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Ji Xiao Han quietly stood by the side of the bed, looking at his long hair that was draped over the pillow, he curled his body and revealed half of his snow white and beautiful face.

The fine lines of her facial features were very supple and pink. When he thought of how she was only in her early twenties, she seemed very young.

Then, she curled herself up even tighter as she hugged her blanket tightly while mumbling, "No …" Don't hurt me, save me... Don't touch me! "

"Ah …" "Help!" After Tang You You was ruthlessly pushed by him, he finally woke up from his stupor and shouted out loud.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that she had opened her eyes, he immediately crawled up. His gaze was deep and unfathomable, and his voice also became much gentler: "It's me!"

Tang You You raised her head. In the dim light, she saw Ji Xiao Han, and it was only then that she relaxed.

"Can you open the curtains?" Tang You You asked as he supported his forehead with his strength, begging.

Ji Xiao Han directly walked over and pulled open both sides of the French windows. Bright light shone through the windows and the entire room became extremely bright.

On the three meter large bed, Tang You You's delicate body shrank to the side with the blanket still in her embrace. Her long hair was in disarray and her face was snow-white with a layer of cold sweat covering her forehead.

This nightmare had completely awakened Tang You You's drunkenness.

"Are you better?" I'll get you a glass of water! " Ji Xiao Han looked at her blank expression and felt his heart ache.

He turned and went out. When he came back, he handed her a cup of warm water.

Tang You You thanked him in a low voice and took the bottle. After drinking a few mouthfuls, she raised her head and looked at the man beside the bed. "Did I have a nightmare just now?"

"Yes sir!" Ji Xiao Han frowned, his handsome face full of concern.

"You're not laughing at me, are you?" Tang You You's pale little face, forced out two blushes of red. She felt that her actions just now, had definitely been utterly humiliated.

"No way!" Ji Xiao Han shook his head: "Can you tell me what you dreamed of?"

Tang You You buried his head in his knees, his voice trembling with fear: "I dreamt that someone did that to me."

Ji Xiao Han's strong body trembled. Could he be the Devil's incarnation from her nightmares?

"It has something to do with me?" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face stiffened, and his voice dropped.

Tang You You sighed bitterly, "It's not you anyway, but you should be the one who caused this nightmare of mine. In the dream, I felt that it was a wild beast."

Ji Xiao Han was blaming himself, "Sorry, it's all my fault!"

"I don't want to blame anyone anymore. I just want to quickly dispel this nightmare and stop swallowing me when my nerves are weak." Tang You You felt that he would have such a nightmare because his heart was not strong and his will was not strong enough.

"Can you stop drinking from now on?" Ji Xiao Han didn't want to see that miserable and fearful look of hers again.

Tang You You nodded her head: "I will try my best not to drink, I did not know that I would get drunk just from drinking a few cups."

"You knew you were drunk and you had nightmares, and you wanted to try again?" Ji Xiao Han frowned.

Tang You You looked at him, and said with a serious face: "I was drunk, and it wasn't all of these nightmares. Of course, this time, I don't know why, did you touch me just now?"

"I just pushed you!" Ji Xiao Han spoke truthfully.

"Don't touch me while I'm asleep, this is the source of my nightmares!" After Tang You You finished speaking, she was about to get off the bed. When she was looking for her heels, she suddenly thought of something, "Can you not tell the children about this?"

"What is it? You know you've lost face? "

"En!" Tang You You admitted it honestly: "Don't tell them, okay?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her pair of pitiful eyes, then looked at her disheveled appearance. He really wanted to scold her again and beat her up again, but in the end, he just wanted to hug her tightly.

"Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret for you. But you have to promise that you won't meet with my little brother in private again. I don't want to create the kind of scandal like last time." Ji Xiao Han felt that he could negotiate with her.

"I'm here to talk to him about work." Tang You You blinked his eyes.

"I know, but you can't go see him alone. All the men." Ji Xiao Han was really worried about her, but of course, he did not deny that he was just jealous.

"It won't happen again!" Tang You You also felt that today's socialization had been a failure.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her obedient and obedient look, and his lips were still pursed tightly. He thought for a while before replying, "If you want to seek help next time, you can come and find me directly. I do not need you to treat me to food.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes went blank, and then immediately became somewhat angry: "I'm not acting cute, I'm really just asking for his help."

"He's my younger brother. In the future, if you beg him for help, you can use me to get him to help you." Ji Xiao Han still felt that this woman did not understand his words.

However, Tang You You was able to hear the contempt Ji Xiao Han had for her work. She gave a self-deprecating laugh, "I will think of a way to resolve my own problems, I can't possibly always be relying on you."

"Why are you trying to be brave? You could have asked for my help... "

"I don't want to beg you!" Tang You You interrupted him immediately.

"But you want to beg my brother!" Ji Xiao Han was also very angry.

"He's very much involved with my work. I beg him to be part of it!" Tang You You answered boldly and confidently.

"I'm your boss!" Ji Xiao Han answered her directly.