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When Mu Shi Ye came out of the coffee shop, he saw Pei An Xin and her friends catching a taxi and leaving.

He took a few quick steps forward. With his two legs, he was no match for the four wheels. Frustrated, he turned back to his sports car.

"Do you know where Pei An Xin is staying?" Mu Shi Ye asked anxiously.

"Yes, my aunt didn't know that An Xin had returned."

"What?" Mu Shi Ye said with a crazy expression, "How did you become a cousin? Don't you care about the matter of your cousin returning back home? And … "My daughter …"

Mu Shi Ye, what did you just say? Your daughter? "What's going on?" Luo He Ning acutely grabbed onto the most important part of his words. A pair of handsome eyes narrowed into a line as they stared fixedly at him.

Mu Shi Ye laughed self-deprecatingly, "I bumped into Pei An Xin at an intersection today, and followed her into a café. Did you know? I was sitting on the windowsill and eavesdropping on her conversation with her friends. A bunch of aunties walking by thought that I was going to jump off the building, startling her and told me personally that the child was mine, He Ning, I … "I've also become a father. This is simply too unexpected. However, this is the truth. That child is truly mine … She said it with his own mouth."

Luo He Ning's face was already in a daze from being struck by lightning. He looked at Mu Shi Ye who was unable to conceal the ecstasy on his face, and his voice became stiff: "What happened to you and Xiao Han? Why do you like to get in the car first and then make up the tickets? Now that you two have children again, and you leave me alone, you have the nerve to come here and show off. "

Mu Shi Ye did not expect Luo He Ning to look at him with a sad face. He laughed wildly and then ran over and hugged Luo He Ning: "I already have a daughter, He Ning, god, I can't believe it, you gave me a slap, let me see, whether this is a dream or not …"

"Pah!" As expected, a slap that was not light nor heavy landed on Mu Shi Ye's devilishly handsome face. He was stunned for a moment.

"You really did it!" Mu Shi Ye glared at him with resentment.

"You were the one who told me to hit him. How about it? Are you awake? If you still feel like this is a dream, why don't you let me kiss your face? " Luo He Ning mocked him.

"Don't disgust me!" It was only then that Mu Shi Ye realized that he was actually still holding onto him, and quickly let go of her hand, retreating a few steps. "I'm going to look for Pei An Xin now, help me find her quickly as well."

"Isn't it easy for you to find her? Wouldn't it make sense to find connections and bring out her information? " Luo He Ning felt that he had become a father, why did it feel like his IQ also went offline?

Could it be that the IQ of a man who became a father was often off the line?

Mu Shi Ye's eyes instantly widened, and then he shouted in ecstasy: "That's right, why didn't I think of this? I'm so happy that my head is spinning, I'll get someone to investigate right now."

"Mu Shi Ye, you stop right there!" Luo He Ning sternly reprimanded her, "Since you have done such a reckless thing, I'm warning you, if you dare hurt my cousin again after finding her, I'll be the first to not forgive you."

"Don't worry. Who do you think is the most injured one?" Mu Shi Ye had a bitter expression.

"What I'm saying is, since you already have a child, hurry up and take responsibility. If you dare to raise your pants, you won't recognize anyone …"

"Stop!" Mu Shi Ye saw that Luo He Ning's fist was about to strike his face, he immediately said anxiously: "Don't worry, this time, even if she does not need me to take responsibility, I will be in for it, don't forget, I already have a daughter. You also saw her last time, she's a little kid, when we go back, I'll bring her for you to see."

"Stop being so proud here. Hurry up and go find someone. I'm sure An Xin is hiding from you because she's afraid that you'll be dishonest." Luo He Ning was simply about to be angered to death by his two brothers.

One by one, they all had children. On the other hand, he was alone, and suddenly felt as if he had been abandoned by the whole world.

So sad!

If he could ever get his goddess to give birth to a child, then he would definitely be a hundred times happier than Mu Shi Ye.

But did he have the guts to do so?

He didn't even dare to roll his eyes when he saw the goddess, not to mention the possibility of her getting pregnant.

Mu Shi Ye happily went to investigate about Pei An Xin's situation. He did not say anything, and directly left.

It was only when night fell that the good news finally arrived.

Originally, she lived in an upscale district in the center of the city with her child. Thinking of this, Mu Shi Ye's heart ached.

When he thought about how she had hidden from him for the past two years for the sake of her children, he felt an inexplicable sense of anger.

What was going on with this woman? Why did he choose to bear all this alone when he knew the child was his?

She was still hiding it from him until now. If not for him seeing it by chance, she would probably be hiding it from him for the rest of her life.

Tonight, he decided to go over and make it clear to her that, in any case, the child was his and he would never leave them again.

Ji Family!

In the bedroom on the second floor, the atmosphere was quiet. The man hesitated for two seconds before opening the door.

The woman inside seemed to have just taken a bath. She had long, dry hair and was about to use a hair dryer to blow her hair. The bathroom door was ajar, and there was a faint mist coming from it.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Tang You You also turned around quickly. She then saw the man standing at the door of the bathroom with a deep look in his eyes.

His heart started beating wildly for no reason.

She did not say anything, trying her best to ignore his strong presence. She turned on the hair dryer and blew on her soft hair.

"Let me help you!" The man suddenly took a step forward and stood powerfully behind her. He was a head taller than her, causing her to feel a sense of oppression.