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C1492 major decisions

If LAN Xianxian is arrogant and vicious, LAN Yanxi will be worried. With her understanding of blue Xianxian from small to large, she believes that she is the person who can do what she says. Moreover, she has uncle's bad habit of doing everything to achieve her goal. Now, LAN Xianxian has shown her determination to Ling mofeng's vow. If she really takes advantage of their engagement, she will stick her foot in front of them It's not her and bluefiber's reputation that's lost, but Ling will become the most innocent victim.

LAN Yanxi was so worried that she got up directly from the bed and shook her hands holding the mobile phone.

"Blue fiber, if you want to be a little ashamed, you should stop this stupid idea. Ling Mo Feng is not a good person to provoke. If you break his business, he will not let you go first!" LAN Yanxi knew that he could not threaten her, so he had to take out Ling Mo Feng's momentum to suppress her.

It's a pity that lanxianxian is totally immersed in her self righteous love. How could she hear lanyanxi's advice? She even felt that lanyanxi was jealous of her and deliberately said these words to fight her confidence.

"Ling Mo Feng is the gentlest man I have ever met. You don't need to press him against me. He sent someone to take me to the hotel to have a rest in order to prevent me from being hurt. Other people don't have this special treatment. Just now I saw it. I don't know how many eyes have been jealous. LAN Yanxi, do you still refuse to give him to me? He knew that he would have a better impression of me when I came here to see the victims for him, regardless of the difficulties. " LAN Xianxian satirizes her with pride and intentionally says these ambiguous words to stimulate LAN Yanxi. If she is hot headed and is really inspired by herself, Lingmo Feng will be very angry.

LAN Yanxi thinks that she is crazy about blue fiber. She even thinks Ling Mo Feng is her boyfriend.

This kind of signal is very dangerous. Ling Mo Feng has the principle and the bottom line, but the blue fiber is shameless and shameless. In case that this woman is really sick in her brain, she will do something that will damage her face and let others see her. She is afraid that she will become Ling Mo Feng's black material immediately. Now, facing the critical moment of the election, if there is a little bit of scandal between Ling Mo Feng and her future sister-in-law, I'm afraid that he will affect his holy and noble image in the eyes of the people.

"Blue fiber, you can tell me where you are. I'll come to you now. Hum, don't think I'm afraid of you!" LAN Yanxi's thoughts are as close as a net, and all the consequences are explained thoroughly. However, she must let LAN Xianxian's mind be simple, which makes her say the threat of no business.

"The location is sent to you. I'll wait for you. If I don't come before dawn tomorrow, I'll do what I say!" Blue fibril heard that she would come, immediately aroused a smile.

LAN Yanxi was as stupid as she thought, and she really wanted to run over and be hated.

LAN Xianxian is not timid, but he is not small. He bullied LAN Yanxi from small to large. He felt that as long as he didn't harm her life, he should be bullied.

LAN Yanxi was educated by LAN Laozi from small to large. He kept a low profile and was careful in his work. However, these advantages became timid and simple in his mind.

After LAN Yanxi hung up the phone, she received the location from blue fiber. She roughly checked it. In an urban area more than 200 kilometers away from the disaster area, she quickly went online to check the air tickets. She found that because of the disaster relief, the plane added several time points. At this moment, if she went to the airport, she would be able to take the flight immediately.

Lanyanxi thought of the last threat of lanxianxian. It's disgusting to ask her to catch up before dawn.

The sky outside the window was dark and dark. She couldn't see her fingers. LAN Yanxi was still a little timid. After all, she didn't have a companion. She thought about it. She suddenly thought of the best person.

Cheng Yuan!

Lanyanxi immediately called her. The matter was urgent and the time was urgent. She could not care much, so she had to disturb her politely.

When she made a phone call, Cheng Yuan didn't answer. LAN Yanxi was a little anxious. She had the cheek to call again. This time, Cheng Yuan answered. However, her side was very noisy, and there were many people crying.

"Hello, Yanxi, call me so late. What can I do for you?" Cheng Yuan also raised her voice to talk to her.

"Cheng Yuan, you will not Did you go to the disaster relief? " As soon as LAN Yanxi heard her background noise, he guessed one or two and asked in surprise.

Cheng Yuan quickly replied, "yes, I've come here too. Yan Xi, don't worry. Everything is fine here. You can have a rest earlier. I have to help the wounded bandage, first of all."

After Cheng Yuan finished speaking, she hung up her phone directly, which showed that the scene was very busy.

Lanyanxi knew that there were a lot of people affected by the disaster. Moreover, the snow was still falling, many mountain roads were sealed, and many people were trapped. They were waiting for emergency treatment. As long as those who went to the front line, they would not want to rest well at this time, but they had to fight against time and time to rescue.

LAN Yanxi is like a fool standing in the bedroom. There is peace outside the window, but her heart is a mess.

Even Cheng Yuan can follow Chu lie to the front line regardless of the crisis. What about her?

Ling Mo Feng asked her to stay at home obediently. Is she really obedient?

Lanyanxi put out her hand to cover her cheek. There are not many times in her life when she needs to make big decisions. At present, it's a big decision. What should she do?

If you can ask Ling Mo Feng's opinion at the moment, he will definitely analyze the whole situation for her, so that she can make a more accurate decision.

But this time, she couldn't ask him for help. She didn't even dare to tell him that she wanted to make the decision.

Thinking about it, lanyanxi still made a phone call to the person he trusted the most.

The old blue man was woken up by the phone. Seeing her granddaughter, he put on a coat and sat on the bed to answer her phone.

LAN Yanxi didn't tell the truth, but only said that she knew that Ling Mo Feng had gone to the front line for disaster relief, what should she do, whether to follow his footsteps, go together, or stay at home, and wait for him to come back honestly.

Blue old man saw her tangle this problem, gentle smile: "my little words hope, grow up, know love."

"Grandpa, don't make fun of me. I'm really in a hurry. Help me make a decision. I'll listen to you!" LAN Yanxi is like a child who has lost his way. He just wants to listen to the words of her elders. Because the road they have gone through is longer than her, their experience is wider than her, and they are really good for her. They will definitely give her the most clear way.

"Ah, you ask me, I also have a headache, Yan Xi, this is your own way, you let Grandpa help you choose, grandpa is in a dilemma!" Blue old man is still gentle doting, even with a smile.

"Then Is that up to me? " LAN Yanxi whispered.

"Yes, the road you choose is right as long as you don't regret it. No one can control you, nor can grandpa!" Blue old man gently comforted her.

"I'll do it myself. I want to go!" Actually, lanyanxi has made a decision for a long time, but it needs to be affirmed by one person.

"If you want to go, young people, it's better to be smart and happy. It's not good to look forward to what you do. When you should be decisive, you'll be decisive. Otherwise, you'll leave a lot of regrets. Ling Mo Feng certainly won't let you pass. But when you pass, he's just angry, but he'll be happy all his life, because you're willing to share weal and woe with him and make him feel that when he needs you most, You're going to show up. It's a hope. It works better than any sweet talk, you know? " Mr. blue is a master of understanding human nature and life. He understands that moving a person's heart is the most effective way to act with heart.

"Well, Grandpa, thank you. I have to pack up!" Blue words hope dark relieved a breath, the sullen in the heart also disappeared, get a piece of Qingming.

"I'll let ah Yu go and go with you!" Blue old man immediately sent a powerful bodyguard to her.

"Uncle Yu? Grandpa, will you send him with me? " LAN Yan is not happy when he comes to Heaton, because Uncle Yu is Grandpa's most effective bodyguard. He goes through countless dangers with Grandpa, but he never fails. Grandpa respects him very much.

"Yes, I sent him to you. Grandpa hopes you can come back safely." Said the old blue man with a chuckle.

"Well, I will come back safely, thank you Grandpa!" LAN Yanxi finished, hung up the phone, and then began to pack a box, and took out his thickest down jacket with him.

She has been to some very cold countries for tourism. She knows how bad the weather is under - 20 degrees. Keeping warm is the first thing. She doesn't want to get sick just after she passed, which will drag many people down.

LAN Yanxi packed everything and drove to the airport. In the lobby of the airport, she saw Uncle Yu waiting there.

"Big lady!" Uncle Yu smiles and salutes.

LAN Yanxi smiled at him and said, "Uncle Yu, I'm so sorry that I dragged you to accompany me on a long journey in the evening. I will ask grandpa to give you a raise in salary and chicken leg for dinner!"

"The eldest lady is still so fond of joking. The treatment given by the old man is good enough. It's always my responsibility to protect you. Let's go. We'll get on the next plane and get there earlier!" Uncle Yu said with a smile.

Two people went to book tickets immediately. Fortunately, many more flights were added. So, after they bought the tickets, they only waited for more than half an hour to board the plane.

LAN Yanxi was still sleepless when the plane rushed up to the sky and passed through the clouds. Her eyes were staring at the night sky outside the window. Through the clouds, she was lucky to see the shining stars in the sky. She could not help lifting her lips. Grandpa said that when she passed, Ling Mo Feng would be angry, but for a while, she would remember for a lifetime. Is that true?