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C1564 meeting in private

Moyun carries a glass of water upstairs. The old president is holding his heart and sighs. He thinks that his life is beautiful. In the end, there is no inheritance. That's the biggest sorrow.

"Uncle, is my brother making you angry again?" Moyun asked.

"Don't mention him." "The old general unifies the face to be angry:" small Yun, is being used to abroad

"Fortunately, my uncle has arranged everything for me. I don't have any worries. You are ill now, but I didn't come back in time to take care of you. I'm really sorry." Mu Yun said with a reproachful face.

"Xiaoyun, I promised your father to cultivate your brothers and sisters. You can save your elder brother a lot of worry." When the old president saw Mu Yun, he was in a good mood, which made him think of his daughter and granddaughter who were far away from home.

"Uncle, didn't sister come back?" Moyun asks for help.

"I didn't tell her. Forget it. Our father and daughter have nothing to say when she comes back, so we won't let her go back." The old president and his daughter have been in a bad mood because of the death of their wife, and their father daughter relationship is not good, which is also the most sad thing for the old president.

"Uncle, I've asked for a long holiday and will be with you all the time." Murmured Mu Yun.

"OK, Xiaoyun, have you grown up and made a boyfriend?" The manager was very pleased and asked her about it.

"No." Mu Yun's face is shy.

"What kind do you like? I'll help you find it. " The old president asked with a smile.

"No, uncle, don't worry about me. I don't think it's important to have a boyfriend now. Family is important." Mu Yun is a good girl. She has been a worry since she was a child, and she will not make friends with others.

"Alas, when you meet a good woman, don't miss it." The president thought that he didn't have the chance to attend their wedding, which was hard to avoid sadness.

Mu Yun nodded: "I know."

At night, in a very private restaurant, a train came.

Under the protection of a group of bodyguards, Ling Mo Feng walked quickly into a nearby door.

Turning a corridor, Ling Mo Feng saw the door of the box open, and he went in with a smile on his thin lips.

"You have to be furtive when you meet each other, like a thief." With the back of a chair facing the door, there is a man in casual clothes, with thick black short hair and a firm face with clear edges and corners. Because he has been stationed in the border area all the year round, his skin is healthy wheat color, unlike Ling Mo Feng Jun's noble white face. He has a perfect body proportion, strong and strong physique. If ordinary people see him, they will feel a kind of oppressive momentum.

"Wei Cheng, I'm sorry to ask you to meet at this time." Ling Mo Feng walked behind him and spoke in a low voice.

"Ask me over, not just for dinner?" Mu Weicheng gets up and looks at him head-on. They are similar in body shape, one wild and uninhibited, the other elegant and noble, with totally different temperament, but they all have deterrent power.

"I heard that you applied for suspension on your own initiative." Ling Mo Feng looked at Xi RI's friend and sighed softly, "in fact, it's not your fault. You don't have to do it."

"My uncle went wrong on errands. I should avoid idleness. It's been four years. I haven't had a good holiday. When I ask you, please sign for me and let me relax. I promise that I will work for you after this event." Mu Weicheng's application form, which has not been signed, is stuck in Ling Mo Feng's office. Ling Mo Feng does not want him to leave his present post. Not only that, but he also intends to promote him. However, Mu Weicheng stubbornly submitted his application.

"If you think it over, I'll sign it. You know your uncle's business." Ling Mo Feng opened a chair, sat down, reached for the tea cup beside him, poured himself a cup of tea, and handed another cup to Mu Wei Cheng.

"I have known for a long time. Two years ago, I knew that he would make mistakes, but I didn't expect that he would make such a serious mistake. Mo Feng, I should thank you for not killing him." Mu Weicheng bowed his head and laughed at himself. The tea he drank was bitter.

"How is your uncle? After the election, his account still needs to be settled. You have to be prepared. " Ling Mo Feng took a sip of tea with his thin lips. Looking at his friend, you saw that his face was frozen.

"I know." Mu Weicheng's tone was sad and heavy. He held the teacup tightly, almost crushing it. "I know that."

"He purposely pushes you to sit in my seat. Do you want to think about it?" After a moment's silence, Ling Mo Feng asked him again.

"No, even if I'm interested in your position, I won't choose to sit at this time. I won't have no chance in the future." Mu Wei Cheng laughed at himself.

"It's safe for you to think so. Indeed, if you sit in this position now, you will be the target of attack. Your uncle will also affect you. It's the best way for you to avoid it." Ling Mo fengjue's friends are thoughtful and have opportunities at any time, but they should seize the opportunity.

"Well, let's not talk about business. I have a headache. Let's talk about personal matters. Did you receive my congratulations when you were engaged last time? Are you satisfied? " Mu Weicheng just wants to be an idle person, talk about common things, and resolutely not participate in political struggle.

"I'm very satisfied. I don't know where you can find such a beautiful stone. Is it jade?"

"I dug it with my shovel. Of course, it's jade. It's precious." Mu Weicheng looks proud.

"That's really too expensive. I will cherish it, just like our friendship." Ling Mo Feng chuckled. He was serious.

"By the way, when you mention it, I have one thing to tell you carefully." Mu Wei Cheng's sudden serious expression.

Ling Mo Feng's face was startled: "what's the matter? So careful? "

"After this meal, I may not be invited by you in the future. My uncle is very disappointed with me. I promised in front of him that I would not contact with your Ling family in the future. I have to do what I say." When Mu Weicheng mentioned it, he laughed bitterly first.

"I understand. Your uncle hates me." Although Ling Mo Feng was surprised, he was also aware of the reason.

"You're not angry?" Mu Weicheng's handsome face flashed with surprise.

"No, your uncle is kind to you, and you should be filial to him." Ling Mo Feng is not angry, but feels shocked.

"In the future, when it comes to business, we can still chat, and we may try not to meet in private." Said Mu Weicheng with a wry smile.

"Well, you decide." Ling Mo Feng smiled gently.

Dishes are served one by one. The two men chat while eating. The atmosphere is very harmonious.

After eating the meal, Ling left. He wanted to go back to the vice president's office, but he happened to see the road the car passed by, and then he could get home ten minutes later. He thought that he didn't go back for some time, so he asked the driver to turn around and head for home.

When he arrived at Ling's house, he just got out of the car, and Ling wennuan ran to him happily: "brother, I just bet with Grandpa that you will come back today, and grandpa doesn't believe it. I won. I have to ask him for a gift."

"Warm, how can you bet on Grandpa?" Ling Mo Feng said nothing to his sister.

"Grandpa has to gamble with me. I didn't force him to be an old man." Ling warm a face of grievance expression. Ling Mo Feng smiled, reached out and touched his sister's head gently: "OK, I'll go upstairs to see Grandpa."

"Brother, how can you come back? You're engaged, but you can't neglect your sister-in-law. " Ling asked curiously.

"As soon as I had a meal with Mu Weicheng, I came back by the way." Ling Mo Feng said, and quickly walked upstairs.

Ling warm the whole person is like a fool, standing in the living room stupefied, gently biting his fingers, murmuring: "Mu Wei Cheng? He's back? "

Ling's warm soul seems to have been lost. When she reflects, Ling Mo Feng has gone upstairs.

"Damned Mu Wei Cheng, who wants to list me as a refusal to enter or leave, has no door." Ling warm immediately a foot, a pretty face do not know is shy or gas, some ruddy.

Ling Mo Feng went upstairs and saw the old man sitting alone by the window reading a book. He whispered, "Grandpa, I'm back."

When Ling Laozi saw him, his eyes immediately widened: "Why are you back today? It must be nice to warm that girl. "

Ling Mo Feng saw that grandpa was more and more like a child, and couldn't help laughing: "warm just said to bet with you, she's more and more out of line."

"It's OK. We are just so bored. Unlike you, we are busy in the general office every day. Our lives are full." Linglaozi immediately raised his hand, saying that it was not his granddaughter's mischief.

Ling Mo Feng sat next to him, chuckled and shook his head. "You'd better have a high heart."