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C1768 love's impartiality

Ji Yueze's wedding news, only a few photos, prove that he has married his beloved woman, not too many people know about the wedding of that day, we can feel the scene full of happiness and romance with just a few photos, we are very envious of the unknown girl at the beginning, just stepped into the entertainment circle and harvested their love, now love Love has blossomed and turned out, waiting for her, will be a happy life.

After Ji Yueze's wedding, the two people began to go on vacation, accompanied by the little guy and his two month old sister-in-law, and several bodyguards.

Ji Xiaohan, with his wife, children and friends, took off and went back to China. Their time is precious now, and they have no plans to take a vacation for the time being.

Tang youyou is in a hurry recently. Whenever she has time, she will pick up her own design work to compose the picture. Although she doesn't go to work in the company, her design work is still only adopted by the company. Her current work is purely idle and boring, which is the best state of work. No one can affect her design draft. She can play freely and can Imagine in the source of inspiration that her works are more and more unique. The company's response back to the news is also good news, loved by some people and applauded by others.

Ling wennuan has not met with Mu Weicheng for two days. Although he is in contact by phone, he is hard to solve his thirst for love. So, Ling wennuan decides to go to Mu Weicheng. She really wants to meet him.

Ling wennuan asked the driver to take her downstairs to Mu Weicheng's house. She registered in front of the guard and walked to the elevator with a bag of delicious food.

Suddenly, the elevator door opened, and a middle-aged beautiful woman came out. She was accompanied by a beautiful young girl. The middle-aged beautiful woman's face was tense, and the girl's expression was a little sad.

"Aunt, I don't think he likes me."

The girl said sadly.

"Don't worry, he doesn't have a girlfriend now. You can get in touch with him. He may be enlightened one day. He's not young and doesn't think about life-long events."

The beautiful woman is comforting the girl. The girl looks a little better. Well, they leave.

Ling wennuan didn't know that the beautiful woman was Mu Weicheng's aunt. The purpose of her coming here today is to bring her niece to introduce her to Mu Weicheng's blind date.

Ling wennuan went upstairs and knocked on the door. Mu Weicheng opened the door and saw her. He looked surprised.

"Warm, why are you here?"

Mu Weicheng is surprised and happy. When he thinks about her most, she suddenly appears in front of him. This feeling is really good.

Ling wennuan immediately raised the bag in his hand: "here comes the delicious food for you."

Ling wennuan goes in and goes directly to the sofa. When she plans to put the bag down, her beautiful eyes suddenly sweep over the tea table. There are several water cups and some washed fruits. Her eyes are stiff.

Woman's intuition is the most accurate, Ling warm heart a stuffy, hurriedly turned to stare at Mu Weicheng asked: "your family guests?"

"Yes, my aunt came to see me."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was staring at him, he was inexplicably guilty and his eyes flashed slightly.

"Did they just leave?

She's not alone. She's accompanied by a beautiful girl. She's here to have a blind date with you? "

Ling wennuan combined with the two people he met in the elevator, immediately guessed seven or eight points.

Mu Weicheng didn't expect Ling Nuan's intuition to be so accurate, which made his hair stand on end.

"Warm, how do you know?"

Mu Weicheng came to her and asked with a dry smile.

"Don't ask me how I know first, I just want to ask you, how is the result of your blind date with her?"

Ling warm hands ring in front of the chest, sitting on the sofa, pretty face tight, a face unhappy.

"Of course, I will not have any development with her. I have made it clear that I have a girlfriend. I believe that they should understand me."

"Is it?

It's a price to cheat me

Ling warm bully squinted: "then why didn't I hear them say die?"?

They also said that you are still single, and there will be a chance in the future. Your aunt asked the girl to contact you well. "

Mu Weicheng: "..." Ling wennuan immediately stood up and said, "well, I didn't come at the right time. I left."

"Warm, don't go."

Muwei Cheng Jun's face was worried. He reached out to block her and pleaded: "warm, I didn't say that just now, because I can't expose our relationship."

Ling wennuan is angry. She can't stand the thought that Mu Weicheng even dates other women. She is too small to let other women come to him.

"What can't be said? Can they do to me?

I'm not afraid. "

Ling wennuan is angry. The words of Mu Weicheng make her very sad. That's why she said such irrational words.

"I know you're not afraid, but I'm afraid that our admirers are still extreme to your brother. I'm really afraid that you are in danger. If I'm not around you, what should they do in case of trouble?"

Mu Weicheng now deeply loves a person, will change carefully, he can't afford to gamble, even once.

Ling warm stupefied to look at him, for a time in the heart of complex emotions.

"Are you really thinking about me?"

Ling warms up his anger and asks him in a low voice.

Mu Wei Cheng stared at her and nodded: "of course, if we can admit our relationship in a positive way, how can I cheat them?"

"Well, I believe you are, but I have to warn you that no matter who will introduce you to your girlfriend in the future, you should refuse it at the first time, so as to avoid people's Thoughts on you and finally get tangled up."

Ling Nuan reached out a finger, saying that she was not joking, but was warning him seriously.

Mu Wei Cheng smiled helplessly: "if I didn't refuse other women for you, do you think I could still be single now?"

Ling warm breath a lag, seems to be a little reasonable oh.

"I'm just upset. I've seen that girl just now. She's long, soft and weak. She can arouse men's desire for protection at a glance. I'm afraid I'm afraid if she is your favorite type, I'm not getting cold

Ling wennuan rushed to Mu Weicheng's arms. He held him tightly with two small hands, and pressed his face to his chest. His voice choked unconsciously.

Love a person to the depth, is not even a little misunderstanding will be infinitely enlarged?

Finally, it becomes internal injury.

Mu Weicheng gently rubbed her shoulder with his hand, and said in a low judo way: "warm, I have always been very insensitive to feelings, and I feel that it is not easy to fall in love with someone, so you don't have to worry."

"Well, if one day your heart turns to someone else, you must tell me in time, don't drag me, cut off my thoughts, let me die early."

Ling warm or feel aggrieved, and feel unwilling, this is to say such a cruel words.

The man's healthy body is shocked severely. He looks down at the woman who has no sense of security in his arms. He sighs, and his thin lips touch her hair, murmuring: "I'm afraid that you are the one who will abandon this relationship."

Ling warms up and shakes his head. He immediately looks up at him and shakes his head firmly: "no, I won't, I will definitely treat you wholeheartedly."

Mu Weicheng looks at her firm eyes, smiles from her thin lips, and pats her back to express comfort: "OK, I know your sincerity, what delicious food did you bring here?"

Ling wennuan immediately ran to open her bag, which was full of her favorite snacks: "this nut is very fragrant, you can compensate for it, that is, it's delicious to supplement nutrition."

Mu Weicheng looks at the colorful packing bag, frowns slightly and expresses doubts.

"Don't worry. It's not poisonous. Eat it."

Ling wennuan asked him with a tough face.

Mu Weicheng put one in his mouth tentatively and bit it. It was fruity and nodded: "it's really delicious. You eat so many snacks every day?"

"Well, what's the matter?"

Ling warm beautiful eyes blinked, afraid that he could eat too much.

"Nothing. It's normal that you young girls like snacks. If you want something, you can tell me and I'll buy it for you."

Mu Wei Cheng smiles softly.

"Is it?

Well, I'll ask you to buy it later. I'm not polite. I'll spend your money. "

Ling warms up with a gnashing expression.

The prime minister is speechless.