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He's always worried about her

Stepping into the jewelry store, Tang You You was instantly dazzled by the glittering items inside the glass cabinet.

That resplendent glow was definitely a natural temptation. Women would always fall in love with these sparkling things.

When Buyer saw Ji Xiao Han, he did not have the courage to say anything.

The man's warm fingers had already replaced Tang You You before she took the initiative to comb her long hair.

Tang You You's body froze up, this man...

He actually did such an intimate action without her permission. This was too much.

While wearing the necklace, the man's finger would accidentally touch the soft skin on her neck, it was so hot that it felt like electricity was flowing through Tang You You's body, causing her small face to turn red.

The necklace was wrapped around her neck and looked really good. Tang You You's skin was originally very white, when paired with the shiny diamonds, it was really pretty.

"Buy this one!" Tang You You said in a low voice.


"And the ring!" Ji Xiao Han reminded her in a low voice.

"I don't want to buy the ring. I don't have any intention of getting married!" Tang You You immediately shook his head.

A necklace was expensive enough.

"Help this lady find a ring that suits her!" Ji Xiao Han did not even bother to discuss with her, and spoke to the Buyer in a domineering tone.

Tang You You was speechless, the Buyer had already found a few, and was awkwardly waiting for her to try it on.

Tang You You could only extend his finger and let her try to rotate it for him.

In the end, Tang You You picked a smaller diamond and decided to buy it.

"Sir, the most expensive jewelry you wanted has been found. Do you still want to try it?" Buyer carefully asked.

Ji Xiao Han walked over and said indifferently: "Help me pack everything up. The storage ring should be taken according to the size that she tested. It's best if it's a couple. "

Tang You You stood at the side, she was stunned, Ji Xiao Han actually wanted to wear a couple's ring with her, what was he doing?

He wasn't really a couple. What he said was just a relationship between a man and a woman.

While Tang You You was at a loss of what to do, Ji Xiao Han had already brought a male model that was a couple with her through a diamond ring.

Ji Xiao Han extended his long fingers and placed them beside her little hand, "Is it nice to watch?"

Tang You You looked at his slender and fair fingers, which carried the aura of a pampered noble. Her little face was inexplicably hot, and couldn't say anything against her heart, so she could only tell him the truth. "It's nice!"

Ji Xiao Han waited until she said it was good to watch, then he immediately swiped his card to pay for it!

When he left the jewelry store, Tang You You's legs were still floating, did he feel that it wasn't real?

"180 million …"


Why was it so expensive? These diamonds?

The pain was unbearable!

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy? " Ji Xiao Han realized that her little face had been tensed up and he had stopped talking. He thought that he had angered her again and deliberately lowered his head to ask her.

"Ji Xiao Han, stop buying for me in the future. I don't want to owe you favors." Tang You You was truly shocked by the number of cards swiped. How much money was that? It should be enough to form a tower, but Ji Xiao Han had spent it on her just like that, she felt that it was too wasteful.

"Why do you use the word owing? "I've said it before, give me money, I'll do it willingly!" Ji Xiao Han was slightly dissatisfied.

Tang You You nodded his head: "I know that you are willing, but I am not willing to accept everything. What relationship do you have with me? In the future, you will fall in love with another woman, and I will fall in love with her … "

"Tang You You!" When the man heard that she was going to fall in love with another man, his tone instantly turned stern.

Tang You You trembled in fear. She raised her head, and before she could even clearly see the man's eyes, she felt her handsome face widen. Immediately afterwards, her lips were fiercely kissed by the man.

"Ugh …"

Tang You You froze. Her beautiful eyes widened as she felt the man's lips become like a torrential storm in her small mouth.

In just a few seconds, the man's lips left her, followed by an aggressive stare. "If you dare to fall in love with another man, I'm not done with you!"

Tang You You had finally breathed in, and was inhaling deeply when she heard the man's warning.

She was stunned. Then, seeing that the man was the first to turn around and leave, she no longer held his hand tenderly.

Was this man angry?

Just because she said that she might fall in love with another man in the future …

This was truly unreasonable. She didn't say that she would definitely like him, but she only said that it was possible …

Could it be that he would even erase that tiny possibility?

Where did he get the confidence from? Was the man she had fallen in love with going to be him?

Tang You You recovered from her previous punitive kiss and saw the man standing at the elevator door, waiting for her.

She could only run towards it with small steps!

Perhaps she didn't even realize that her steps toward that man had sped up.

When Ji Xiao Han saw her jogging over to him, his little face was completely red.

"Let's go!" Finally, the man began to take her hand again.

Tang You You naturally followed beside him and stepped into the elevator. As she was being held by his hands, she was getting used to it.

"It's getting late, I'll take you home first. I still have to go back to the company to take care of some matters. I might be a bit late tonight." Ji Xiao Han softly said while he was in the car.

Tang You You looked at the time. It was almost half past five, yet he had wandered around for such a long time.

There was no point in rushing to the company now, so he could only nod and say, "Don't send me back, I'll take a taxi back."

"I'm worried, let's send you off!" The man said in a low voice.