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C1552 husband and wife

Wang Xinyi is still very grateful to Uncle Yu. She lowers her head and follows him silently, but there is a bitter taste in her heart. In fact, such unfair little things as today, she used to meet before, but compared with these, the most rewarding thing for her is the gossip of those behind her. When a woman reaches middle age, if there is no home, there is no one The protection of a man, in the eyes of outsiders, is very poor, also very sad.

Wang Xinyi looks up at the broad shoulders and backs of the man. Although uncle Yu is nearly middle-aged, he doesn't feel exciting, but Wang Yi suddenly wants to lean over.

"That's it." Uncle Yu, who was walking in front of him, stopped suddenly, and Wang Xinyi hit him absently. The whole person seemed to hold him from behind.

The atmosphere was fixed at once, and the expressions of both of them were a little panic stricken.

"I'm sorry, I Not on purpose. " Wang Xinyi blushed, lowered her head, cut her hair on the side of her ear, and explained anxiously.

Uncle Yu looked a little embarrassed. He gave a dry smile: "it's OK. Let's go. I've booked a place."

Uncle Yu led her up the stairs. Wang Xinyi seemed to bump out of her heart after the careless bump just now. She was secretly happy and worried. She never thought that she had such a quick side of love. She always felt that her heart was dead before. No one would want to make waves in her heart. Sure enough, you can't talk too much, otherwise, you'll hit the face It's going to be sour.

The boss of hot pot shop is uncle Yu's friend. Seeing that he brought a beautiful girl with temperament upstairs, he couldn't help but come forward and tease him. Uncle Yu's face is shy for thousands of years.

As soon as Wang Xinyi sees an outsider, she immediately behaves gracefully. After all, she is not a little girl. She has a strong external communication skill.

Asked for a box, two people sat down, uncle Yu let Wang Xinyi order, Wang Xinyi directly pushed to him, uncle Yu had to order all the good dishes in the shop.

Uncle Yu handed her a cup of tea and drank it himself.

"Do you know why I invite you to dinner?" Wang Xinyi suddenly spoke.

Uncle Yu looked stunned and said, "don't you want to thank me for sending you?"

"Not all, of course. Wang Xinyi bit his lips and hesitated," Uncle Yu, would you like to be my boyfriend? "

"Cough!" Uncle Yu choked on her sudden inquiry and coughed uncontrollably.

When Wang Xinyi saw that her words seemed too bold and direct, she frightened others. She immediately apologized: "I'm sorry, am I too abrupt?"

Uncle Yu stopped coughing and turned red. Then he lowered his head and said, "I don't deserve you."

"What's not worthy? You're a man and I'm a woman. That's enough. What's not?" Wang Xinyi was amused by his words and replied immediately.

"I am not worthy of you." Uncle Yu saw that she had misunderstandings, so he had to be more specific.

"What's a perfect match? What's right? What's right? What's right? What's right? What's important? My ex husband is a businessman. He has money, but he only loves me for a few months and then he doesn't love me. At that time, I was very painful. How could the person I chose become like this? Later I realized that it wasn't my wrong vision, it was just the character of the other party that was not willing to be nice to me. " When it comes to old age, Wang Xinyi looks sad.

Uncle Yu was shocked. For a moment, he didn't know how to comfort her.

It is unfortunate for a woman to encounter such a failed marriage.

Wang Xinyi looked up at him with tears in his eyes: "from then on, I kept away from men, I lost the ability of love, I was like a different kind, others said that I was sick in my heart, but I knew that I was not sick, I was just afraid of being hurt."

"How can you feel that I am a good man? Such is the nature of men, and I have a bad nature. You have been hurt. You should not believe a person so easily. " Uncle Yu couldn't help laughing and persuading her.

Wang Xinyi nodded: "you're right. You can't trust a person, but you don't know how terrible it is to be alone. Every day, when I leave work, I don't even have a person to talk to. I have a cat. I look after her like a daughter every day. It's the only one I can talk to now."

"And your family? You should have parents. " Uncle Yu watched the tears around her eyes all the time, but he didn't fall down. His heart couldn't say what it was like, but he was a little upset.

"My parents are in good health, but I dare not go home. They have always advised me to get married again. They have also found many blind dates for me. They have pity on my parents all over the world. Of course, I know their kindness, but I have been reluctant to get married." Wang Xinyi's dejected self mockery.

"I can understand your feelings because I am like you." Uncle Yu couldn't help laughing.

Wang Xinyi looks up at him fiercely: "really?"

"Well, I have a dog. I train him to carry things for me every day. I also regard him as a child." Uncle Yu laughed at himself.

Wang Xinyi's tears suddenly fell from the corner of her eyes. She quickly reached out to wipe them. It turns out that there are so many similar people in the world.

"If you feel lonely, I can be your friend." Uncle Yu said sincerely.

"I don't need friends. I need family. I need people who can talk when I get home. Can you help me? Even if we are rent friends, where do you move me to live? Or, I move your house to live. Anyway, I don't care about reputation. I want someone who can talk. " Wang Xinyi is like a fish thrown ashore at the moment, which is in great need of water redemption.

Uncle Yu was stunned by her bold proposal. After a while, he was relieved: "do you really want to rent a house with me? I'm a man. It may be inconvenient for us to rent together. "

"It's not inconvenient. You can treat me as your brother. Anyway, the married relationship is also very pure. You can treat me as a brother. If we live together, you won't have any pressure in your heart." Wang Xinyi's potential has been explored. She takes off her coat, pulls up her sleeves, stirs the soup in the pot, pours the vegetables and meat into it, and says simply.

Uncle Yu's expression is rich. He looks at each other without a little bit of Jin's shyness. He suddenly wants to laugh. What's the matter? He's a big man here shy. It's a shame.

Wang Xinyi is wearing a very professional suit. After the black suit is taken off, there is a white shirt in it, with two buttons open. A gold necklace with thread outlines her thin neck top. Although she is not very beautiful, she is elegant and elegant. She exudes the taste of a woman of this age, intellectual temperament, and matches her current identity. For middle-aged people For men, it's still very tempting.

Uncle Yu looked at the smoke coming out of the pot. Suddenly he felt that the air in the box was a little thin and hot.

"The lamb is ready to eat." Wang Xinyi is elegant and polite in front of strangers, but once she is familiar with her, she will not regard herself as an outsider's forthright woman. She has already felt that uncle Yu is a friend, so naturally she will let go.

Uncle Yu couldn't help laughing and saw that she had put a big wave of meat in his bowl. He couldn't tell the warmth in his heart. How long has no one cared about him like this.

Ling Mo Feng went back at night. When he got home, LAN Yanxi was wearing loose clothes, sitting on the sofa, and brushing with her mobile phone.

"Have you eaten?" Ling Mo walked towards her with a smile on his face, and his fingers pinched her face gently.

"Yes." LAN Yanxi looked up at him shyly. "Are you busy today?"

"A little bit. I asked for leave yesterday and piled up some things to deal with." Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is full of tiredness. Seeing her gentle appearance, he can't help leaning his head against her slender shoulder, smelling the fragrance in her hair, sighing with satisfaction: "Yan Xi, I'm so busy with my work, do you have any opinion?"

Lanyanxi immediately replied seriously, "yes, but as long as you pay your salary on time, you can come back on time."

"You're going to take care of me so soon?" Ling Mo Feng knew that she was joking and couldn't help laughing.

"It's up to you. It's not safe who makes you look so good." LAN Yanxi's mouth tooted.

"You look good, too." Ling Mo Feng said with a face of grievance.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help but chuckle and said, "forget it. If you are tired, let's go to bed."

"Well, let's go." As soon as the man heard the word "bed", his tiredness disappeared for the most part. He sat up immediately. Next second, he reached out his hand to copy the girl's legs and held her horizontally in his arms.

"Ah!" LAN Yanxi was picked up by him without warning, and gave a low cry of fear.

Ling Mo Feng also deliberately weighed her weight: "so thin, how dare I make an effort to toss?"

LAN Yanxi was amused by his words, and could not help but retort: "it seems that you are capable of speaking, but I heard that your men also work hard on their lips and skin, and it doesn't necessarily work in practice."

"What? Question me? " Man handsome face a change, thin lips mercilessly kissed on her mouth: "Yan Xi, you will regret."

"I won't." LAN Yanxi's stubborn little mouth: "you should dare to bully me. I will bully your children later."

"You..." Ling found that he always seems to lose to her when he stumbles over a quarrel.

"What? If you bully someone with the same surname as you, you won't give up? " LAN Yanxi laughed.

Ling Mo Feng bit her chin in a punitive way, which made LAN Yanxi want to hide.

"Yan Xi, if I don't bully you, do you think you have a chance to bully our children?" The man's evil spirit reminded her.

LAN Yanxi is speechless and breathes out: "who is tired and who knows? Who has bullied whom?"

"Learning is bad so soon? Well? " Ling Mo Feng really can't help her. This little mouth doesn't forgive others, and it really owes punishment.

"I learned from you. You are bad. I am bad. We have husband and wife." LAN Yan and Xili laughed happily.

Ling Mo Feng felt speechless again.

Up the stairs, into the bedroom, he gently put her on the bed, the next second, a suit of clothes he pressed down.