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C954 sleepless nights

Wang Cheng looks at Bai Yiyan's struggling expression and snorts: "you will never love Ji Yueze again in your life. You will never have another chance. Your mother is his enemy who killed his father!"

"No No, don't say it, don't say it! " Bai Yiyan's brain seemed to explode at the moment. She was in extreme pain and desperation took away the last color from her face.

Wang Cheng knows that Bai Yiyan is not very well tonight, so he has to stop talking and turn around and leave.

"No, it's not, it must not be. Nonsense, I'm not a real daughter, I'm not!" Bai Yiyan murmured and raised her head. Tears had already flowed down her face.

She tried hard to break away from the rope tied to her hands and feet. Her hands and legs were drawn a deep trace by the rope, which almost made her wear and bleed. However, Bai Yiyan felt that the pain was nothing like the pain in her heart.

She just wants to make herself ache. Only in this way can she not desperately look for clues. She can not admit her relationship with Bai Zhen.

"Ah..." Bai Yiyan can't stand the running of her heart. She looks up and cries, as if she is going to cry out all the uneasiness, fear and despair in her heart. I don't know how long I cried, but I feel dizzy in my head, pain in my hands and feet, pulling her reason, and I haven't slept.

Ji Yueze goes back to Ji's home with his eldest brother. As soon as he enters the living room, he goes upstairs directly and shuts himself in the bedroom.

Tang youyou is still awake, waiting for Ji Xiaohan to come back.

Before he worked overtime, he would go home at 11 o'clock at most, but now he came back in the early morning with a cold spring air. Don

youYou can't help but walk to him and care: "you're so late today!"

Ji Xiaohan's eyes were deeply fixed on her, and he put his coat on the sofa beside him. Without a word, he came and held her tightly.

Tang Youmei's eyes were slightly surprised, and his body was instantly soft. He leaned against his arms and chuckled, "what's the matter? Are you tired? Go take a bath and have a rest early! " "

long!" "

MM!" The call of the man's low voice made Tang youyou's heart tremble, and his soft voice answered him. Xiao Han really wants to tell Bai Yiyan about her being bound, and then tells her to be careful when going out, not to trust others easily, not to put herself in danger. However,

Yes, Ji Xiaohan is reluctant to let her be scared and scared together. He doesn't want her to think about anything. Forbearance

and forbearance. At last, he only touched her long hair gently and said in a warm voice: "nothing, go to sleep, I'll take a bath!" Don

youyou feels that Ji Xiaohan seems to have something to say to her, but in the end, he doesn't say anything. Tang youyou blinks, wants to ask, and feels better. If he really wants to say anything, he will say it. He doesn't want to say it, but she asks, which makes him feel embarrassed.

Tang youyou lies on the bed, sleepy, just rely on willpower to support, now, the man she loves has come back, she no longer strong support, trance, fell asleep. In the confusion, I felt a pair of warm big hands coming from under the quilt and gently hugging her to his arms.

The familiar breath made Tang youyou feel safe. She rolled over and went to sleep in his arms. Xiao Han can't sleep, although he is sleepy, he can't help sighing because his brother in the next room must be worried. With the soft wall lamp, looking at the sweet and stable woman sleeping in her arms, Ji Xiaohan's hand can't help but close her.

Thin lips gently imprinted in her forehead, accompanied by her even breath sound, also slowly fell asleep. Season

Yueze sits on the sofa, and his coat is not taken off. Like a sculpture, he sits there as soon as he comes in. He has been sitting for more than an hour, and his posture and expression have not changed. This evening, he was really shocked.

Bai Yiyan has been tied up, which has made him confused and worried. However, he also heard a news that made him even worse.

Is Bai Yiyan Bai Zhenzhen's own daughter?

He should have thought about it and confirmed it. Bai Yiyan has no resemblance to her mother, but her facial features are similar to Bai Zhenzhen.

It's no wonder that my mother looks at her very carefully. Maybe, my mother has seen it for a long time. Strange

I'm too stupid. Up to now, Bai Yiyan and Bai Zhenzhen are only family members. "

Bai Yiyan!" Ji Yueze is biting his teeth. I don't know if he hates her more or loves her more.

But at present, he is most worried about whether she will be hurt and where she is tied up? It's also possible that people in the whole season can't sleep. Ji Shangqing also watched Ji Lin's interview on the program. As soon as Ji Lin went home, he had a fight with him. "

are you right about my dead mother? You're just going too far. " Ji Shangqing is biting his teeth with hatred. Ji Lin feels that he doesn't respect his dead mother at all, which is a shame to her. Ji

Lin lights a cigarette and looks at him as he smokes. He explains: "don't be so excited. Isn't this a temporary solution for me? Otherwise, how can we lead to Bai Zhenzhen? Let you send someone to look for her. I haven't heard from her. I really don't have time to waste with her now. I'm going to make a quick decision. "

"So, my mother is dead. You can hurt her any way you want, right? But I'm still alive. Where do you leave my face? Are you going to tell everyone that you gave birth to my son with a woman you don't love? " Ji Shangqing is in great pain. When Ji Lin was locked in prison, he felt lonely and pitiful and tried to save him. But now, he has been released. Ji Shangqing finds his life has become worse. Ji Lin has to block him every day and annoy him again and again.

"Son, the man who makes great achievements, doesn't stick to the details. You should put your mind at a level. Dad does this for your future. You need to understand my difficulties." Ji Lin is very patient with this son. "

Where is my future? Even if I really take over the career of Jijia in the future, I will still be criticized, saying that I am a child born of a woman you don't love, and you may not love me! " Ji Yanqing got into the bull's horn and couldn't get out. Season smiled: "what are you talking about? I don't love you. Who else do I love? You are my only son! " Season

still clear, still dark and unsightly. At last it was light. After a long night, everyone seemed to be awakened. Bai didn't sleep all night. The next day, she bought a new mobile phone and called Ji Lin.