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C591 refusal to associate

Grandma's words made Ji Xiao's face a little heavy.

So grandma has let him and don youyou go.

Now what stands in front of them is not the heavy hatred, but the moral bottom line that cannot be crossed.

As a son, how can he let his mother fall into despair? Even if his mother owed him, he could not hurt his mother with the same indifference and selfishness.

It was because he didn't want to be like his mother that he didn't accept her success. "Grandma, thank you. As long as you promise to let us be together, we will be very grateful. We will consider the rest of the things, no matter what happens, we will face it together. "Ji Xiaohan believes that his relationship with Tang youYou can stand the test. No matter how the public opinion is, he will hold her hand tightly and never let go.

The old lady knows that the grandson has stronger willpower and tenacity than others since he was a child. He can't be persuaded no matter what he decides.

"What kind of person is your father in your eyes? "The old lady asked suddenly.

Ji Xiaohan is slightly stunned. "He is a tall father in my heart, but he has been away from us for a long time, and my memory of him is a little fuzzy. Anyway, the love he once brought to me has made me know how to be a good father. "The man's deep voice is full of sadness.

The old lady's eyes were red, and she was also very sad.

She really hoped that Sun Tzu's heart always believed that his father was a person who loved him, an outstanding person, a person worthy of his going, learning and respect.

"Grandma, it's late. You should go to bed earlier. "Ji Xiaohan then turned to go upstairs.

The teaching building of art school, above the corridor.

Yang ChuChu drinks a bottle of milk casually, and her beautiful eyes are covered with a light layer of sadness.

Looking at the distance, a couple of lovers, her heart or some sense of loss.

Everyone can enjoy love without fear, but why does her love become so difficult?

"Yang ChuChu, what are you doing here? "A clear male voice came from behind her.

Then, a pretty figure came to her quickly.

It's muxiyang.

Yang ChuChu's current scandal target.

"What can I do for you? Can't I come to you if I'm ok? Why are you hiding from me recently? Who said I was hiding from you? I'm just busy. "Yang ChuChu didn't want to admit it.

"Did you hear what others said? "The boy's face flashed a sense of loss.

"I don't care what others say. "Yang ChuChu took care of his hair.

The atmosphere was a little stiff.

"You don't care, but I care, Yang ChuChu. I like you, you know? "Mu Xiyang stared at his face, and his voice rang with warmth.

He can finally be sure that he likes this girl. Although he thought that feeling was vague before, his heart can't hide.

Yang ChuChu was shocked.

Even a little uneasy.

"Moxian, this joke is not funny at all. How can you like me? Didn't you hate me when you were little? "It's so unexpected. Yang ChuChu always thought that Mu Xiyang treated her as a friend, but now how can he express his love to himself?

"Don't you know that hating a person is also a kind of liking? How can you pay attention to me if you don't use those bad means to attract your attention? "The boy said seriously.

All of a sudden, there were many people around. They were all watching.

When I heard the boy's words, one by one, I was surprised.

Mu Xiyang, the school grass figure of Fengyun school, even expressed his love to Yang ChuChu.

It seems that the media did not report in disorder, which is a fact.

Seeing more and more people around, Yang's face is white as jade, with a blush.

"It's very clear. Can you contact me? Be my girlfriend. "Muxiyang gave a loud finger, and immediately a boy came running over with a bunch of roses in his hand.

Yang ChuChu was stunned directly.

It seems that he was prepared.

Her heart was flustered, her eyes twinkled and she was at a loss.

Even if she doesn't fall in love with another person, she can't have any relationship with Moxian. She always treats him as her brother.

"Moxian, I'm sorry, I can't be your girlfriend. "Yang ChuChu refused him directly.

"Why not? Do you have someone else you like. "The rejected school grass, but a little upset.

"I have always regarded you as my brother. How can I associate with you? "Yang ChuChu didn't dare to say that he was someone he liked because he was afraid that his mother would know the consequences.

"Brother? "There was a flash of ugliness on Mu Xiyang's face. The girl he liked even regarded him as a brother all the time, which was ridiculous.

Yang ChuChu also knew that her sentence was very striking, and she gave a dry smile twice.

"If I like you, I won't give up, Yang ChuChu. From today on, I want to pursue you. You wait. "Because he was young and had the temperament of a young master, Mu Xiyang was refused so simply for the first time, which made him lose face.

Therefore, he would be on the spot to send out cruel words, we must pursue Yang ChuChu.

"No matter how hard you try, I won't like you. You'd better give up. "At the thought of someone being jealous, Yang ChuChu answered him more definitely.

"You must like someone else. Who is that? "He was more angry because he didn't give face. He was sure that Yang ChuChu had a man in his heart.

Around a lot of people took out their cell phones to shoot, Yang ChuChu only felt hot on his face.

Some angry stare at the bully young master.

"Will you mind my business? "After that, he turned around and ran away, leaving a dark face.

The boy's handsome face was ugly. He smashed the rose in his hand to the ground.

The petals fell and broke all over the ground.

Yang ChuChu galloped downstairs, almost falling.

It's because there's a feeling in her heart that she can't see the light, so she doesn't dare to be upright and aboveboard to accept other people's feelings.

She's like a deserter now. She's in a mess.

"It's her..."

"How could she refuse moxyon?"

"That's right. She takes herself seriously too much. If she has made several films, she really thinks she's a big shot!"

"I've broken my heart. I hate it!"

Ears, from time to time came some angry voice, Yang Chu Chu has no way to continue to stay in school. Feeling rejected moxyon, she is a sinner.