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The figure of the girl has escaped to the building, but the soul of the man has not returned. The little face she hit suddenly just now seems to leave a trace of warm and sweet fragrance. It's like the kiss of a dragonfly, which makes the man's heart beat crazy and his body hot. Back to

taste for a long time, men can't help bending their lips. On such a windy and snowy night, they just want to kiss here? If you want to

to your own mind, Ling Mo Feng is a little embarrassed. A big man is always calculating a small woman, and he enjoys it.

Lanyanxi squatted in his bathroom, rolled up his sleeves, and was testing the water temperature. The man's bathroom was very simple, except for the necessary bath supplies, there was no extra decoration. The bathtub was new, pure white, and the warm water was sprinkled in, making a mist and turning the glass mirrors beside into a blur. Blue

Yan Xi's heart is not even breathing. Just now, he took the initiative again. God, does he think she is more and more casual?

No, next time he must change to take the initiative, she must resist, to retain the virtue of women Jin hold.

Lanyanxi was thinking about all kinds of education for himself. The door of the bathroom made a loud noise. The man took off his coat and came in wearing only a white shirt. It was warm but not cold.

Lanyanxi only has a thin knitted long sweater, which covers her slender body. Her long hair is tied behind her head at will. She looks pure and pure, just like a lotus. His eyes met unexpectedly. They were all a little shy because of what they had just done.

Originally, the bathroom was quite large, but when the man stepped in, lanyanxi even felt that it was difficult to turn around. They were too small to accommodate them. "

would you like to try the water temperature? I don't know how hot you want to wash! " LAN Yanxi is in a hurry. He quickly returns to reason and asks him a question.

The man came over and touched his finger lightly: "that's all!" "

is it too hot? I'm afraid of the cold. It's so hot every day! " LAN Yanxi said with a smile. "

No, not bad!" The man also felt that the air in the bathroom suddenly thinned, and his dark eyes subconsciously coagulated on her low face. Seeing her blush, he felt a kind of impulse to drag her into his arms.

"Then You wash it first. If you want me to do something, I'll be outside! " LAN Yanxi feels that she shouldn't be standing here, so she wants to leave very wisely.

"Yan Xi, can you help me? I can't do much with this hand! " Ling Mo Feng was about to leave when he saw her. He was in a hurry and asked in an instant. But in fact, he has the first-class ability to endure pain. In work, his hand is self-sufficient. Only in front of this woman, he became a sick man again. "

ah? How can I help you? " LAN Yanxi is really good at deceiving. In her opinion, after being cut by a sharp thorn, it hurt a lot when there was a little blood. Ling Mo Feng's wound was so deep and there was so much blood. It was necessary to move. "

can you help me take off my clothes?" Ling Mo Feng dare not ask for more.

"No problem, of course!" LAN yanxili came over and reached out to help him unbutton his shirt. At this moment, she thought of his hand injury so serious that she dared to have other ideas. So, even if it's the button, she is serious. Only

Yes, what are the two burning eyes above the head?

Obviously, she didn't feel flustered when she was unscrewing his clothes. However, when she was burned by his eyes, her heart suddenly became stuffy and short of breath, and her mouth became dry. "

that Have you had dinner, Ling Mo Feng? " LAN Yanxi is under such hot pressure, so she has to find a topic to talk about. "

If I say no, will you do it for me immediately?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips go up and ask her. "

well, you know my craft. I'm afraid you dare not eat it!" LAN Yanxi also laughed. "

as long as you give me something to eat, even if it's poison, I will take it!" The man's voice suddenly became hoarse, and what he said provoked LAN Yanxi's fragile nerves.

She couldn't help but give him a white look: "who do you think I am? How can I feed you poison? If you know it's poison, you're stupid. Your brain is in water. "

Ling Mo Feng saw that the woman was serious about what he said, and he almost didn't laugh. "

Yan Xi, do you understand what I just said?" Ling Mo Feng feels that her understanding ability is definitely not good. LAN

of course, Yan Xi understands. Does a man who even dare to take poison want to say that he is willing to die for her? However, she didn't want him to make such a sacrifice. She wanted him to live a good life, better than anyone else, and live a long life. "

I don't know and don't want to know so much!" LAN Yanxi's little mouth was blaring, and he said in a low voice, with the element of gambling.

Ling Mo Feng's heart was startled, and Jun's face flashed over the eager color. Suddenly, the big palm reached out and grasped her small hand, which was still in the process of removing the clothes button. He apologized in a low voice: "I'm sorry, did I make you angry by saying the wrong thing?"

LAN Yanxi's face brightened, she raised her eyes and looked at him. Seeing the tension and uneasiness on his face, she chuckled: "Why are you so serious? I'm not angry." "

but your tone just now is clearly angry!" Ling is really worried that he won't speak, which offends her. "

No, I'm just a little sad, Ling Mo Feng. You don't need to think of me as more important than your life. No one in the world is more important than your own life!" LAN Yanxi's voice is getting smaller and smaller, because she feels that this sentence is not right. If one day comes and she is asked to make a choice, she may think that he is more important than herself.

"For you, I will cherish my life. Since I have decided to live with you forever, I will never give the chance to another man!" Ling Mo Feng held her big hand tightly and tightly, and his tone was firmer than before.

"Well, stop talking. The water is going to be cold. Let go of it!" LAN Yanxi was holding his hand, only to feel that there were feathers tickling in her heart, which made her very nervous.

Ling Mo Feng saw her coquettish and hateful appearance, which relieved her at the bottom of his heart, and at the same time, he loosened his grip on her big hand.

The shirt was carefully taken off, and lanyanxi deliberately balanced the toe of his foot, but looked at the wound on his arm, and saw that there was no more bleeding on the gauze, and she was relieved. Ling

Mo Feng takes all these small movements into his eyes, and he is not too happy in his heart. Next comes the men's trousers. They are all custom-made, of very good quality and very slim. They are lined with his long, straight legs, strong and strong, which makes women's heart beat faster. "

is it a bit difficult?" Ling Mo Feng asked with a smile when he saw her with her hair down. "

No, helping others is the root of happiness!" LAN Yanxi raised his head and smiled. His two little hands immediately reached the position of his belt. However, she didn't know how to untie them. She pressed them randomly for several times, which released them. She instinctively wiped a handful of hot sweat on her forehead.

"I'm sweating. Just take off my clothes for me. Is it so hot?" The man couldn't help teasing her. The bright light on the top of her head reflects the sweat on her forehead. It's really hot.

LAN Yanxi made two dry laughs: "I gave you everything for the first time, and you still make fun of me?"

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are stunned. "

it's the first time I've helped a man like this. Understand. After all, I'm not a saint!" LAN Yanxi frankly admitted that he was sweating nervously.

Ling Mo Feng felt ashamed of being crooked. However, he liked to imagine what else she wanted to give him in the first time. As soon as the trousers fell, LAN Yanxi immediately turned around and said in a low voice, "you solved it yourself, I'll go out first!"

"Thank you!" The man dropped two words to her behind her.

"Well!" LAN Yan hoped to be worthy of it. Then he went out, closed the door and covered his hot cheek. She and Ling Mo Feng are so careful to test each other's feelings, and enjoy the sweetness and excitement of love. Such a life is even more impressive than her previous 20 years.