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C1360 he hasn'st warmed his bed yet

Cheng Yuan's back is close to the cold ground, and her brain is still buzzing. Suddenly, she hears the voice of a man with a smile ringing in her ear. Her whole body is shaking and her beautiful eyes are staring straight.

"Chu lie, you cheat!" Cheng Yuan's teeth are biting, and her face is red.

"You're better than me in terms of your ability to cheat." Chu lie gave a light snort, thinking of the attack she had made on her from time to time. This woman is very strong, and she has an unyielding spirit.

"No matter, I want to win!" Cheng Yuan is unreasonable. If she loses, she will lose her heart to him. She can't let herself be so unpromising. This man will not like her. She can guess his mind.

"Why? You won't lose face if you lose to me! " Chu lie looked at her strangely, and suddenly saw the tears in her eyes. He was shocked and frowned. He couldn't understand the woman's mind any more. Just now he wanted to eat people, but now he was weak as if he had been wronged by heaven.

"You're hurting me!" Cheng Yuan gritted her lower lip and complained in a low voice.

Only then did Chu lie find that one of his hands still grasped her two wrists, and he was pressed on her to control her. After her reminder, Chu lie's mind was empty. What bad thing had he done just now?

Chu lie's old face flushed with shame. He quickly turned over and stood up. He was embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Are you ok? Is there any injury? Let me see! "

"No, it's OK, it doesn't hurt." Cheng Yuan quickly stands up and is going to pick up the clothes she threw on the ground.

"Wait a minute!" Chu lie's eyes pointed to the red and swollen area on her back, and her arms were pinched red by herself.

However, Cheng Yuan put on her shirt without listening. Then she put on her coat.

Chu lie helplessly hands into the waist, a face discontented call her: "Cheng Yuan, what you just said is serious?"

"Which one?" Cheng Yuan didn't look back at him, but she tightened the voice line and squeezed her fists together.

"You say you like me!" Chu lie's wooden head is finally enlightened.

"So what? It's my business to like you. Don't have any psychological pressure!" Cheng Yuan is still afraid to look back at him. She is inexplicably sad at the thought that he just laughed at her love.

"How can it have nothing to do with me? You like me, I am very happy! " Chu lie also stooped to pick up his coat and said with a smile.

When Cheng Yuan saw his careless expression, she turned around and stared at him shamefully: "adjutant Chu, you know my mind now. I must feel ridiculous!"

"No, it's normal. Some women like me. It's the first time I've heard about it." Chu lie immediately smiles heartless, a pair of expression that does not want to beat.

"Oh, I don't think so. There are a lot of women in the office who like you!" Cheng Yuan can't breathe. Her pretty face is red and she is very ashamed.

"Who said that? But you are the only one who confessed to me for the first time! " Chu lie was stunned.

Cheng Yuan stamped her feet angrily and ran quickly to the stairs. She felt that Chu lie was not the same thing as what she thought.

"Ah, Cheng Yuan, wait for me!" Chu lie hurried to catch up.

Cheng Yuan ran up the stairs in one breath, and met LAN Yanxi who came downstairs with a bowl of chopsticks.

LAN Yanxi looked at Cheng Yuan with wide eyes. Seeing that she was sweating and blushing, and seemed in a bad mood, he immediately asked her, "Cheng Yuan, are you ok?"

At this time, there was a rush of footsteps coming from the stairs. Chu lie hurriedly came up with him. He was still shouting: "Cheng Yuan, are you angry with me?"

Seeing LAN Yanxi, Chu lie was stiff and stood by the stairs, embarrassed.

"We're fine!" Cheng Yuan looks at LAN Yanxi and recovers her gentle expression. After whispering, she goes out of the living room.

LAN Yanxi immediately looked at Chu lie with a surprised face, and Chu lie also gave a dry smile, and quickly followed Cheng Yuan.

LAN Yanxi said with a depressed face: "it's not like it's OK, isn't it Chu lie bullying Cheng Yuan?"

LAN Yan wants to gossip to see the situation when he thinks about it. However, when he thinks that it's someone else's emotion, he can't help him even if he knows it clearly. It's important to go upstairs to accompany the person he likes.

Lanyanxi walked up the stairs with hands on his back and walked into the small living room.

Ling has put down the document in his hand and looked at him with a smile on his face.

His eyes were so warm that lanyanxi did not dare to look straight at him, and he lowered his head even more and walked towards him. "Why do you look at me like this?" LAN Yanxi shouted, but her heart was as sweet as honey. The man's eyes were so direct and warm that she felt like taking off her clothes.

Ling Mo Feng can't help but reach out and hug her into her arms.

LAN Yanxi also sat on his leg and snuggled into his arms. He held his neck tightly and rubbed his cheek against his neck like a cute and naughty little wild cat.

"Yan Xi, are you tired of studying?" Ling Mo Feng asked her softly.

"Tired, but it's worth it. I've learned a lot!" LAN Yanxi is honest.

"You must have never suffered from these sufferings before. It's really a grievance!" Ling Mo Feng is in love with her, and is reluctant to let her suffer from these tiredness.

"No grievance, for you, I enjoy it!" Blue word hope mouth sweet like wipe honey like, say is all pleasant words.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled. He could feel her feelings for him, which made him in a good mood.

"Do you want a bath?" Ling Mo Feng asked her in a low voice.

"Well, wash one!" LAN Yanxi just got up from his arms, stared at the direction of the bedroom with beautiful eyes, and suddenly thought of one thing: "I don't have pajamas!"

"Then don't wear it!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly raised his thin lips with evil spirit, and the light at the bottom of his eyes was even darker. LAN Yanxi was shocked. Then he took a white look: "if you don't wear it, you can't close your eyes!"

Of course, Ling Mo Feng was joking with her. Unexpectedly, she took it seriously.

"Wear my shirt. I happen to have clothes here!" Ling Mo Feng got up and went into the bedroom. Soon, he had a white shirt in his hand.

"Why do you have clothes here?" LAN Yanxi's face was surprised, then he narrowed his eyes again, with an expression that doubted whether he had done something bad.

Ling Mo Feng explains with a helpless smile: "if I say, this is one of my strongholds, do you believe it?"

"What stronghold?" Blue Yan Xi blinked.

"It's the place to rest. I used to study here and live here. This is my house!" Ling Mo Feng continued to explain to her gently and patiently.

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi finally reflected it.

"Take a bath!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled and handed her the shirt.

Lanyanxi took his shirt and walked two steps, then looked back at him: "lend me one of your shorts, I haven't brought anything!"

Ling Mo Feng: "..." Is there anything more unreasonable?

LAN Yanxi burst into a laugh, which really scared the man.

"Don't worry, even if you give it to me, I dare not wear it!" LAN Yanxi shrugs.

"Why don't you dare to wear it?" Ling Mo Feng was stunned by her strange expression again. What thoughts are in her little brain? Why can't he keep up with her rhythm.

"Because I'm afraid Pregnant! " The solemnity of blue words and answers.

Ling Mo Feng's face suddenly turns red, and he is really angry to the point of crying and laughing.

"Yan Xi, do you think too much, just put on my shorts and you will get pregnant?" Ling Mo Feng is really going to be amused by her. This woman's brain circuit is really not serious.

"Not necessarily. What if I'm pregnant?" Lanyanxi is also very serious to discuss this matter with him.

Ling Mo Feng's face was red. He quickly raised his hand to her: "take a bath!"

LAN Yanxi just left her mouth and went to take a bath in confusion.

When Ling Mo Feng saw her enter the bathroom, the smile on the corner of his mouth still didn't go down, because he really felt very funny. If she didn't do anything, she would be pregnant, which is the wonder of the world.

LAN Yanxi took a bath and came out with only one shirt on her body, shaking her legs. It was cold.

She hurried into the quilt, only showing a head, watching the man come towards her.

"I haven't warmed your bed yet. Why did I lie in?" Ling Mo Feng sat beside her bed and asked with a gentle smile.