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C1669. She's not in charge

Tang youyou couldn't help laughing, but he didn't speak. Seeing her, Ji Xiaohan just laughed and didn't speak. He was even more anxious: "what's the matter? Tell me. "

At this moment, Dr. Wang came out and handed the checklist to Ji Xiaohan: "Mr. Ji, I like your children's strong heartbeat. At present, it's very healthy."

"Children?" Season owl cold Mou color a shock, immediately, he bowed his head to scan the list report of examination quickly, twin?

"Is that true?" The handsome face of a man is a color of ecstasy, which is just like a miracle, once again appeared in his life.

Tang youyou looks at him angrily, which is full of many kinds of emotions. Of course, most of them are happy.

Ji Xiaohan really wants to hold his little wife tightly, but in front of so many people, he is afraid that Tang youyou will be shy, so he can only resist this impulse and says to the two doctors gratefully, "thank you, let's go first."

"Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Ji. If you have any questions, please feel free to call." The chief doctor said quickly.

"Yes!" Ji Xiaohan takes Tang youyou's hand and comes out. Outside the door, Lu Qing falls a group of bodyguards and waits for the good news of Ji Xiaohan. Seeing that they come out, Lu Qing is the first to ask: "young master, young grandma, what's the result?"

"It seems that I have two more children." Season owl was so excited that he shared the good news with his own people.

"Really? My God, young master, are you really good? Are you a dragon and Phoenix again? " Lu Qing is also going to have a wedding with his girlfriend Liu Xiaoxing. She is learning from Ji Xiaohan about her life after marriage. Naturally, she has also discussed about giving birth to children. Liu Xiaoxing is a careless girl. Her dream is to have one baby and two treasures at a time, which makes Lu Qing very stressed. Unexpectedly, what he feels can't do, Ji Xiaohan succeeds again.

Tang youyou is so ashamed that Ji Xiaohan immediately hints at his assistant with his eyes. Lu Qing is stunned and embarrassed.

Sitting in the car, Tang youyou is hugged by the man beside her. Her face is close to his chest, and she feels that he is holding very hard.

"Why?" Don youyou asked him with a smile.

"You know, I won't treat you badly. I'll thank you for my whole life." Season owl cold at this moment's heart, thousands of words are also difficult to describe, excited, joy, can be followed by a sense of responsibility as a husband and father.

"You dare to treat me badly. I have four children in the future. I'm not afraid of you." Tang youyou replied immediately.

"No!" Season owl cold dye smile, say in her ear dumbly.

"Let go first. I'm almost out of breath." Don youyou smiled to remind him.

Ji Xiaohan released his hand and gazed softly in her face: "my daughter's dream has come true. She has two playmates again."

"I think the probability of having another dragon and phoenix is very small. It may be a twin daughter or a son." Tang youyou immediately expressed his thoughts.

Ji Xiaohan's beautiful brow twisted: "if it's a dragon and phoenix or a twin daughter is OK, the son will..."

"So what?" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes narrowed.

"I'm afraid that I'll have a lot of pressure to control my three sons in the future." Ji Xiaohan finally felt the pressure of being a father.

"What's the pressure? My son is good. It's still good to educate them well." Tang youyou is not eccentric. She feels good about her son and daughter.

"It's also said that if it's a son, I'll have a free range education. If it's a daughter, I'll have a captive education. It's still necessary to distinguish between them. After all, a daughter is my last lover." Ji Xiaohan immediately laughed, but in his heart, he was more inclined to his daughter. After all, if he had three sons, he couldn't cope with them. In the future, he would have a little trouble with Tang Youyou, and the three sons would definitely give him a headache.

Tang youyou gave him a white look: "you are so boring."

Ji Xiaohan also felt as if he thought too much. He couldn't help laughing: "it's boring, but sometimes he still thinks about it. After all, we have two more children."

Tang youyou feels that he is dreaming a beautiful dream, which is not true.

But the mood at the moment is different from that six years ago. At that time, she was suffering from childbirth alone. Now, she has a warm family to support her, a family to love her and a husband to care about her all the time. She doesn't need to worry about anything anymore. She just needs to give birth to the children peacefully.

The news immediately spread in Ji's home. Ji Yueze called, his tone was full of envy. The old lady and LAN Yue were also very happy. They began to prepare gifts for their children after they were born.

Zhang Luyao dare not act rashly in school recently, but her heart is still full of resentment. In the past, only when Ling wennuan was a wealthy family, but until she saw her photo with the new president from Chen Fuyu's mobile phone, she was in a trance and woke up. It turned out that Ling wennuan's life experience was not as simple as she thought.

People all over the country have heard about the war between Ling Mo Feng and his predecessor. Of course, Zhang Luyao has heard about it. Well, he knows that Mu Wei Cheng is the nephew of the old president.

Ling Nuan likes Mu Weicheng. Does Mu Weicheng know who she is?

The whole school didn't know the relationship between Ling Nuan and Ling Mo Feng, which means that Ling Mo Feng has always protected her sister very well, and Ling's family is also very low-key, which leads to that everyone doesn't associate her with Ling Mo Feng.

In that case, Mu Weicheng must have no idea.

"Ah!" Zhang Luyao sneers. She feels that the time is almost up. She has to pour a bucket of ice water on Ling warm to wake up her daydream.

Zhang Luyao knows that Mu Weicheng will play ball games with a group of male teachers in the school's leisure Square in the afternoon. Therefore, Zhang Luyao escapes from class and quietly runs to the corridor, waiting for mu Weicheng to appear.

Sure enough, at 4:30 in the afternoon, Mu Weicheng came to talk with a male teacher.

"Master Mu!" Zhang Luyao immediately jumped out and looked at Mu Weicheng with a spoony face.

The male teacher immediately clapped Mu Weicheng on the shoulder: "I'll take a step first, you talk."

Mu Weicheng waited for the male teacher to walk away some, the facial expression momentarily changed cool.

"What's the matter?"

"Teacher mu, do you like Ling Nuan? I can see that you are different from her. Last time you warned me specifically for her. Don't say you don't like it. " Zhang Luyao, with his hands behind him, was a little nervous, but he was bold enough to say what he wanted to say.

Mu Weicheng's face suddenly changed, and then he said coldly, "do you want to mind my business?"

Zhang Lu saw that the man's face was more grumpy. She turned white with fright, and the eyes of the mixed race all shrunk. She quickly shook her hands and said, "no, no, no, no, you misunderstood me, Murdoch. Of course, I'm not meddling in your business. I'm just kind enough to remind you."

Mu Weicheng looks unhappy, but looks at her. Zhang Luyao's heart is flustered. He quickly pulls out a smile and says, "teacher mu, listen to me. You can't be with Ling Nuan. Do you know her identity? She said that she was just a daughter of a rich family, but in fact, she was not like this. She was the sister of current president Ling Mo Feng. We have heard about your uncle and her brother. If you associate with Ling Mo Feng's sister, isn't it "

Mu's face became more and more ugly. Then, his eyes seemed to be frozen. He stared at Zhang Luyao coldly, with a warning:" I don't care what you know, but if you dare to reveal her identity to me, I won't let you go. "

"Mr. mu, now it's not that you won't let me go, but that if you are with Ling Mo Feng's sister, your uncle will be disappointed, and Ling Mo Feng won't let you go, don't you understand? You are not meant to be together. " Zhang Luyao, fearless of his threat, boldly continued to remind him.

"It's not your turn to worry about my business." Mu Weicheng's heart has long been like a thousand knives cutting. Will he not understand the stakes in it? An outsider is needed to remind him.

"Teacher mu, I'm really for you. Why can't you see that?" Zhang Luyao looks at the man's indifference and turns around. She stomps.