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"Oh, so that's the case. You haven't told me your name yet …"

"Xiao Nai... Tang Xiao Nai! "

Mu Shi Ye was surprised, then he suppressed his laughter, and continued to ask with a serious face: "Why is it not good?"

"I like it, my father promised me, he will only love my Mummy." Tang Xiao Nai lowered her head and replied in an extremely serious manner. She completely didn't know that she had tricked him by saying all this.

Mu Shi Ye was already unable to hold back his urge to burst into laughter. He really wanted to kiss this little fellow.

When Ji Xiao Han pushed the door and entered, he saw that half of Mu Shi Ye's body was sprawled on the table, as if he was chatting with the little fellow opposite him.

At this moment, his face full of smiles, instantly gave Ji Xiao Han a very bad feeling.

"What are you doing? I'm warning you, don't bully my daughter because she's young. Ji Xiao Han instantly turned into a female protective demon, vigilantly staring at the Mu Shi Ye who had lost control and was laughing out loud.

Mu Shi Ye trembled from the man's warning, and quickly returned to his seat in all seriousness.

Xiao Han, your daughter is too cute, she was even chatting with me just now, my Niece is so silly, I asked her everything but she ignored me, I didn't expect your daughter to be so good at chatting, hmm, her genes are so good, her eyes should be like her mother's, she's so beautiful. Mu Shi Ye immediately started to praise the little guy, and at the same time praise her.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face immediately tensed up, and his dangerous tone sounded out: "What did you ask her about?"

"It's nothing. I was just asking her for her name and your family relationship …"

"Mu Shi Ye, when did you become so gossipy?" Ji Xiao Han was instantly displeased. He actually dared to ask his daughter these questions when he was about to leave.

Mu Shi Ye immediately showed concern. "I'm not gossiping, I'm concerned about you."

"You don't have to care about these things." Ji Xiao Han said in an annoyed tone.

Mu Shi Ye continued to snicker, and then, he said in all seriousness: "Xiao Han, your daughter is so beautiful, her Mummy must also be very beautiful, when can you bring her out for us to meet?"

"I won't!" Ji Xiao Han rejected him with a single sentence.

"Why? "Don't be so stingy, just bring it out to eat with us, make friends or something …"

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large black eyes, then said: "My Mummy will not come out to eat with Father."

Mu Shi Ye was startled, and Ji Xiao Han also stiffened slightly.

"Why, Xiao Nai!" Mu Shi Ye immediately asked curiously.

Tang Xiao Nai continued: "Because... Because my Mummy does not like to stay with Father. They will start quarrelling in a few minutes. "

Ji Xiao Han suddenly had the urge to pat his forehead. Daughter, you've told me all sorts of truths, can you still leave me with a sense of mysteriousness?

Mu Shi Ye did not expect the small family to dig up such a big piece of news, and immediately smiled merrily at Ji Xiao Han who had a rigid face: "She, Mummy, really dares to argue with you, how is this possible? Didn't all women become infatuated with you in an instant? Could it be that her Mummy has really … Not calling? "

When this matter was mentioned, Ji Xiao Han was extremely annoyed. Honestly speaking, he had never seen any woman who would turn a blind eye to him like Tang You You.

But in fact, that was it.

The door was pushed open at this moment. Luo He Ning walked in, and the moment he entered, he saw Tang Xiao Nai, who was sitting upright on her seat, and her eyes immediately lit up with disbelief: "Yo, there's a small guest today. Xiao Han, you've brought your daughter here."

Ji Xiao Han pointed at Luo He Ning who had just entered the door and explained, "This is Uncle Ning, greet him."

Tang Xiao Nai immediately called out to Luo He Ning gracefully: "Nice to meet you, Uncle Ning. My name is Xiao Nai!"

A child would always feel shy when meeting a stranger, but after getting along with her for a while, her little nature had returned.

This was the first time Luo He Ning had interacted with such a young child. Unlike Mu Shi Ye, his family had a Niece.

Tang Xiao Nai had combed two Princess Little braids on her head, her jet black hair hanging down to her waist. At such a young age, she could already see her stunning appearance.

Two big, shiny, black eyes were embedded on his small, fair, and small face. His facial features were as delicate as a doll's. Anyone who saw him would fall in love with him within a second.

When Luo He Ning saw it, he couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "Xiao Han, your daughter is so beautiful, just like a little princess in a fairy tale."

Ji Xiao Han was indescribably happy and satisfied. He extended his hand and lovingly caressed his daughter's little head, proudly saying: "Of course, why don't you see whose genes it is?"

"But I don't feel that your daughter is that similar to you. Your son is more like you instead. Luo He Ning immediately laughed.

Ji Xiao Han's mind also quickly flashed across that stubborn and proud little face. He frowned slightly and replied: "It does look alright, but its temper isn't too good."

"Mummy is very nice, as long as Daddy is nice to her." Tang Xiao Nai immediately retorted on the side in a small voice.

Even though the little fellow was young, it knew to speak up for the Mummy.

Luo He Ning and Mu Shi Ye looked at each other, wearing smiles that had a deeper meaning to them.