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C1792 want to drink with him

The news of Ling Mo Feng's son's birth is only conveyed among his relatives for the time being, because although the situation is stable now, the arrival of the child is also a great joy, Ling Mo Feng dare not disclose it. He only wants to take care of the mother and son in a low-key way, and his information about the child will be kept secret for the time being.

At the beginning, he and his sister grew up in this way. Their information was gradually disclosed to the public until they were sensible.

He mentioned his idea to lanyanxi. Lanyanxi was not against it. If it was for the sake of the safety of the child, his arrangement would be the best.

Lanyanxi was discharged from the hospital, but he did not return to the presidential palace. He just stayed in Ling's house temporarily, and Ling's mother took care of her children conveniently.

Ling Mo Feng told several friends the good news, and everyone sent a congratulatory gift. Ji Xiaohan was very close to him, so he came to congratulate him in the evening.

After the big dinner, they took a bottle of wine and stood outside the yard.

At this moment, the sky is dark and cool, but the mood of the two men is like a fire.

Ji Xiaohan looks up and drinks wine. The liquor enters his throat, making his brow tighten.

"Now the situation is stable, and we have upgraded to be a father. The time is in a hurry. At the beginning, we were young and arrogant, but now we have to shrink our edge and do what we think we should do." Season owl cold reached out to clap the shoulder of the good friend, bemoaning the passage of time.

"Yes, we all have children. It's like a dream, but it's true." Ling Mo Feng said, looking back at the bright lights on the second floor, imagining that at the moment her woman is feeding her children. The years are quiet and satisfying.

"The birth of a child is just the beginning of your other life. Next, you will participate in every step of his growth. You don't know that when the child is three years old, they will make you headache." Ji Xiaohan has a deep understanding. Although his two children are quite sensible, it takes time and energy to accompany them, and patience, which is a great test of their qualification as parents.

"I think you have a good time. I don't see your headache." Ling Mo Feng made fun of him.

Season owl cold white he one eye: "what I say to you now, you will not believe, you try to see, then we can talk about this topic."

"It will take three years to talk about it. At that time, the children were more sensible and could play together." Ling couldn't help but imagine what might happen in the future. The children were running on the grass. Their parents were watching. It must be very relaxing.

"Yes, I can definitely play together. The two small ones in my family are only months older than yours. They are my peers." The season owl cold nodded, felt this kind of opportunity, certainly has many.

Two men are talking about life events. Suddenly, a hurried figure passes by them.

"Warm, what can I do? It's so late." Ling Mo Feng saw that it was her sister. She was carrying a backpack. It seemed that she had something urgent.

"Brother, I want to find him. You let your driver take me a ride. Please." Ling warm immediately pulled eyebrows, soft voice soft gas said.

"What time is it now? It's almost ten o'clock. What are you looking for him for? It's dangerous to meet men in the evening, you know? Don't go. " Although Ling Mo Feng is married, he has also set up his own small family, but he is very strict with his sister and will never let her touch dangerous things.

"I'm going. You can't lend me your car." Ling Nuan is also stubborn. She just called Mu Weicheng's cell phone. His cell phone has been off all the time. She is worried about him. Because Mu Weicheng talked to her about Mu's family attitude some time ago. It seems that she was very disappointed with him. I'm afraid that he would be hit.

"Before 12 o'clock, you must go home. I'll have the driver wait downstairs for you." Ling Mo Feng finally compromised.

"Well, I'll be back." Ling wennuan promised, and ran out of the door.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Ling Mo Feng's wringing brow, chuckles and comforts him: "your sister has grown up, are you too broad?"

"She's under twenty, no matter what." Ling Mo Feng sighs.

"Your sister has a boyfriend? It's up to you to take care of her. " Ji Xiaohan suddenly thinks that he has two daughters. Will they not obey him when they grow up?

Think of here, season big young master began to be melancholy again, think of daughter to decide against, he panicked.

Ling wennuan hurried to Mu Weicheng's house, and beat the door hard outside his house.

The voice is very loud. Fortunately, he is a ladder by door structure, and there is no noise.

"What's the matter? The phone doesn't answer and the door doesn't open. " Ling wennuan's face was worried. She wanted to ask Mu Yun, but she didn't have her mobile phone number. Ling wennuan almost called brother again to ask him for help. The door suddenly opened.

Muwei Cheng Jun stood in the door, his face red, and his whole body exuded strong wine.

"Warm?" He some do not dare to believe, quiet Mou Mi Mi: "how can be you?"

"Not me, who are you expecting?" Ling wennuan saw that he was like this, and immediately got angry. Then, he quickly squeezed into the door and went to the living room. He found that there were several empty wine bottles in the living room.

"You Oh! " Ling wennuan is about to turn around and ask why he wants to drink so much wine. Suddenly, the man strides forward, holding her pretty face gently with a little savageness in his hands, with thin lips attached.

Ling wennuan was shocked by his actions, but he could not speak. He was forced to bear his strong kiss, and his whole body was burning like a fire.

Ling wennuan finally pushed him away and asked him with concern, "Mu Weicheng, what's wrong with you? Why drink? "

"I'm in a bad mood. Today is my father's death day." Mu Weicheng looks sad. He thinks of those people who say that he doesn't understand filial piety and loses the blood of Mu's family. He also says that because he doesn't have his father's education, he can't recognize his six relatives. His mood is really bad. He can say that he can. Why should he say that his parents?

Ling warm and beautiful eyes slightly shocked, then, she immediately reached out to touch his face: "it's boring to drink alone, I'll accompany you to drink."

Mu Weicheng was drunk. Hearing this, he was scared to wake up.

"Don't drink. You don't drink well. I won't either. I just have a headache now. I just had a sleep. It's better." Where dare Mu Weicheng let her drink? The lesson of the last time is vividly remembered.

"No wonder you didn't answer my phone. I thought you had an accident and scared the baby to death." Ling wennuan rushed to him immediately and hugged him tightly: "I'm really scared."

"Don't be afraid. I'll be fine." Mu Weicheng also reached out and held her tightly. At this moment, her loneliness seemed to be comforting.