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C1923 resentment takes root

He Jiaxuan was depressed. His wife's strong questioning made him more tired. He sneered: "it's no longer meaningful to ask this question. Xia shuran, you know what you did."

Xia shuran's face stiffened, and she was shaken by the man, who said, "what did I do? What do you fire at me? "

"You don't know about your father's withdrawal of two hundred million yuan?" He Jiaxuan's company is also in a frequent situation recently. He Jiaxuan invested in a real estate before, but because of his father-in-law's sudden withdrawal of capital, the progress of the project stalled. He is working on the company's fund collection matters, which makes him very upset.

Xia shuran suddenly understood what was going on.

"My father is interested in a project and needs to reorganize the fund to bid, which is not what you think." Xia shuran quickly explained.

"But he should understand that I can't move out 200 million yuan to fill this hole in a short time. Is he trying to straighten me?" He Jiaxuan said with a black face.

"How can you say that about my father? How much did my dad help you when we got married? Have you forgotten? Now that my father's company is in trouble, can't you understand him? " Xia shuran suddenly felt very aggrieved.

He Jiaxuan sneered and said to himself, "if I was not so greedy and devoted to developing the project in my hand, maybe what I married now is Xia Xinnian. I don't need to bear your temper."

"Well, you've finally said that. You regret marrying me. You're thinking about Xia Xinnian, that bitch." Xia shuran suddenly broke down, and she screamed in pain.

"Xia shuran, if you want to live a good life, you should stop caring about me. I've really had enough of your control over the years. Do you know how people outside laugh at me? I'm a hen pecked man. Even those employees in our company talk about me behind my back. Have you considered my feelings? " He Jiaxuan also roared loudly and let out his resentment in these years.

"But when you get married, you promised me that you would only listen to me in your life. Are these lies?" Xia shuran, like a slap in the head, woke her up completely. She finally found a fact that he Jiaxuan didn't love her.

This fact made her hard to accept. Her heart was like a needle. She shivered with pain.

He Jiaxuan was speechless. When he got married, he did say these words. But at that time, in order to develop the company, he could tell her the sweetest love words in the world.

"I have always felt that our marriage, more like a business marriage, is that you are too demanding of me, so you will feel disappointed." He Jiaxuan calmed down and said.

"I married you only when I love you, not because of business marriage or interest exchange. Do I have high requirements for you? I'm just like all my wives, I hope you will be devoted to me, and I hope you will have less social intercourse and go home more to accompany me. " Xia shuran cries out in pain. She feels like a joke at the moment.

"Love is a luxury. Some people may not meet it in their whole life. Xia shuran, I have a lot to apologize for in the couple's life in recent years. Let's divorce. I'll let you free. You can find a man who loves you again." He Jiaxuan finally made a decision. He really didn't want to waste time to run a painful marriage.

"Divorce? I don't agree, I don't agree to die, even if you don't love me, what about our daughter? Don't you love it? " Xia shuran is like a cat that has been trampled on its tail, twisting its expression and roaring angrily.

"The children have always been brought by my parents, and they are also close to them." He Jiaxuan confided in a fact.

Xia shuran's whole body is stiff and her face is pale. Indeed, the two daughters have been close to her mother-in-law, but they are not so close to her mother-in-law. Xia shuran finds that she is a mother of many failures.

"Which fox do you hook up with again? Or do you think you have a chance to be with Xia Xinnian? He Jiaxuan, you know my character. It's not easy for me, and I won't let those who destroy my happiness live well. " Xia shuran finished, turned around and ran upstairs. His hatred was burning.

She refused to admit that she had killed the marriage. She felt that Xia Xinnian had appeared. She was the culprit and would not let her go.

It's getting dark. Xia Xinnian and Ji Mucheng are having dinner in the hotel. Ji Mucheng's phone rings. Seeing that it's his mother's call, he answers it quickly.

It's a video phone. As soon as the camera is connected, Xia Yuchen's beautiful face appears.

"And daddy and Mommy?" The little guy seems to have a good time.

Jimucheng immediately moves the camera to Xia Xinnian. Xia Xinnian can't help but raise his hand to his son and says with a smile, "Yuchen, did you have a good time at your grandparents' house?"

"I'm very happy. My little aunt has been playing with me." Xia Yuchen points his head hard and says with a smile.

"Then you must listen to them. No mischief, no trouble." Xia Xinnian tells in a whisper.

On the other side of the camera, Tang youyou's figure appears. Under the camera, her eyebrows and eyes are gentle, and she says with a smile, "Yuchen is very good, not naughty at all."

After listening, the little guy made a face and ran away.

Tang youyou looked at his son's environment, and immediately smiled to remind him: "Xinnian just returned to China, you will take her out more when you have time. I believe that she has not returned to China for many years, and there must be a lot of things that she does not know about domestic development and changes."

Jimucheng nodded and replied, "I'll take her out to relax now. Mom, I'll hang up first. I'm eating."

"OK, Yuchen will give it to us. You have fun. Have fun." Said Tang youyou with a smile.

Xia Xinnian said in embarrassment: "thank you, uncle and aunt."

After hanging up the phone, Ji Mucheng looks at Xia Xinnian and says, "don't you want to change your name to mom and dad?"

Xia Xinnian is shy. "We are not married yet. I'll call it that now. Can I not wait?"

"Don't worry, I told my parents that we should be engaged in the middle of next month and then get married by the end of the year." Looking at the candlelight, jimucheng's clear eyes reminded her of the good news.

"So urgent?" Xia Xinnian's heart beat slightly fast.

"You can't find anyone else anyway. It's good for us to speed up." Jimucheng's eyes became hot, and his words implied other meanings.

Xia Xin said: "of course I don't have any other ideas. I'm just afraid that you don't think well. In case of marriage, what would you regret?"

"I don't regret it." The man reached over and patted her on the back, a low, firm answer.