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Bai Zhenzhen is pushed lightly by Bai Yiyan. She holds her bag and looks at Bai Yiyan worried.

Bai Yiyan tells her with her eyes, leave her alone, and leave first.

Bai Zhenzhen had to flee in a hurry, but when she just got to the door of the elevator, she heard a sound of slamming the door, her heart jumped, a very bad premonition, once again entangled in her heart.

Over, this time will not really affect their feelings?

When the door was closed, Bai Yiyan's heart sank. She held her hands nervously and did not dare to look up at Ji Yueze, who was furious.

But even if she doesn't care, she can feel that the air around her is cold enough to condense into ice, making it hard to breathe.

"I'm sorry!" Bai Yiyan bites her lower lip and apologizes in a trembling voice. Season

Yueze suddenly reaches for her hand and pinches her chin. He doesn't like her to talk to him with her head down. He really doesn't take him seriously. He just wants to force her to stare at her eyes and say, even if it's an apology, it must be said in good faith.

Bai Yiyan's snow-white chin was pinched by him, and she was in pain. She dared not resist any more, so she had to touch his eyes straightly.

However, as soon as she touched her heart, she felt that this time, the immortal could not save their fragile relationship.

"I'm sorry, I didn't tell you my aunt's whereabouts in time. I can't explain anything else." Bai Yiyan finds out that the last thing Ji Yueze likes to hear is the explanation of apology, which she often wants to say most. Is it a friend or not?

Ji Yueze stared at her eyes full of tears. The fog like bottom of her eyes was painful and sad, but it gave a sad look. "

did the dog eat what you promised me?" Asked Ji Yueze angrily.

Bai Yiyan promised to tell her aunt's whereabouts as soon as possible. Unfortunately, she still couldn't do it.

Only this lesson let her remember one thing, later don't easily promise others can't do things, oneself pain, others will also be very disappointed.

"You can see that my aunt is not living in peace, and she lives in fear every day. How can you make me bear to mend another knife under her condition?" Bai Yiyan also has her pain, so she can only answer him truthfully. Season

more Ze Leng hum: "but when she designed to frame my father, it was not like this. She even dared to kill people, would she be afraid to live such a frightening life?"

"She didn't kill it. She explained. She just let your father drink!" Bai Yiyan retorted in a low voice.

"On her one side? Do you want me to believe that she is innocent and innocent? " Ji Yueze is now blinded by anger. Where can she listen to her pale explanation? Bai

Yiyan bites her lips, so she has to stop talking. Maybe she is wrong about what she says. Anyway, she has zero trust in his mind. "

Why are you a true niece? How nice of you to have nothing to do with her? " Ji Yueze suddenly roared angrily, like a long-standing reason, out of control.

Bai Yiyan was forced to let go by him. She fell down on the sofa beside him and looked at the man's red eyes. She trembled with fear. Finally, Yu said that he must have cared about her identity.

Although they had been hiding well before, they both pretended to be stupid and didn't break the fragile window paper.

Feel can forget each other's identity, good together, two people are self deception, but behind the beautiful picture, it is still a mottled scar.

Now, Ji Yueze's words are like tearing the carefully protected paper with her own hands, revealing her original face. She and him, like standing on the opposite side, want to hold hands and make up, it's really too difficult.

"I'm sorry!" Bai Yiyan lowered her head, covered her face with her hands, and shook her head vigorously: "I'm sorry, I really don't know what to do?" Ji looked at her like a frightened child, and only knew to mumble this sentence.

But who wants to hear her sorry?

"Maybe I really love the wrong person. Since you have never told me the truth, then we will not torture each other. It is the wisest choice to let go." Ji Yueze is heartless again. He puts the things in his hands on the table next to him heavily and turns around to leave.

Bai Yiyan hears the sound of closing the door again. It's heavy, as if it's on her heart. She shivered all over.

Last life, they must be real enemies.

Bai Yiyan laughs at herself, so she is tortured in this life.

Ji Yueze went downstairs and sat in the car. His brain was blank.

He didn't know why he could be so ruthless, but he was very angry. He put Bai Yiyan in the most important position, but he had to bear her lies again and again. Season

Yueze sat in the car for a long time, so he remembered to call big brother. Yes, he unplugged Ji Xiaohan's mobile phone. "

Hello!" The voice of season owl cold came.

"It's true that I found Bai!" Ji Yueze said.

"Where did you find it?" Season owl cold tone tensed up.

"At Bai Yiyan's house, Bai Zhenzhen said that he didn't want to escape and wanted to accompany us!" Ji Yueze sneers. Ji Xiaohan frowned and said in a cold voice, "if she wants to do this, she should find a place to live and an opportunity to explain more details!"

"She will come to my company tonight, but not necessarily. I just let her go again!" Ji Yueze thought that he had let such an important witness go, and he wanted to give himself a big blow. "

why is it released?" Season owl cold voice suddenly stern.

"I I think she will come to the company to find me tonight! " Ji Yueze believed the woman's words inexplicably. Now I want to come. He is really naive. Season

Xiao Han: "..."

Ji Yueze with a cut to support a face, feel that this time he seems to have done something wrong. "

did you have another fight with Bai Yiyan?" Only when it comes to feelings can people forget the importance of things.

Ji Yueze had to say vaguely, "well, another fight!" Season

Xiao Han: "..." It seems that I haven't changed my grumpy character, but I'm young and willful.

He didn't dare to quarrel with his feelings with Tang youyou one time. It was enough for him to quarrel one time. His younger brother even quarreled so many times and couldn't divide his hands. It was also magical.

"It's nothing to do with her, are you sure?" Season owl cold kind words exhort a word. Season

more Ze hate teeth: "she forced me to do this, this time it's determined!"