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C1167 go home with him

Ji Shangqing looks down, looks at the girl's trembling fingers, pinches the skirt, and desperately drags it down. But in this way, there is no help at all. He can still see her white legs.

Ji Shangqing's heart was burning inexplicably. He really wanted to turn around and go back. He dug out the bastard's eyes and stepped on them as beads. Blue

the tears in her eyes were turning slightly. She felt very embarrassed at the moment and had a feeling of no face to see others. "

stop talking!" Ji Shangqing finished, pulled out a suit jacket from a bag beside her, took it to her leg and put it on her: "block it, is that bastard who made you wear it like this?"

Blue said a thank you in a low voice, spread out the suit and coat on his legs, and the shame in his heart seemed to disappear. "

did you just say that your father sold you to that man?" Ji Shangqing can't help biting his teeth. Is there really a scum father in the world who is worse than his father?

"I don't want to mention it. Maybe my life is so cheap." Blue slightly laughs at herself.

"If you despise yourself, who will value you? Remember, your life is not cheap. You are the same as those decent women outside. You have human rights. Your father can't hurt you any more. You can call the police. He doesn't care about his father and daughter. You don't need to care. If he dares to do such a bastard thing again next time, you can directly break off the relationship with him and come to me. " Ji Shangqing is inexplicably sad and angry. Lan Wei doesn't know how to resist, so she is sold. If he doesn't come here in time today, her life may be miserable and become a man's plaything. Blue

she raised her eyes slightly, which reflected the angry face of the man. Next second, she lowered her head and smiled: "OK, I listen to you. I'm going to break the father daughter relationship with him. I'm going to live a good life for myself!" Ji thinks it's hard to persuade a person. He's thinking about a lot of words, but hearing her understatement, he looks slightly shocked. "

stop in front of me. I'll go home and pack up my next trip. I want to move out!" Blue Wei pointed to an old residential building in front of her, where she lives now.

"Where to move? Have you found a good place? " Ji Shangqing narrowed his eyes slightly.

"No, I may find a house near the school..." "

move to my place. My room is empty anyway. Besides, you are the nanny I employ now. It's convenient to take care of me. I said last time, if you help me with breakfast, you can get more money!" Ji Shangqing interrupts her words and invites her bluntly.

"I live in your house and won't disturb you, will I?" Blue slightly really some heart, in her nowhere to go moment, this man can give her a shelter, like a thirsty person, receive a bowl of water the same kindness, will never forget.

"No, you are no stranger to me!" Ji Shangqing's light answer.

Blue tiny heart wave for a while, not a stranger? What is that?

Blue slightly went back to simply tidy up some, changed a suit of clothes, carrying suitcase downstairs.

At this moment, it's dark. Under the street lamp, the man is leaning on the front of the car, lighting a cigarette. It looks lazy, but it's lonely. The shadow is drawn by the light.

Lan Wei comes over, Ji Shangqing turns around, picks up her suitcase and puts it in the trunk.

Once again in the car, Ji suddenly whispered, "thank you for not telling that man about us." Blue

a little stiff, and then bite the lower lip: "I won't say it later, we don't owe each other!" "

I still owe you two conditions!" "

first, I need to save my life!" Blue smiled bitterly at herself. "

OK!" Ji Shangqing's heart suddenly calmed down, as if this matter would never make him worry about the future.

Ji Xiaohan is sitting in the office late. He hasn't finished work because he has to deal with an emergency. Lu

Qing accompanies him. At the moment, the matter is finished. They sit on the leisure sofa and drink tea. "

it's new that blue Weiwei is protecting Ji Shangqing." Ji Xiaohan is a little surprised, because Ji Shangqing, who he knows, is just like his famous son, like a monk. He always felt that his grandfather took these two words for him, which were tailored for his temperament. Otherwise, how could there be a person who has no desire or desire for women like him? When

however, his infatuation with Tang youyou annoyed Ji Xiaohan for a long time. It seems that as an adult, he didn't want to be a monk and began to move his heart. "

in the afternoon, I was followed by Lan Wei again. I found that the life of Lan Wei was very miserable. Her father was a gambler and sent her to a man as a playmate in the afternoon. However, Ji Shangqing came later and saved her. Maybe, Lan Wei was already in love with Ji Shangqing, so he was unwilling to cooperate with us to revenge him." After Lu Qing didn't finish the task assigned to him by Ji Xiaohan, he was also a little frustrated, so he found someone to follow LAN Weiwei directly. Unexpectedly, he saw a good play.

"Women are always very grateful for their help. Maybe Ji Shangqing is very conscious and knows how to win a woman's heart." Of course, Ji Xiaohan will not look down on Ji Shangqing. You know, he is Ji Lin's son. Ji Lin has a lot of heart and eyes, and his son has absolutely inherited many genes. "

maybe it is. Ji Shangqing found Lanwei as soon as it happened, and played a trick to make Lanwei fall in love with him. Now, if they are boyfriend and girlfriend, we want to find out about this matter, but it has no result. The law doesn't stipulate who can't normally communicate with whom." Lu Qing frowned and felt that the line was about to break.

"Forget it, after all, I'm his cousin, and I won't kill him. It's his father. If he can walk with this blue micro, my grandparents can be at ease." Said season owl coldly. "

it's very kind of you, young master, but it's just your charm!" Lu Qing smiles and compliments.

"Well, you are good at flattering. I'll give you a raise tomorrow!" Ji Xiaohan stood up and looked at the time. His eyebrows and eyes Rose softly: "I have to go back. Two little guys may be going to sleep!"

"Well, we'll escort you back!" Lu Qing got up and walked towards the office door.

When Ji Xiaohan returned to Ji's house, he saw his mother LAN Yue standing on the corridor helplessly.

"Mom, what's the matter?" Season owl looks cold and anxious. "

Xiao Nai is going to sleep with you tonight, waiting for you in your bed!" LAN yuechong smiles.

"She wants to be long! Mom, you go to sleep, leave it to me! " Season owl cold also follows to smile.