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C633 seems to have misunderstood something

The sports car, like the wind, blows to Bai Yiyan's side, and a cloud of smoke rises, which makes Bai Yiyan and peiluoqing frown.

Ji Yueze opened the window and said to Bai Yiyan, "get in the car!"

Bai Yiyan then turned her head and waved to peiluoqing: "I'll take a step first. I'll talk later when I have time!"

Bai Yiyan opens the door and sits in.

Peiluoqing is still telling her to pay attention to her body and take a good rest when she's tired. However, Ji Yueze is not happy to open the car window directly, isolating peiluoqing's words of concern.

Although Bai Yiyan is drunk, she is still dissatisfied with Ji Yueze's impolite behavior. But looking at the man's gloomy face that is about to drop water, she just dare not to say.

Who's bothering him again?

Bai Yiyan is not in the mood to care why Ji Yueze's face is so ugly now. She just leans against the car chair and closes her eyes to have a rest.

"You're so drunk. You want to give that man a chance." Ji Yueze suddenly sneered at her.

Bai Yiyan wanted to squint quietly for a while. Suddenly, she heard him say this kind of slander to her. She closed her beautiful eyes, opened them abruptly, turned her head and stared at the man who was staring at the front with shame: "I'm not as casual as you think!"

"Ah!" The man threw another sneer.

Bai Yiyan had been wronged because of his breaking the appointment at noon. Now, she was even more angry when she heard him sneer at her with such words.

"Even if I want to give someone a chance, what's the matter with you?" Bai Yiyan wanted to explain to him, and introduce her cousin to him.

However, Bai Yiyan was not in the mood to introduce his arrogant attitude and sneering tone.

"You have to remember that you are my girlfriend now. I'm the only one in charge of this relationship. You're not qualified to break up, you know?" When Ji Yueze saw that she was coming to choke with her, his tone was even colder.

Bai Yiyan gave a light shout and said to herself, "OK, I'll wait for you to break up, anytime."

In fact, Ji Yueze just wanted to vent her inner dissatisfaction. Unexpectedly, the woman didn't have a word to explain, and he spoke in a more tugging tone than he did. He was shocked.

The atmosphere in the car is as stiff as ever.

The sports car stopped at a traffic light.

Ji Yueze's fingers, a little fidgety, clapped twice on the steering wheel.

"What can I do for you in such a hurry?" Bai Yiyan is not in the mood to quarrel with him now, so she asked indifferently.

"Are you sober? Come back to Ji's house with me for dinner in the evening. " Ji Yueze asked, glancing over at her.

"Find a drugstore and buy me some sobering medicine. I'm in such a state now. I'm afraid I can't cooperate with you in acting. If I fail to act for you, I have no money to compensate you!" Bai Yiyan laughed.

Ji Yueze chuckled: "it's better not to give me a bad performance, otherwise, I'll be responsible for the consequences."

Stop at the door of a drugstore, Ji Yueze takes the mask and goes directly into the drugstore.

Several young girls in the drugstore came to see Ji Yueze as soon as they saw his elegant figure.

One of the girls asked sweetly, "handsome boy, do you want to buy medicine?"

"Well, do you have a sober one?" Ji Yueze asked in a light tone.

"Yes!" The girl quickly gave him the medicine. Then she pointed to a cupboard next to him and said with a smile: "handsome boy, we have new products here. Do you want to have a look? Make sure you're satisfied. "

Ji Yueze is taking the retail money out of his wallet. Suddenly, he sees the things on the row of cabinets that the girl points to. Jun's face is red with admiration.

"No!" Ji Yueze took the medicine directly. He didn't find the money, so he came out directly.

The girls immediately wanted to give him the change, but when they came out, the sports car was far away.

"I used to drive such an expensive sports car. No wonder it's not bad money."

Ji Yueze threw the medicine on Bai Yiyan: "take it!"

"Didn't you buy me a bottle of water? How can I take my medicine without water? " Bai Yiyan looks at him strangely. He seems to have fled back to the sports car in a hurry just now. Has he been recognized by fans again?

Ji Yueze frowned regretfully and had to stop at the door of a shop again.

He went in, took a bottle of water and handed it to Bai Yiyan.

When Bai Yiyan received it, she was slightly surprised, because the water in the water bottle was not cold, but warm.

"It's cold now. You can't drink anything too cold!" Ji Yueze explained lightly.

He just opened the bottle cap, drank half of the water and asked the boss to add some hot water.

Bai Yiyan is slightly shocked. Unexpectedly, this man would think of such details.

"Thank you!" She said in a low voice, took the medicine and looked up to drink it.

Ji Yueze pursed his thin lips and said indifferently, "you don't have to thank me. I just want to be a dutiful boyfriend."

Bai Yiyan chuckled, "you've done a good job!"

Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to think that he did a good job. He was a little surprised.

Bai Yiyan didn't say anything more. She was so small and slim that she curled up and continued to close her eyes and rest with her seatbelt in her arms.

Ji Yueze's mood also calmed down slowly. However, he still wants to ask some questions.

"The man just now, who are you?"

"My cousin!"

"Don Brother? " Ji Yueze's face was stiff and unbelievable. Then he felt hot and embarrassed.

Bai Yiyan said lightly: "otherwise, who do you think he is?"

"I thought he was one of your pursuers." Ji Yueze was in a good mood. Since she was her cousin, this damned woman didn't tell him earlier, which made him feel so bad.

"You think more!" Bai Yiyan can only send him this sentence.

Ji Yueze also felt that he thought too much. From time to time, you Mou peeped at the woman's face, and saw that she was just resting with her eyes closed, as if he didn't find his embarrassment.

"By the way, when you arrive at Ji's house, don't panic. Just have a meal as before. If my eldest brother asks us something, you can try to say something sweet." Ji Yueze whispered to her.

"Good!" Bai Yiyan nodded her head.

"What you said just now, you are not angry!" Ji Yueze thought that she was still angry with him when he saw her as if she were cold. "No!" Bai Yiyan is still shaking her head. How dare she be angry with him? He is her uncle.