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C1737 was sold out

Luo Jinyu used to be very busy with his work. Now he has to be distracted and think about it. His mood is gone in the early morning.

After pondering for a moment, he said indifferently, "well, their purpose may be to use this opportunity to trigger more speech violence. If I come out to solve this problem, I'm obviously guilty. I don't want to pay attention to them, but you can find them now and ask them to send out the complete video, otherwise, don't blame me for not reminding them."

Assistant feels that this way of dealing with affairs is the most stable. Although Luo Jinyu is not a public figure, his wife is a person in the entertainment circle. He has been very low-key and mysterious before, and he has been formally entangled in the entertainment scandal. This is inevitable. Yang ChuChu is a popular star, and many people want to dig up her scandal. Moreover, her scandal sells money, and naturally attracts a little attention.

Luo Jinyu decided to deal with the cold, and his assistant went to do it.

At the moment, those journalists stay at home in fear of stepping out, for fear that they will be kidnapped as soon as they go out, and then cut off their hands with a knife, which will really kill them.

It's no wonder that they think it's so terrible, killing people and killing people. They often see it in movies and TV dramas. They think that Luo Jinyu, a rich and powerful man, offends him. Maybe it's even worse than what he does in this movie.

Suddenly, the cell phone beside them rings. In the living room, which is as quiet as death, it's just like a desperate call. Several people tremble with fear. A strange call makes them sweat nervously.

"Take it, hurry up. It's life or death. I have to be happy."

"One of them is very brave," he urged.

The owner of the mobile phone pressed the handsfree in panic, and heard a very cold male voice: "who asked you to publish the incomplete recording to the Internet?

Don't you know it will cause a huge loss to Luo?

Can you afford the loss? "

As expected, Luo Jinyu sent people to look for them. Their faces looked worse than each other.

"Then if we delete this video, can Luo Jinyu let us go?"

Asked a timid man in a trembling voice.

"If Roche's shares have fallen a little because of the impact of this incident, you can wait for a huge loss compensation. You have lost your money, and Sansheng III can't afford it."

Said the other side, very cold.

"Let's make it clear now. Please ask Mr. Luo to raise your hand. In fact, we are helpless. We are threatened."

Finally, a man has the courage to tell the truth.

It's better to be frank and lenient than to be threatened by Zhu Yuer.

"Who is threatening you?"

The man asked immediately.

"A woman named Zhu Yuer wanted us to record the scandal between Luo and Yang ChuChu. She wanted to break them up. But we didn't record it last night, only recorded the sound. She asked us to cut a few words and send them to the Internet. Really, we didn't lie. Believe it or not, you can ask Zhu Yuer."

"Well, I'll make it clear. You should immediately clarify this matter on the Internet. Don't let Luo always have negative news. Otherwise, you should be responsible for the consequences and fabrications."

After the cold reminder, he hung up.

The four men were so scared that they began to release clear information on the Internet.

They recorded a video of shame and regret. The video soon hit the recording just now. Everyone immediately scolded several of them. They felt that they were just scum. They didn't have a bit of humanity. They even took this kind of thing as an eye opener.

Zhu Yuer is also waiting for the ferment of this matter with uneasy mood. I want to see if Yang ChuChu will come out to explain this matter for Luo Jinnian. Once she comes out, the air outlet will blow at her. People on the Internet are very aggressive in verbal violence. Moreover, it is easy to be biased by the sunspot, which leads to the adulteration of the real image. Then we will be sure Yang ChuChu is a very artificial woman.

Just as Zhu Yuer waited nervously for the follow-up of this matter, her mobile phone rang.

She took a look and found that it was a strange number. She was so annoyed that she left her mobile phone. It must be a job. Now she has to answer dozens of calls every day. She has to be deaf.

So, in general, this kind of strange calls are handled by her work phone, and she doesn't want to answer them.

The other side seems to hang up, wish the nerves of Yuer are straight, suddenly, the mobile phone rings again.

This time, she saw a familiar name, which was still printed on her mind.

"Luo Jinyu?"

Wish yu'er a pair of eyes open wide, it's hard to believe that Luo Jinyu will call himself, and it's still such a sensitive time period.

A trace of uneasiness twined in her heart. Her hands and feet were cold. She covered her ears with her hands and said in hate: "don't you What did those bastards say? "

If this didn't happen, I would be very happy to hear from Luo Jinyu. But now, she is only afraid, as if guilt is coming to her.

It took a long time for the phone to ring before it broke. I wish Yuer take out the phone immediately and call those reporters.

They answered the phone very quickly, and said angrily, "I wish you rain, let's stop our business. Although you give us a lot of money, we still want to live. Luo Jinyu, the God, we can't afford to offend. I advise you to be frank and lenient. You also want to be his woman. Ah, your dream should wake up. I think he is now I'm afraid I'm going to come to you for accounting. "

"Asshole, if you don't trust me, you'll be hit by thunder."

I wish that when Yuer hears their words, she feels a sense of fear after playing. She is so angry that she scolds at the phone.

"We really want to make money, but let's make some conscience money. After all, we don't need to live to make conscience money."

Wish yu'er to throw away her mobile phone and hold her head in pain. She feels that she is really stupid and pushes a noble away.

Perhaps, human nature is greedy. When the temptation is big enough, people's IQ will become zero. They think they are very smart and start to play a careful machine. But later, they found that the fact that they are measuring all the dark side, in the sun, they can't hide.

The phone rings again.

Zhu Yuer's soul is about to fly. She climbs to the floor to see the cell phone thrown out. As expected, it's Luo Jinyu again. It seems that if he doesn't ask her clearly, it's not over.

Wish rain son closed eyes tightly, she really dare not answer, also afraid.

Of course, she knows that this matter will not be solved in this way. Even if she doesn't answer the phone now and runs far away, Luo Jinyu can still find her and ask her to lower her head and apologize.

I wish yu'er to think over and over again. Since this matter was betrayed by those bastards, she can only accept this fact.

She decided to go to Luo Jinyu's company to see him. In front of him, she cried and asked for his forgiveness.

Zhu yu'er made up his mind and made up his face deliberately. It looks like a plain face, pale, but it gives a delicate feeling. If she cries for a while, this make-up will definitely add points to her.

Yang ChuChu wakes up after a lazy sleep and finds that the sky has changed. It's the sky on the Internet.

Yesterday, those journalists were so hateful. They cut Luo Jinyu's words and published them on the Internet to create a public opinion wave. She was so angry that she was so heartless. How could they do such a sinister thing?

Yang ChuChu immediately calls Luo Jinyu. Knowing that she must be angry, Luo Jinyu explains the whole process.

"Wish you rain?"

Yang ChuChu was surprised to hear that someone was instructing her behind the whole incident. She was surprised to hear Zhu Yuer's name. Isn't he Luo Jinyu's classmate?

Why did she do this to him?

"She did it for one purpose only. She wanted to stir up our relationship. She was interested in me and might want to replace you."

Luo Jinyu guessed that, of course, those journalists also said this, which made Luo Jinyu even more angry. He even played tricks on him. This kind of friend, he will be far away in his life.