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C576 is stimulated by warmth

Ji Xiao's eyes were cold and sharp. She looked at Bai Yiyan. She was very pure and beautiful. She could match her brother.

"Hello, I'm Ji Xiaohan!" Ji Xiaohan introduced himself politely.

Bai Yiyan said hurriedly and nervously, "Mr. Ji, I've heard of your fame for a long time. I didn't expect that you are handsome and younger than in the picture."

As soon as Ji Yueze saw Bai Yiyan, his mouth was so sweet and his words were very pleasant. He picked up his eyebrows discontentedly: "so, you mean, my eldest brother is much more handsome than me? Is that the definition in your mind? "

Bai Yiyan is just telling the truth, but she doesn't mean to wear a hat to Ji Xiaohan. At the moment, hearing Li Yueze's rambling words, she blushes and stares at him angrily: "what I said is the truth. Your brother is really more mature and charming than you."

Otherwise, Tang youyou will not fall in love with Ji Xiaohan, but not with him. Bai Yiyan dare not say that directly.

Otherwise, her life will be built here today.

Ji Yueze's eyes color suddenly stagnated. This woman seems to have problems with her eyes, but she still has water in her head.

Her present role is his girlfriend. It's unforgivable that she should have a crush on his eldest brother here.

Bai Yiyan felt someone's displeasure for a moment. She immediately ran to Ji Yueze's side with a smile and pretended to be very intimate to take his arm: "OK, don't be angry. In my eyes, you are the most handsome man."

Ji Xiaohan looks at his brother's way of getting along with Bai Yiyan. It seems strange, but at a certain moment, it does give a feeling of love.

Maybe when everyone starts to like someone, their mood will be changeable, sensitive, self abased and uncertain.

Ji Xiaohan is also a passer-by. When he was crazy about Tang Youyou, he had a lot of trouble with her.

Ji Yueze naturally wanted to act for the elder brother, so he put out his hand and held Bai Yiyan in his arms. His thin lips gently printed on her forehead: "it's almost the same. Otherwise, I thought you were going to move away."

Ji Xiaohan listened to his brother's words and smiled and shook his head: "well, you don't need to talk here."

When she saw Ji Yueze's kiss Bai Yiyan, she immediately put out her hand to block her eyes: "uncle, shame face!"

When Ji Yueze saw his niece laughing at him, he released his hand.

Bai Yiyan was kissed by this man just now. Her beautiful face was stunned. Until Tang xiaonai said that, she suddenly woke up and blushed.

"Daddy, is sister Bai uncle's girlfriend?" Tang xiaonai is already familiar with Bai Yiyan, so she looks up her cerebellum bag and asks Ji Xiaohan.

Season owl cold nods: "yes!"

"Sister Bai is so beautiful. My uncle must like her very much. I like her too." Tang xiaonai's mouth turned sweet.

Ji Xiaohan crouches down, looks at his daughter's lovely smile, picks her up, and kisses her on her little face with thin lips: "would you like to let uncle and sister Bai come back often to play with you later?"

"Good!" Tang xiaonai most hoped that someone would play with her, so she turned around and looked at Ji Yueze seriously and asked, "uncle, would you like to let elder sister Bai live in our house later, so that I can play with her every day?"

Ji Yueze looks at his niece's expectant expression and Bai Yiyan's embarrassment. He doesn't know how to answer.

"Xiaonai, when I'm not working, can I come here to play with you?" Bai Yiyan doesn't want Ji Yueze to promise this little guy. In case that little guy takes it seriously, does she really have to live here every day? It's going to freak out.

Ji Xiaohan said to his daughter gently, "do you hear me? Elder sister Bai still has work to do. She can't play with you every day. Can daddy play with you when he has time

"No, it's boring to play with Daddy!" Tang xiaonai is like a little girl now. She only likes to play with the same sex. Only a young and innovative girl like Bai Yiyan is Tang xiaonai's favorite playmate.

Ji Xiaohan has a feeling of being hit. His baby daughter even thinks he's bored.

Why is that?

Is it true that the daughter has grown up?

Don't you kiss him?

Ji Yueze chuckled out: "brother, where can you play the little girl's game? Xiaonai doesn't want to play with you. It's normal."

Ji Xiaohan's heart is still lost. He really hopes his daughter will not grow up so fast, just like this small one, and let him dote on it for several years.

However, when the little guy grows up and knows more things and plays, he will spend less time with his father.

Tang xiaonai seemed to see that Ji Xiaohan felt a little lost. She immediately reached out her little hand, held daddy's face and kissed him twice. Then, two little arms circled his neck, and her little face was buried in Ji Xiaohan's shoulder: "Daddy, are you angry?"

Season owl cold soft smile, stroking daughter's long hair: "of course not, how can daddy be angry with you?"

Bai Yiyan stood by and watched. She was inexplicably moved. Her heart was hurt. Later, she seemed to have some very bad memories. She turned around and went to the balcony next to her.

She really can't see the scene of father and daughter embracing each other, because once, she was also the little treasure held by her father. Unfortunately, many years have passed, and the one who doted on her like treasure has gone to heaven.

Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze are surprised to see her back.

Obviously, I don't know what happened to Bai Yiyan.

"Not yet!" Seeing that his brother was still standing still, Ji Xiaohan urged him immediately.

Ji Yueze frowned. What's the name of this woman.

It's very impolite to turn around and walk away.

Tang xiaonai also raised her head in surprise: "Daddy, what's wrong with her sister Bai? Did I let her play with me, and she was angry? "

Ji Xiaohan didn't know, so he patted her face gently and said, "no, maybe your white sister is in a bad mood. It's nothing to do with you."

"Oh!" Tang xiaonai still can't understand the mood of adults. How can he suddenly feel bad?

Ji Yueze was standing on the balcony. She saw Bai Yiyan standing beside the railing with her back to him. She didn't know what she was doing.

"What's the matter with you?" Ji Yueze watched her standing still, or walked behind her and asked in a low voice. Bai Yiyan quickly wiped the tears out of her eyes with the back of her hand and shook her head, but her voice choked: "I'm ok!"