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C1032 I miss you

Bai Yiyan breathed. Then she found that the water she had just boiled was boiling. She turned around and poured the water into the thermos. Ji

Yue Ze saw that she turned around to do her things. Didn't he ignore him before he gave him a word?

"Bai Yiyan, why do you want to leave without saying a word?" Ji Yueze forced her to take the first two steps, trapped her at the edge of the table, deep eyes, and tightly locked her expression.

"Ji Yueze, shall we not quarrel? Since you have found me, then I will not escape. As for why I want to leave, the reason is very simple. We may not be suitable. Love is a good thing, but once it becomes the shackles of pain, what's the meaning of pulling together? " After Bai Yiyan calmed down, what she said seemed to have been summed up many times, without a warm feeling.

Ji Yueze's eyes opened in an instant. It's hard to believe that she should be looked at again.

"Now you're going to tell me, are you dead in love?" Ji Yueze sneers. White

Yiyan lowered her eyes for a long time and sighed: "what about an immortal heart? Do you want me to see you and your grandmother break up? " "

so you leave just for me!" Ji Yueze is in a better mood. He reaches for an apple next to him, opens his mouth and nibbles at it. He lazily sits on her sofa: "Bai Yiyan, I'm poisonous. You fall in love with me. You can't quit in your life. You'll be addicted!"

Bai Yiyan looks at him sitting on her sofa. She has an attitude that he is the host and she is the guest. She doesn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"How did you find me? I've moved a lot of places before I decided to stay here. " Bai Yiyan feels that she has escaped far enough, and her whereabouts are still secret. How could she find it so easily? "

you still don't want to run away. It's no more than three things. If you continue to beat me, I won't be so easy to talk." Ji Yueze continued to nibble at the red apple in his hand, as if it were her face, which made him willing to take a few bites if he wanted to hate. While eating, he did not forget to threaten to warn her. White

Yiyan turns around and takes the cup. After a pause, she takes another cup, pours in a few pieces of tea, and pours in the boiling water. Then she can see the tea stretching out from the boiling water, as if it is endowed with vitality, which is a beautiful picture. "

I'm not going to run away. I live here, far away from right and wrong, and very quiet." Bai Yiyan turns around and faces the man with a quiet smile on her face.

Ji Yueze is in the mood to check the place where she lives, one room, one hall. Moreover, the space is really small, which is not as big as a cloakroom in his family.

"If you really feel that you can stay away from right and wrong here, then I will not catch you back, but how can I rest assured that you live in such a broken place?" Ji Yueze stood up, went to her and put half of the apple he had bitten into her mouth. White

Yiyan is not as evil as he is. She purses her lips and does not move. As soon as the man raises his eyebrows, he is not happy: "dislike me?" Yi Yan had to open her mouth and bite off a piece and eat it in her stomach.

The man's face was so happy that he looked around her small house and said, "Gee, is this the treatment of your school? It's too bad. "

Of course, Bai Yiyan knows that he is full of the temper of the eldest young master. Tiao is also one of his characters. "

I think it's very good to live here. It's very close to the school. There's a supermarket nearby. It's also convenient for shopping. It's very suitable for my lazy life." Bai Yiyan doesn't realize how miserable she is living here. On the contrary, she has gradually adapted. Season

the more Ze you Mou turn, turn to her body: "single bed? Then if I want to sleep with you, am I not going to fall down in the middle of the night? " Yi Yan's face was inexplicably red. How could this man still think of such evil things? He was convinced.

"Who said you were going to stay here? You'd better leave now. This kind of place is not suitable for you! " Bai Yiyan's pretty face was dizzy, and she drove him away in a low voice.

But Ji Yueze forced her step by step, gnashing his teeth, and his eyes were hateful: "Bai Yiyan, do you really want to be so cold and heartless? You don't want to be with me anymore. "

"That's what I plan to do!" Bai Yiyan bit her lips, opened her face to one side, and refused to look into his deep and pressing eyes. "

who gives you the right to break up? This love game is always up to me! " Ji Yueze has been attached to her body, thin lips attached to her ears, biting the root of her teeth word by word. Yi Yan has long been taught this menacing trick. She must have been depressed before, but now, she feels that everything is up to him. "

If I still have the qualification to play with you, of course I will not quit so easily. Ji Yueze, you and I are very clear that this game is going to end. Since I am playing as a player, I will not feel any loss if I quit." Bai Yiyan laughed at herself.

Ji Yueze didn't expect that she wouldn't be angry, but she joked with him in a calm tone.

He suddenly felt very boring. The tall body pressed forward twice. He reached out his hand and held her gently. The thin lips were on her shoulder near her neck. Between breathing and breathing, the hot air was sprayed on her soft skin.

"Bai Yiyan, I will not break up. Do you hear me? Life and death do not break up! " He is like a tired big boy, saying rogue words, but people don't hate him. "

no matter what, we are still in love, but you must promise me not to force me to go back with you!" Bai Yiyan really can't hurt him with cruel words. This time, she raised her hand to hold him. Instead of pushing her away, he held her tighter. Two people need each other's care just like they have been reunited for a long time.

"Have you been looking for me?" Bai Yiyan asked him with a light quiver.

"Yes, I have been looking for you. I also went to your grandmother's house. She is in a good mental state!" Ji Yueze whispers. White

Yiyan's mouth makes a smile, but her eyes turn red inexplicably: "do you remember what I said to take you back to see her? Unexpectedly, you went alone. " "

it's all your fault. You should have taken me earlier!" While Ji Yueze was talking, the big hand had already moved to her back in an irregular way: "Xiaoyan, I miss you!"

Bai Yiyan shivered all over, as if she understood what he said.