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C1046 her dowry

Lu xuanchen almost scared his heart attack. Mao Rongrong replied that he could not refute it. Is this woman so busy?

He was really skeptical, or she was a woman of the highest quality.

Mao Rongrong pushed his glasses, looked at his frightened expression and said with concern: "are you ok? Are your legs soft? Shall I help you down! "

Lu xuanchen found that he was still sitting on the ground in embarrassment. Hearing her saying that she would help him, he jumped up from the ground, patted the mud on his pants and straightened his clothes to restore his cool temperament: "I am not scared. Are you not afraid to come here alone?" Mao

Rong Rong nodded: "of course, I will be afraid. However, my grandfather's monument is broken. I'll come and have a look. I'll find someone to change it for a new one tomorrow."

"Isn't your grandfather still alive?" Lu xuanchen's face was frightened. If he didn't remember correctly, what he asked his agent to contact was Mao Rongrong's grandfather. For example, why did she say that his grandfather already had a tombstone? The old man he asked his agent to contact, isn't he a man? "

that's my grandfather's brother. I call him the second grandfather. My grandfather actually passed away a few years ago." Mao Rongrong lightly explained a few words.

"Oh, no wonder my agent went to the old man several times and couldn't talk to him. He's not your grandfather!" Lu xuanchen finally found out the reason. "

that land is my grandfather's dowry!" Mao Rongrong's words are inexplicably sad. "

ah?" When Lu xuanchen heard her words, he looked surprised. No wonder she refused to sell. It was her dowry. He went to see her again and again. No wonder people didn't give him a good face.

"I'm one step ahead, it's late!" Mao Rongrong didn't find Lu xuanchen's expression was rich, so he turned around and walked down the steps. Lu

xuanchen suddenly felt a cold wind blowing behind him. He started to run in fear. At this moment, he didn't want any elegant image. He ran to Mao Rongrong's side in a hurry and walked down in parallel with her.

If her grandfather knew that he would buy his granddaughter's dowry, would he come to him for trouble? "

Why do you run so fast?" Mao Rongrong laughed at his uneven breathing.

"No, I don't. I'll take some exercise." Lu xuanchen said that, first step forward.

Down to the side of the road, Lu xuanchen saw Mao Rongrong's car parked not far away, her slender back, in the moonlight pull down a long shadow. Give people a sense of inexplicable loneliness.

Lu xuanchen frowned. Is this woman busy with lawsuits in the daytime?

I really want to see her heroine when she defends in court. I must take the opportunity to see her sometime.

"Brother xuanchen, get in the car quickly. I just saw a woman coming down behind you. Hurry up!" The assistant saw him at the door and shouted at him. Lu

Xuan Chen gave him a white look: "that's not a female ghost. Don't worry, it's a person. Besides, it's something we all know."

"Oh, she seems to have got on the car in front of her. It seems that she is really human. Who is she? How does she like to run to the cemetery in the evening?" The agent clapped his chest too, not lightly frightened.

"She's Mao Rongrong. She came to inspect her grandfather's tombstone!" Lu xuanchen said lightly.

"Her grandfather..." As expected, the agent wanted to frighten the dizzy rhythm again and stammered: "isn't her grandfather still alive and well? Don't we see the old man last time... " "

that's not her grandfather. Let's go, let's go back!" Lu xuanchen got into the car, put his arms on his head, and stared at the car that was not moving fast ahead. His mind was slightly confused. Li drove faster than Mao Rongrong's car. Lu xuanchen looked at her and saw that she seemed to be wearing a Bluetooth headset and talking to people on the phone. No wonder she drove so slowly.

"This woman is really unusual. She is so brave. Who dares to marry her in the future!" The assistant made a vicious remark. "

why doesn't anyone want to marry her? She's good-looking, capable and professional. There should be many men who want to marry her! " Lu xuanchen retorts lightly. "

brother xuanchen, she's not bad, but who can stand her character? It's a strong woman's expression. There's no woman's style. No matter how beautiful it is, it's not interesting! " The assistant said immediately.

"Who said she was uninteresting? You don't really know her, don't talk about it! " Lu xuanchen is inexplicably not fond of listening to the assistant's words of attacking others.

"Brother xuanchen, why do you seem to protect her? Don't you Do you like her type? " The assistant's face was a look of wonder. "

no!" Lu xuanchen's mood is inexplicably irritated, and what suddenly comes to mind is what she said. That piece of land is her dowry. Will she be very sad if he takes away her dowry now? Although he is willing to pay her twice as much money for the land, no amount of money can buy the significance of this family inheritance.

"Suddenly I didn't want to buy her land!" Lu xuanchen suddenly said. After

Ji Ren's surprised expression: "xuanchen, what did you say just now? Did I hear you right? You don't want to buy that piece of land? " "

Yes, I just learned that the land is of great significance to her!" Lu xuanchen looks self mocking. "

but you also pay her a lot of money. Money makes sense, doesn't it?" The agent laughed and said snobbishly. "

do you think she looks like a person who is short of money? The reason why she refused me so severely was here. Later, when I made up a lie to impress her, she promised to sell it to me. For a woman like her who is easy to be cheated and moved, I really don't want to hurt her. " Lu xuanchen's eyes couldn't help but look back. Her car lights up far away, which makes Lu xuanchen's heart jump slightly. Strange, why does he feel this way? "

is she a lawyer? I heard that she is a woman lawyer with a sense of justice. She must be kind and moved by you. That means your acting skills are not covered. Xuanchen, don't you say that the land is also of great significance to you?" The agent immediately asked curiously. "

Yes, it's also of great significance to me." Lu xuanchen frowned anxiously. If he decides not to buy the land, he can only explain it to Tang youyou. Although his explanation is not necessarily meaningful, or Tang youyou won't be angry or shocked. What he can't go through all the time is the persistence in his heart. If he has a chance, he will still say something to Tang youyou. "

really don't buy it?" The agent asked again.

"Yes, I won't buy it!" Lu xuanchen finally confirmed the answer.