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After trying on the wedding diamond ring, a family of four went to pick out a very beautiful diamond necklace. Finally, they decided to have lunch outside and go back. It's hard to find two little ones who have to go out with mom and dad. They have big new eyes looking around. From

it's Ji xiaonai. When she lived alone with Mommy, she and her brother mixed up in the crowd every day, and they liked to go to the supermarket. As soon as she entered the supermarket, Ji xiaonai could naturally ask mommy to buy some gadgets. Now

there is not so much freedom in her life. The elders of Ji family seldom take her and her brother out to the crowd. Every time they go out with their grandma or great grandmother, they go to very high-end occasions. Ji xiaonai is also taught to be a little princess step by step, while Ji Xiaorui brings his own strong and cold atmosphere. He doesn't like talking when he goes out, because, big Part of the nonsense, let my sister finish alone, he wants to insert a mouth can not plug. In the box, Ji Xiaohan takes out his mobile phone and takes a rare photo of his daughter and son.

Because he rarely takes photos, when his mobile phone makes a sound when taking photos, it fails. Both of them turned around and looked at him strangely. Xiao Hanjun's face is a little embarrassed, but he quickly catches the pictures of two little guys staring at him. They are really lovely and beautiful. "

daddy, are you taking pictures for me?" Ji xiaonai immediately asked with a smile.

"Yes, I don't seem to have many pictures of you in my cell phone. Daddy can take them out when he's bored!"

"Then take some more pictures!" Ji xiaonai said, has tooted up a small mouth, put a very lovely expression. Season

naturally and quickly captured Xiao Han, but he finally settled on Tang youyou sitting beside Ji xiaonai. Don

youyou is writing with her mobile phone. Her eyes are slightly drooping, with her beautiful white face and quiet appearance. She has a sense of lens. "

show me!" The little guy immediately came to enjoy his photos.

Ji Xiaohan hands her mobile phone, and the little guy is not happy at once: "Daddy, you are secretly photographing Mommy. You are not going to take pictures for me at all. Annoying Daddy!" Xiao Han's careful thought was exposed by his daughter. His handsome face was slightly hot, and his eyes were raised to Tang youyou's strange expression. The little guy immediately took her cell phone and showed her: "Mommy, daddy is secretly photographing you?" Don

chuckles and looks at Ji Xiaohan with a little more interest. Xiao Han smiled awkwardly, then walked over and naturally took back his mobile phone: "xiaonai, your mother also took a lot of photos of me."

Tang youyou shakes his hand with his mobile phone, and then gives the man a angry look. The mobile phone in the hand

has been robbed by his daughter. The little guy opened the album with his fingers. "

wow, Mommy, you have a lot of pictures of daddy, and daddy is not dressed." The little guy cried out in surprise as he watched. Listen to the words "no clothes". Ji Xiaohan has just drunk the tea near his mouth, but almost didn't spray it out.

He quickly leaned over and looked at the picture, which was a little reassuring.

The little guy didn't wear clothes. He was sleeping in bed. Don

youyou is already embarrassed. To be honest, she really took lots of photos of Ji Xiaohan, but she is ready to leave them for her appreciation. Season

Xiao Han looks at Tang youyou and smiles. Tang youyou's face turns red. "

How can I even take pictures of me sleeping? Do you like taking pictures for me? " Season owl said in a cool tone.

Tang youyou immediately took away the mobile phone, closed it, and said, "no, I just took a few pictures. I'm hungry before the dishes come."

Ji Xiaohan knew that she was deliberately shifting the topic, and her smile deepened.

Next to Ji xiaonai immediately reached out to touch his stomach: "I'm hungry!"

The topic of secretly filming was forced to end by Tang youyou.

Ji Yueze company is shuffling and reorganizing. Many new employees are recruited. Bai Yiyan is short of two assistants. This time, two experienced female assistants are directly recruited.

One of them is Wang Si. At the moment when she saw Bai Yiyan, there was a successful smile on the corner of her mouth. Bai

Yiyan's attitude towards the two assistants is also good. At present, she has no play or notice to arrange. Therefore, the two assistants are relatively idle now. The woman named Wang Si took the initiative to approach Bai Yiyan. She was very warm and considerate, which made Bai Yiyan have a good impression on her.

The annual entertainment circle event is about to be held. This time, the responsible organization invited three major media companies to hold it together. Ji Yueze and his rival Nebula gathered like friends again. Although

the situation is a new show, there are still many differences in strength. Ji Yueze's personal popularity has been able to lead the new trend of the whole entertainment circle. Therefore, when Ji Yueze airborne to the rehearsal scene, it immediately caused the screams of countless girls.

Ji Yueze came to sign. In front of the stage, he saw Wu Chang. Wu Chang's face was very happy. However, when he saw Ji Yueze, his smile was still stiff.

Ji Yueze coldly looked over him and signed the cooperation contract. Wu often looks at Ji Yueze. He is envious in his heart. I have to admit that Ji Yueze is a born star. The dazzling light he radiates is definitely not a common one. This kind of jealousy makes Wu Chang angry and his eyes red. In fact, everyone has an actor's dream in his heart. Wu Chang is no different. In fact, he has played many roles in many films and TV plays before. However, he didn't steal the mirror at all, and even some people didn't find out that he was the leading actor. This kind of attack has added a layer of resentment to Wu Chang's heart.

"Ji Yueze, why didn't you bring your girlfriend with you?" Wu Chang walked over and chatted up.

"Because I don't want her to see you disgusting person!" Season more Ze light return a sentence. Wu's face darkened rapidly. He sneered, "is that right? She's really your baby. You should take good care of her. If you can't find her one day, you'll cry! "

Ji Yueze's eyes flashed over the cold color. Wu Chang shuddered and shut up immediately.

However, Wu Chang's words made Ji Yueze a little uneasy.

Wu Chang turns around like a smiling face and leaves, but sneers at him. If Ji Yueze loses his favorite woman, he will definitely have no ambition. It will be very easy to swallow his company at that time.