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C681 he needs comfort

Ji Shangqing's anxious face didn't look like it was disguised. Tang youyou frowned, and she wanted to refuse his request. However, she opened the door and saw the notebook she had placed on the bed.

"Well, wait for me for a moment. I'm working. First, save the file." Tang youyou had to answer his request.

"Thank you!" Ji Shangqing thanked her deliberately in a low voice.

Tang youyou makes an unnatural sound, turns around, saves the manuscript in the notebook, closes the computer and hands it to Ji Shangqing.

"Miss Tang, if you don't mind, may I go in and pass on the documents?" Ji Shangqing suddenly opened his mouth again. Seeing Tang youyou frowning, Ji Shangqing immediately explained, "I wanted to go to the balcony to pass it on, but it's too cold now."

"You'd better take the computer back to your room for use. I don't need it urgently now anyway." Of course, Tang youyou refused his request. She absolutely didn't want Ji Xiaohan to misunderstand anything.

"OK! I'll give it back to you in a few minutes! " Ji Shangqing finished, and turned back to his room.

Ji Shangqing is a computer expert. He got Tang youyou's notebook. His first thing is to see if there is any information he wants in her notebook. He searched for a few minutes and found that it was all about Tang youyou's work. There was no personal information about her. However, he saw many photos of Tang youyou. She had a happy time abroad with her children. Looking at the camera, her sunny smile made Ji Shangqing even more excited.

He secretly copied some personal photos of Tang youyou to his mobile phone, then closed his laptop, got up and knocked on Tang youyou's door again.

Tang youyou put on a thick coat and opened the door.

"Well done, thank you, Miss Tang!" Ji Shangqing looks at her plain white face, and smiles with thin lips. He is deeply grateful.

"You're welcome, I'm going to sleep!"

"Good night!" Ji Shangqing said immediately.

"Good night!" Tang youyou found that it was really a depressing thing to face such a polite man.

If Ji Shangqing is a proud and conceited man, Tang youYou can ignore him directly.

But Ji Shangqing is very polite, which makes Tang youyou have a headache.

At about eleven o'clock, Ji Xiaohan's car stopped at the entrance of the hall. The man was outside his suit, wearing a black Nizi long windbreaker, which showed more and more that he was a tall and crazy bully, with a noble temperament and a strong aura, just like a king.

Taking advantage of the dark lights, season owl cold directly upstairs.

Through the corridor, he reached out and unscrewed the bedroom door, and saw the little woman on the bed leaning on the pillow, still looking at her cell phone.

"So late, haven't you slept?" Season owl cold sees her to lift the MOU to look over, thin lip draws up a smile.

"You haven't come back, I can't sleep," Tang youyou shouted

The man stretched out his hand to take off the Nizi's trench coat and threw it on the sofa aside. His long fingers easily untied the Western clothes. While taking off his coat, he joked lazily to her: "why do you have to wait for me to come back?"

Tang youyou was originally a pure mind, because of his dark words, his face was inexplicably Red: "I'm used to sleeping with you around. If you don't come back, I'll worry about you."

Ji Xiaohan has thrown away his coat. He is wearing a white silk shirt with neat cufflinks. Zhang shows his long arms.

He stood on the edge of the bed with long legs. He sat down with his strong body. He put his hands on her side and trapped her in his arms. His thin lips fell gently on her forehead and kissed her: "I'll take a bath and wait for me!"

When Tang youyou heard him say that, his cheeks were even hotter. "You've been busy all day, and you must be very tired. Take a bath quickly, take a bath and rest early." Tang youYou can't think about it any more. She feels that a man who has been working in the company for a day must be very tired. Even if she has that idea, she definitely doesn't want to kill his body.

Ji Xiaohan reached out and pinched her white face. Then he got up and went to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, the man came out, his short hair stained with water, and came out with a loose gray robe.

The man's hair style has been disordered, a little disorderly pasted on his full forehead, the whole person looks more healthy and young, with wild temperament.

Tang youyou looked at him coming over and said in a low voice immediately, "wipe your hair with a towel. If you sleep like this, you will catch cold."

Season owl cold reached out to wipe a sexy short hair, thin lip draws up a smile: "it's OK, I won't be sick."

Tang youyou felt that he was overconfident: "you'd better dry it."

Ji Xiaohan had to go back to the bathroom, take a towel and dry her short hair. Then she came to her side. Her strong arms were bent and propped on her, and her thin lips were close to her lips.

Tang youyou looks at the magnified handsome face and breathes slowly. Then she immediately pushes him and says softly, "you must be tired. Hurry up and have a rest."

"Not tired!" Ji Xiaohan was very tired originally, but seeing her beautiful and pure appearance, he felt that his body had recovered strength and full of energy.

"Don't be tired. I'm very tired!" Tang youyou deliberately finds an excuse, and then shifts the topic: "you didn't say today that you would like to tell me something when you come back in the evening? You can talk now. I'll listen. "

Ji Xiaohan saw that she really had no interest in it, and Jun's face crossed with a sense of loss.

Thinking that her body has just recovered, she naturally dare not force her. As soon as he turns over, he lies next to her, lying on his back, and his voice is low: "you call me today, do you think I forgive my mother?"

Tang youyou was stunned, then nodded: "yes, I don't think you are angry. I thought you would be furious if you knew that I took the children with her." "I received some photos yesterday, on which my father and another woman hugged each other intimately. I finally know why my mother had to leave Ji's house in those years, because my father did something sorry to her, she was too sad, so she chose to leave." Season owl cold voice through

a touch of sadness, slowly ring.

"How could that be?" Hearing this, Tang youyou was shocked. Unexpectedly, the grudges of the previous generation are far more than these. Are there any more secrets hidden?

"At first, I didn't believe it, but that was the truth, so I decided that I would forgive her." Season owl cold side over body, buries the head lightly in Tang youyou's bosom, is like a need comforting child, is waiting for her comforting and hugging. Tang youYou can only hold him tightly, stick his lips on his forehead, and accompany him silently.