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C1412: when you'sre fed, you'sre not hungry

Gao Yue is eager to prove his ability, which makes Ji Xiao sneer at the bottom of his heart. It seems that what he guesses is right. Gao Yue is closely related to the old president.

Gao Yue saw that the man's eyes stopped on his face for two seconds, his heart shrank, and he felt that he was a little anxious. He quickly took a drink and took a SIP to ease the color on his face. He smiled and said, "President Ji, I really want to thank you for your kindness. It's just that, there are always thousands of horses, but Bole is hard to find. You are like my bole, finding my value, Let me not be confused about the future any more. For this, I will do my best to help you. "

"Am I so important to you?" Season owl cold gentle smile ask.

Gao Yue's heart trembled, and his eyes were even more warm when he looked at the man, and his voice lowered a lot: "Ji Zong, you may not know that your presence is like the warmest sunshine in my life, shining on my way forward, let me see the direction clearly."

In fact, she also wants to say that it's her dream destination, but she can't say that. I'm afraid that Ji Xiaohan will take care of it.

After all, Ji Xiaohan is a married man now. Although he just heard from a few words that his relationship with his wife is not happy, Gao Yue still doesn't want to give him a bad impression.

"That's my pleasure!" Season owl cold eyes down, smile gradually cold.

Gao Yue reached for a piece of meat and put it into Ji Xiaohan's bowl. She smiled softly and said, "Mr. Ji, let's have a meal. It's a pity that such a table is not cold."

Ji Xiaohan looks at the meat in his bowl. He opens it with chopsticks and says, "sorry, I'm allergic to beef!"

Gao Yuewei Zheng said with a dry smile, "this assistant Lu is really right. I know you can't eat beef and order it. Isn't that annoying?"

"This table is for you. You can eat it if you like. I'm free!" Season owl cold smile.

When Gao Yue heard this, he was very happy. Ji Xiaohan is really a considerate and considerate man. He can think of such details perfectly. I'm afraid that he is a considerate and considerate husband in life.

Thinking of her husband, Gao Yue was slightly sour and inexplicably envied the woman named Tang youyou.

It's said that she came back home with her two children to marry Ji Xiaohan at the beginning. This woman's method is really brilliant. When she uses her children as a knock on the door, she easily becomes Ji Shao's grandmother. This kind of dirty method can't be learned by any woman.

"Mr. Ji, can you mention your wife? I'm really curious. I heard that she is a very gentle woman. You must love her very much. " Gao Yue still can't help it. He wants to hear from Ji Xiaohan about Tang youyou.

"My wife is very nice and I respect her very much." Ji Xiao's face was obviously unhappy, but he replied politely.

As soon as Gao Yue heard the man say "respect", she was inexplicably happy in her heart. When a man needs to use "respect" to describe the relationship with a woman, it means that there is no love, just a way of living together.

"Is it? I really envy your wife. She can marry such an excellent man as you. " There are still a few sour meanings in Gaoyue's words.

Season owl cold bit the tooth root, in the heart sneered, did not answer a word.

Gao Yue is still knowledgeable. Seeing Ji Xiaohan, he doesn't talk about his wife any more. Naturally, she won't talk about it any more.

But she still feels that Ji Xiaohan seems reluctant to mention this woman, which proves that the relationship is not as good as the outside rumors. She has also secretly inquired about it in the company. It seems that Tang youyou seldom comes to Ji Xiaohan's company to play, which must be because Ji Xiaohan doesn't like her to come.

In the middle of the meal, Ji Xiaohan's cell phone rang. He glanced at his cell phone, got up and went out of the box to answer it. After a while, he pushed the door in and said apologetically, "I'm in a hurry. I need to take a step first. You can enjoy it slowly."

"Hey, Mr. Ji..." Gao Yue didn't expect Ji Xiaohan to leave when he was half eaten. There was a sense of loss on his charming face.

"Talk next time!" Season owl cold throws down this sentence, leaves directly.

Gao Yue can't keep him. He can only sit and look at the dishes at a table and be stunned.

"It's really a trick. It's not easy to invite him here." Gao Yue hates Nanping and takes a sip of the wine in the cup. Originally, she was going to be drunk for a while, so that Ji Xiaohan could take her home.

It seems that all romantic love stories begin with drunkenness. Unexpectedly, Gao Yue doesn't even have the chance to pretend to be drunk. How can she not be angry?

After Ji Xiaohan left the restaurant, he got into a black car.

Lu Qing immediately asked him curiously, "young master, how about talking with Gao Yue? Have you tried to find out her details? "

"No need to try. She is the spy sent by the general manager. However, she seems to have lost the backbone of the spy, which doomed her defeat!" Season owl cold sneer ridicule.

"Really? This Gao Yue is brave enough to approach you with purpose. " Lu Qing immediately became angry.

"It doesn't matter. I'll let her show her true purpose. Then, see how she can deal with herself." Ji Xiaohan doesn't immediately like Gao Yue. After all, he needs the help of this woman to find out the latest trend of the old president.

"Young master, this woman seems to like you very much. She must be trying to seduce you, break up your relationship with your little grandma, and affect your work. This is a beauty scheme." Lu Qing sneers at the analysis.

"It doesn't work for me. It seems that the old bigot used the trick for me without a good investigation of me." Season owl cold one face disdain way.

"In the eyes of the young master, of course, only the young grandma is the most beautiful woman. Gao Yue just thinks that she has several beauties, just like a peacock, she opens the screen at random and thinks how charming she is." Lu Qing also thought this method was too ridiculous.

"Go home. You called me just now. I must hurry home for dinner!" Ji Xiaohan reached out and pinched his eyebrow, urging.

"OK!" Lu Qing speeded up immediately.

Tang youyou knows that after having dinner alone with the woman named Gao Yue this evening, Ji Xiaohan will walk around the room uneasily. She also doesn't know why she is in a confused mood. She knows that the man is going to play on occasion, but she just doesn't listen to his wishes.

I'm sure I'll drink when I eat. If I get drunk, I'll make a mistake.

The door of the bedroom was pushed open by the man. Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan appeared in front of her. Tang youyou turned around and looked at each other. For a long time, Tang youyou ran to him, rushed into his arms directly and hugged him with two hands.

"You haven't had dinner yet?" Season owl cold low Mou looks at the woman who is angry in the bosom, lightly smiles to ask her.

"Yes." Tang youyou raised his face from his arms. The next second, she grabbed the back of the man's hand and took a bite. The man made a painful sound and frowned.

"I'm full now!" Tang youyou let go of the back of his hand and turned around. His worry disappeared in a second.

"Bite my hand and you'll be full?" Ji Xiaohan laughs directly.

"Otherwise, do I have to check if you have her perfume on you?" Tang youyou said, and really turned around, ran back to his side, picked up his toes, and smelled at the collar of the man.

Ji Xiaohan was amused by her lovely action. He stretched out his long arm and hugged her in his arms. His thin lips kissed her on the forehead: "are you so unsure of me? Don't worry. I'm full at home every day. I have no appetite outside. "

"What did you eat? You didn't come home for dinner just now. " Tang youyou is so honest and pure in heart that he can't hear that the man is already talking about dizziness.

When the man saw her stupidly, he immediately laughed and whispered in her ear, "fool, what I call eating is you!"

Tang youyou then recognized the dark meaning of his words. He immediately reached out his hand and thumped two fists on his chest: "don't talk disorderly, be careful to let the child hear you!"

"Don't worry, they must not understand their IQ!" Season owl cold has confidence to pick eyebrows.

At this time, two small heads poked in the door behind.

"Daddy, are you calling us stupid?" Ji xiaonai asked with a big blink.

As soon as the two men and women close to each other, they immediately smile at the two little guys at the door.