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Luo Jinyu has lost his temper because of this little woman. Of course, he doesn't treat her as a daughter completely. Even, he never thought so. In his eyes, she is like a light, always attracting his eyes, never drifting.

"Clearly, what are you worried about? In our relationship, I am the one to worry about. You are young, don't think so much." Luo Jin put out his hand to hug her with a smile. He hugged her tightly for fear of losing her. Yang immediately became proud of himself, burying his face in his arms without fear, and he was a thief with a smile.

"Luo Jinyu, anyway, I'll depend on you in my life. You can't leave me!" Yang ChuChu's bullying is like a small public act.

"No!" Luo Jinyu is not only afraid, but also afraid.

Yang ChuChu was in the office with Luo Jinyu. Until dark, they left the company for dinner.

Luo Mu has been helping Luo Henning with her children recently, so he doesn't care about her eldest son. He wants to be in love all the time or not. She doesn't care about her. She wants to love Yang ChuChu. She doesn't care about her. Anyway, all her attention is attracted by her newborn grandson. With the little guy, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu are obviously relieved, but murin and Luo Henning start their daily life. Luo

Henning's son is the debt of his previous life. Because he hasn't slept well for two consecutive days and nights, he sat in the living room with the little guy in his arms. Although he was fat and white when he was born, he didn't know whether it was because of the weather, he accidentally got cold, had a disease, took injections and medicine, and slept restlessly all night. Luo Henning A novice father, anxious don't know what to do, can only hold the little guy in the bedroom back and forth to coax sleep, are tired out of dark circles.

Although murin also loves her son, she can coax her son's work to be taken away by men. She can only work nearby, but her heart is warm, which proves that it's worth her effort to give birth to this son. In this life, there are two men, one big and the other small, to dote on her, and her life is enough.

"I heard that your little nephew was ill in the first two days. Have you seen him?" Yang ChuChu sat in the box of the restaurant and asked Luo Jinyu in a low voice. She only learned about it by calling Mulin.

"I went to see it. The little guy had a fever for two days. His burning face was red and his family was in a hurry. It seems that it's really not easy to raise children. I'm worried every day." Luo Jinyu chuckles and sighs. When he and his younger brother worked hard for their career, they could not have a disease all year round. They could not feel the anxiety of patients at home. Now, there are all kinds of tastes pouring in, which makes people a little unprepared.

"Yes, children are sick and adults are distressed. If I have a baby later, I will calm down and take him well." Yang ChuChu whispered. "

it is clear that you are still like a child and need to be taken care of by others. Therefore, we will not talk about giving birth to children, so as not to let you have psychological pressure." Luo Jinyu could understand the pain of life when she was young, and she was more and more distressed. "

well, now I'm free and enjoy your love. Otherwise, if I want to have a little rival in love later, I may not have today's treatment." Yang ChuChu immediately cheered up his spirits and joked.

Luo Jinyu can't laugh or cry because of her teasing. She stretches out her long arm and gently touches her long hair with her fingers. Wen Sheng says, "no matter how many children we have in the future, I will treat you."

"Well, I'm sure you will!" At once, Yang ChuChu, like a comforted kitten, showed a satisfied expression.

After a night of gentleness, in the morning, Yang ChuChu was greedy for the early morning time. He was lazy and refused to get up. In his mind, he still remembered the passionate picture of last night. Although he had been in love with Luo Jinyu for so long, he had such love almost every night, but Yang ChuChu seemed not satisfied. Luo

Jin Yu has been wearing a neat, carbon gray suit with a sky blue shirt. The whole person looks elegant and young.

He buttoned his cufflinks and walked out of the cloakroom with long legs, showing a precious wristwatch and a mature charm of men.

He knelt on one leg and half beside the bed, reached out his hand and touched the girl's pretty face tenderly: "you know, I went to the company, I made breakfast for you, you remember to have it hot." "

well, I see!" The girl turned over lazily, deliberately pressed a pair of white legs on the quilt, and the beautiful eyes winked at the man. Luo

Jin Yu's thin lips are light, and she gently grabs her legs and tucks them back into the warm quilt. "

don't move, be careful of the cold!" Luo Jinyu knew that she wanted to show her to him on purpose. Although his heart itched, he cared more about her health.

The girl put her face in the quilt and giggled like a tickling kitten.

"I'm really leaving. Did you just say you were going to audition, drive yourself or ask your assistant to pick you up?" Luo Jinyu is now like a father taking care of his daughter who is not sensible. He needs to be clear about everything. "

I don't bother her when I drive by myself. Give her some private space." Yang ChuChu is not a female star who likes to play music. On the contrary, she has her own casual staff.

"I'm not sure if you drive by yourself, or I'll let the driver wait downstairs for you and drive you there." The man's eyebrows sank, he said thoughtfully. "

No, it's too troublesome. It's next to the company, not far away." Yang ChuChu with an arm, half a head, a long black hair like a waterfall pouring down, the man looked, eyes can not help but stagnate, until this moment, only to find that all her looks, are his favorite.

"Well, slow down and be safe!" Luo Jinyu can only tell her again and again. "

don't worry, I will. Hurry to work!" Yang ChuChu reached for him and carried him.

Luo Jinyu just turned around and walked out of the house, stood at the door, closed the door, and sighed a little, which led to the elevator.

Yang ChuChu went back to sleep for a return sleep, but she still couldn't sleep very well. She consciously danced for a healthy exercise, which made her feel more comfortable. She rubbed her shoulders and thumped her waist and complained: "don't I have a rich life? It's hard to sleep late, and I'm not comfortable sleeping all over. "

She went to the living room and found that the breakfast on the table was cold. Yang ChuChu had to cook by himself, make a simple breakfast and finish it. She wore a suit of sportswear at will and went out. Yang

she is very popular recently, because her relationship with Luo Jinyu is really strong. In the future, Luo's second youngest grandmother is still the president of Mu's family. We all want to know whether the second youngest grandmother will crowd out her, and whether there will be a big family fight. Boring gossip people will wait and see. However,

the daily life of the big family is not easy to shoot by paparazzi, so we are still blind and can not know the truth at all.

Yang ChuChu drove her sports car to the direction of the company.

In fact, she is also a cautious person, which may be related to her childhood living environment. When she drives, she always feels that there is a black car following her. In order to verify her guess, she purposely turns the car around a corner. When she sees the car in the rear-view mirror again, she looks surprised.

"Damn it, it won't be followed by bad guys, will it?" Yang ChuChu frowned. She was worried. The next second, she wrote down the license plate of the car first. Then, when she stepped on the gas pedal at her feet, she directly regarded driving as a desperate act. After passing a traffic light, the company's gate was in front of her. Yang ChuChu was a little relieved. She drove the car directly into the company's gate, but she didn't immediately She got out of the car and looked sideways. She was even more surprised to see that the black car was parked on the side of the road facing her company's gate.