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"I don't know how to believe you, but I do have a thorn in my heart. If I don't pull it out, it will always make me feel uncomfortable. Think of a way to make me believe this." Tang You You glowered at him and said.

"Alright, tonight, I will have Ji Yun Ning come out and confront you face to face!" Facing her angry questioning, Ji Xiao Han was not angry, but smiled and comforted her.

However, the moment he thought about Ji Yun Ning's nonsense, the trust that he had painstakingly built up between him and Tang You You was almost broken. His handsome face instantly turned dark again.

Ji Xiao Han's nerves instantly tensed up. He looked at his son vigilantly when he heard Tang Xiao Rui's praising voice, "Your legs are so long, and your skin is so fine. And, isn't that the autumn winter style of clothes? Why are they still wearing so little? You can't die from the cold. "

Ji Xiao Han heard her son's words that intentionally or unintentionally wanted to divert his thoughts, and his thin lips curled up: "Xiao Rui, if you still want to sit here and watch these long-legged sisters, you should seriously watch the show."

Tang Xiao Rui's big eyes froze for two seconds. What does daddy mean? Was this going to take him home?

Tang Xiao Rui had wanted to test out his father's reaction to this, but his father's warning had caused him to no longer dare to speak carelessly.

After his son's reminder, Ji Xiao Han, who was just watching the show calmly a moment ago, suddenly felt a little guilty.

If he stared at a woman on the stage for more than three seconds, would he turn into a son's handlebar?

Damn it, he had the urge to give his son to someone else.

When Tang Xiao Nai saw that a male model had walked out, she instantly covered her mouth and exclaimed in shock, "Daddy, quickly look! That brother is so handsome!"

Ji Xiao Han looked down and saw that his daughter's eyes were shining. He stared at the male model in danger.

"Xiao Nai, is he even more handsome than Father?" Ji Xiao Han asked in shock.

"Yeah, he's younger than dad!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately replied innocently, as thousands of arrows pierced her heart.

Is he very old?

"That's still more handsome than your brother?" Ji Xiao Han immediately raised his voice by a few notches, and Tang Xiao Rui immediately rolled her eyes at him in displeasure: "Daddy, why are you talking about me? Stupid Xiao Nai couldn't appreciate my handsomeness. "

Tang Xiao Nai's big eyes were still looking at the male model on the stage happily, shaking his father's hands: "Daddy, can I take a photo with this handsome big brother of mine later? I really like him. "

"Please, Daddy, I'll take a picture with him!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's little expression of anticipation and sighed in the end, "Alright, just one!"

"Yeah, Daddy, thank you!" Tang Xiao Nai reached the goal and immediately kissed the back of her father's hand a few times.

Tang Xiao Rui, who was standing at the side, did not want to be outdone and immediately replied, "Daddy, the models and elder sisters are all very beautiful. Can I take a picture with them later?"

"No way!" This time, Ji Xiao Han rejected his son with complete severity.

Tang Xiao Rui was not able to beg like Tang Xiao Nai, he could only stick out his tongue and say unhappily: "I won't be begging you. I'll go beg my Mummy, she'll definitely agree."

Ji Xiao Han suddenly realised, as a father, he couldn't even control his two children. Sigh, what a failure.

Yang Chu Chu, who was sitting beside him, was just thinking too seriously when his finger accidentally touched the armrest of the chair, and touched the man's warm finger.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned for a moment, and then, like an electric current, she fiercely turned her head, and saw Luo Jin Yu staring deeply at her.

Only now did Yang Chu Chu realize that her fingers were actually touching the back of her hand. She quickly let go of him, and her face flushed red, she lowered her head in apology: "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!"

Luo Jin Yu looked at this girl who would blush from time to time. He wasn't sure if it was because of her age, but her plump and smooth little face, and her appearance of blushing, was really beautiful.

The female assistant, who was following by his side, instantly spoke to Yang Chu Chu: "Miss, please do not intentionally get close to my boss. He is a germaphobe and does not like others touching his fingers."

Being reminded by the female assistant, Yang Chu Chu was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Does he have an obsession with cleanliness?

That's right, men with high statuses now, cleanliness seemed to be a common ailment of theirs.

"I won't!" This was the first time Yang Chu Chu suffered such a blow. Her two small hands tightly clenched onto her legs, and didn't dare to carelessly touch it again.

Luo Jin Yu glared at the female assistant who was sitting behind him. The female assistant was so frightened by the boss that her heart trembled.

For a moment, he didn't know what he had done wrong, which made the boss unhappy.

Ji Yue Ze rested for a while when he came out from the backstage and saw his brother sitting at the seat of honor with two cute little guys. He immediately walked over with a smile and said, "Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, did you guys hear my uncle sing just now?"

"I heard it. It was so unpleasant to listen to!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately twitched her small mouth without giving face.

Instantly, Ji Yue Ze's handsome face became pale, he looked at Tang Xiao Nai unwillingly and shook her little finger: "Xiao Nai, what do you think?"

"It does sound a bit unpleasant!" Tang Xiao Nai also spoke the truth.

Ji Yue Ze instantly had the urge to go on a rampage.

However, Ji Yue Ze comforted himself very quickly. The songs that the little guy could admire, were most likely children songs.