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The girl deliberately lengthened the tone, a pair of beautiful eyes filled with smile and looked at the man's rapidly changing handsome face.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was not serious again, so he had to look at him seriously: "go to work! I may not pass these two nights. Take care of myself. "

"No energy!" LAN Yanxi has a small mouth. How could she meet Ling Mo Feng, an interesting soul, with such a ten thousand year old iceberg? Forget it, sooner or later she will let his quiet water like heart boil.

Ling Mo Feng although a rigorous expression, but in her turn to leave, or gently touched her head, to express comfort.

LAN Yanxi reluctantly walked out of the library and found that the library is really cold. The world is too fluid and dry. There are not many people who can calm down and read books. Is Ling Mo Feng a wonderful work? LAN Yanxi thought of using the word to describe him, and he couldn't help laughing.

Night fell, shrouded the financial center of the metropolis, standing high, into the eye is bustling, but behind the bustling, but there are countless conspiracies and secrets.

"You mean to find a man to seduce Miss LAN?" A minister was surprised to see the old president sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

"Yes, first of all, look at the willpower of this blue family lady. First, it can test her relationship with Ling Mo Feng. Second, it can also distract Ling Mo Feng's focus. Maybe he doesn't love this woman. However, since the two families intend to let them marry, he can't watch his future wife show affection to other men. This is a man's pride, Ling Mo Feng is a proud and conceited man, and he is not allowed to have such a thing. " The old president said thoughtfully.

"That's right. No man would like to see his girlfriend and other men fall in love. Ling Mo Feng is sure to find lanyanxi, and everyone who does will be embarrassed!" The minister immediately showed the old fox's proud smile.

"Let's arrange it like this. Since we can't have any more damage on the surface, the Yin moves behind them can be played. Sometimes, the storm that a small plot can set off is also huge!" The old president was a little complacent that he could think of such a good plan.

"Then the man we choose must be handsome and have a good appearance. Secondly, he must be a person in our office, so that he can contact lanyanxi easily. Thirdly, the man must know how to please women, and the best one is a lover!" The minister immediately decided to follow this request to find the right person.

"Take charge of this. Women like good-looking men, and Ling Mo Feng is also good-looking. Unfortunately, he is certainly not liked by women. He is too calm and arrogant!" The old president spoke so of his young opponent.

"Yes, Ling Mo Feng has a good leather bag, but no man's humor. If women only value beauty, it's easy to say, but women ask for a lot of things. Power, fame and fortune are no exception. If men get along with each other every day have a sense of humor, then life will be better." Minister also smilingly published his own insights.

"You have left out a little. What women value may be men's sense of responsibility. The people you choose this time must have a sense of responsibility. Although this is a play, let him play more lifelike. Don't let me down!" The old president stressed a point in particular.

"We have investigated this LAN Yanxi. She was a girl with a lot of ideas when she was a child. She didn't know what kind of man she would like. At present, she has little interaction with Ling Mo Feng. It seems that she doesn't like Ling Mo Feng." The minister frowned, saying it was a problem.

"Usually excellent women will like those men who make her laugh and make her smile. The more deeply they love each other, since lanyanxi is a girl with her own ideas, find a lively and cheerful young man to get along with her!" The old manager has lived a long time, but he still doesn't know much about women's mind. They all say that women's mind and undersea needle must be the truth.

"Don't worry, sir. I seem to have a best candidate. I'll come to him for an interview in a moment, and I'm sure to fulfill your wish!" The minister, with a confident face, led the mission away. The manager looked out of the window at the dark cold night, grasped the thin fingers, and flashed a flash on his face.

Jiang is still old and hot. He doesn't believe that he has survived, but he can't fight a young man.

After leaving the presidential palace, the minister went all the way to his ideal candidate.

In a simply decorated suite, Minister Zhang Lu sits on the sofa, facing a young man who is a little at a loss and nervous.

"Minister Zhang visited late at night. Don't you know what to do with me?" The young man's surname is Qiao Zhuo. He is a young and outstanding diplomat in the office. The minister Zhang sitting in front of him is not his immediate superior, but a senior officer of several levels. For him, it is the ideal for him to strive for.

Adoration is written on the face of a young man, who is naturally flattered.

"Joe Zhuo, I remember that last time you were scolded in public by the vice president because of a diplomatic mistake. After that, your morale has been reduced a lot. It must be very sad." Zhang Lu has a professional smile on his face, and is tolerant and generous to young people.

Jodrow mentioned the sad old story, bowed his head and said nothing, but his expression had already revealed his grievance.

"Do you want to renew your fighting spirit and continue to fight for your dream?" Zhang Lu is very good at MLM. He asks him with a smile.

"Minister Zhang, thank you for your concern. In fact, I know that I have shortcomings and I will work harder in the future." Of course, JOJO won't give up her dream.

"Now, there is an opportunity, I don't know if you are willing to cherish it!" Zhang Lu looks at his facial expression, and looks at his inner reflection through his subtle expression changes.

Qiao Zhuo looks a bright, obviously to this kind of opportunity, value very much.

"What does minister Zhang mean? Is there a task for me? " Jodrow was a wise man, and it was so obvious, of course, that he could not play dumb.

"In fact, I didn't mean to find you this time, but my Excellency the president. I hope that someone can stand up and shoulder the heavy responsibilities in a critical moment. Under his leadership, we can have a more brilliant tomorrow." Zhang Lu is still smiling, but his words are strong and inspiring.

Qiao Zhuo's face was more excited, as if he could really carry on the important mission. "Minister Zhang, if you have anything to say, I'm willing to serve for the president!" JOJO quickly showed his loyalty.

"Well, with your words, we can rest assured. In fact, this task is not a national priority, but I hope you can make a woman fall in love with you." Zhang Lu restrained his expression and said seriously.

Jodrow's face was muffled.

"You should remember that this woman is not someone else, but a woman who will become Ling Mo Feng's wife in the future. Her name is Lan Yanxi. At present, she works in the archives. Your mission is to approach her by any means to please her. If she can fall in love with you, it is the best."

Joe Zhuo was shocked again. Obviously, he didn't expect that he would take on such a task.

"When Ling Mo Feng scolded you, you should have hate for him. He is a man of the same age. Why is he so excellent, and you? Are you willing to fight for your dream and be humiliated by him in public? " Zhang Lu deliberately filled in oil and vinegar to embarrass his words, just to arouse Qiao Zhuo's hatred of Ling Mo Feng.

"Minister Zhang, how can I be reconciled? I lost at the starting line, while Ling Mo Feng was born at the finishing line. His vice president's name was only obtained by family glory. I don't believe that he won't make mistakes?" Sure enough, JOJO's inner hatred was aroused. He clenched his fist and gnawed his teeth with hatred.

"So you promised to seduce his woman?" Mr. Zhang is still satisfied.

"Minister Zhang, the problem is that I'm afraid I'm not good enough to make that woman feel good for me!" Said JOJO, with a look of diffidence.

"No, you're good enough. You're handsome. You're born with a face that women like. Go ahead!" Zhang Lu is very confident in him.