communication, fun!" Lan Yanxi heard him apologize, and immediately hesitated. Then, she lifted her toes and took the initiative to place on his thin lips. Gently printed a kiss: "Ling Mofeng, do you know? I don't feel wronged at all, because I know you have me in your heart, you will miss me."

"Yanxi!" The man looked at her bright eyes, and murmured her name in a dull voice, as if to etch her name into her heart.

"Call again, I love to hear!" The girl demanded arrogantly, even more greedy than him.

The man was amused by her fun. The laughter was as mellow as wine and intoxicating.

"Say, you still have to say that you love me!" Lan Yanxi is very curious, and her mind is full of bad ideas for the whole person. At this moment, she feels that Ling Mofeng has been pinched by herself, so why do you want him? Be obedient, she has a sense of accomplishment.

"It's too nasty!" The man had known her bad thoughts and couldn't help laughing.

"Mr. Vice President is so embarrassing about himself? If you do n’t tell me, then are you telling others?" Lan Yanxi immediately raised an eyebrow, a questioning expression.

"No, I just want to tell you alone!" Ling Mofeng is not Lan Lanxi's opponent at all when it comes to love between men and women.

"Forget it, don't talk about being numb, I have to go upstairs to take a shower, and you let it go!" Lan Yanxi immediately expressed a careless expression, stretched out two small hands, and pushed hard His chest.

But the more she pushed him away, the tighter he was, and he would never let her go.



"I ... I love you!" The man's face flushed, and shyly confessed to her.

Lan Yanxi froze slightly. She was joking with him just now. Didn't he see it?

This man is really fun, and more real.

In the future, she had some way to tease him.

"I know!" Lan Yanxi was also shy, but the noise that followed made her pretty face even more flushed.

"Your belly is screaming?" Ling Mofeng pointed at the ear, and heard the cooing voice in her belly.

Lan Yanxi immediately didn't know where the strength came from, and pushed him away directly: "You know I'm hungry, so don't hurry and let me have something to eat?"

"There is nothing to eat at home. It's so cold, you can't eat cold food." Ling Mofeng's full-blown Fenghuaxue Ye was instantly called out by this woman's belly. Sure enough, three meals a day are two people. Get together to focus.

Lan Yanxi opened the refrigerator, put her hands on her hips, squinted her eyes and thought about what to eat.

"Noodles!" The man had reached for a bundle of noodles and turned towards the kitchen.

"Mr. Vice President is really considerate. Is this going to cook for me to make supper for me?" Lan Yanxi smirked and immediately joked with a smile.

"Otherwise? I'll let you do it? You're just hungry until midnight!" The man had no confidence in her cooking.

"It really hits people. Forget it, give you a chance to perform. If you make delicious noodles, there will be a prize tonight!" Lan Yanxi immediately followed him into the kitchen with a smile, double backs behind, leaning At the door, God said mysteriously.

"Really? What surprises do you want to give me? But don't be scared!" The man couldn't help laughing, and his mood was obviously very good. Even if two people worked for a day, they were very tired, but only one Together, time will become easy and gentle.

"Don't you expect anything at all?" Lan Yanxi grumbled.

"Looking forward, just, can you tell me, let me have a mental preparation." The man boiled the water in the pot, tossed the noodles to cook, and has already reached out to take off his coat on this side After coming down, Lan Yanxi was given to Lan Yanxi, Lan Yanxi instinctively reached out to catch it, and held it in his arms.

"I've decided on one thing, and this thing requires us two to complete!" Lan Yanxi turned her eyes and said with a smile on purpose.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mofeng took the chopsticks to roll the noodles, and her eyes stared at her darkly.

"Guess!" Lan Yanxi blinked his eyes.

"Yanxi, don't you want to develop further with me, right?" The man looked at his eyes and asked directly.

Lan Yanxi immediately jumped forward two steps and put it on his chest. He asked his head, "Can you?"

"No!" Ling Mofeng refused directly: "Yanxi, this won't work!"

He added another gentle word behind him, as if afraid she couldn't bear such a result.

"I knew you wouldn't be happy. Forget it, I don't want to scare you!" Lan Yanxi held his coat tighter, grinning his mouth, unhappy.

"Clean thinking!" The man came over and knocked her head.

"Are we still impure? Sleeping in bed for two nights, nothing happened, pure enough!" Lan Yan immediately retorted against him.

Ling Mofeng whispered to her ear and said, "Who said that nothing happened, your hand ..."

Lan Yanxi quickly reached out and covered his thin lips: "Don't say it!"