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Bai Yiyan's words made her look stiff. She looked at her mother incredulously: "why do you ask this?"

White mother sighed, "don't be a blind mother. I can see that he is interested in you." White

Yi Yan heard that she was shivering all over and felt uncomfortable.

"Mom, I always treat him as my brother. Can you stop saying that?" Bai Yiyan has always respected him as a brother. Unexpectedly, her mother would match them. White

seeing her daughter's such disgust, the mother comforted her immediately and said: "well, don't be angry. I'm also for you. Seeing your mood is low recently, I hope someone will take care of you." "

mom, he will be here in a moment. Please don't mention it!" Bai Yiyan said with a serious face.

"Don't worry, I won't mention it. In fact, I don't think he is suitable for you!" In the eyes of Bai's mother, peiluoqing is not worthy of her daughter. Peiluoqing is just a university professor, who is paid a dead salary. Although she has a good family background, she can't want to develop and be rich. She lives a noble life, naturally, she also hopes that Bai Yiyan doesn't need to worry about money, and that she can marry a rich man and live a good life for a rich lady 。 Bai

Yiyan turns to her room. As she passes by the stairs, she hears the cries and fights of two younger brothers. She sighs and shakes her head.

When she pushed open the door of the room, Pei Ying sat on her bed and looked at her with an indescribable expression.

"What are you doing in my room?" Bai Yiyan's room is the smallest and darkest in the family. Before

Pei Ying didn't want to come to this corner because she felt unlucky.

However, she asked Bai Yiyan today, so she came here.

Sure enough, there was a sense of tide in the room that she hadn't lived in for a long time, which made her uncomfortable all over.

"Elder sister, don't be cold faced. There should be no deep hatred between us." Pei Ying tried to pull out a few fake smiles.

Bai Yiyan ignores her, sits on the chair next to her, takes out her mobile phone and plans to refresh her.

Pei Ying stares at the mobile phone, and her eyes shine. Then, she thinks, do you want to secretly turn over her mobile phone and find Ji Yueze's number? But she thinks it over carefully. She doesn't think it's necessary to sneak around like this. She can ask Bai Yiyan for it. Only

would Bai Yiyan dare to refuse to ask her to speak?

"Elder sister, you should have Ji Yueze's cell phone number. Can you give it to me?" Pei Ying's opening is really straightforward.

Bai Yiyan looks up and glances at her coolly: "no!" Before, Bai Yiyan had no such confidence. Now, she feels, why should she give her boyfriend number to other women so happily?

The atmosphere was very awkward for a while. Pei Ying's face was gloomy all of a sudden.

Unexpectedly, Bai Yiyan gave her two words directly. "

Bai Yiyan, you just can't see me, can you? You need to know that you and your mother eat and live in my home, and use my own. Now you are pretending to be arrogant with me. Is that too much? " Pei Ying immediately angrily pointed at her and screamed.

Bai Yiyan wants to cover her ears and not listen to her. But

Yes, it's useless to block the ears.

Bai Yiyan has heard these words for countless times. It seems that Pei Ying will block her every time she quarrels.

"My mother is your father's wife, legal, she uses his money, is also legal, you don't forget, my mother gave him two sons, more legal!" Bai Yiyan raised her head and answered word by word. She didn't have the kind of advice she had when she was a girl.

Bai Yiyan's words did not answer Pei Ying's words.

Later, she became even more annoyed: "what about you? Why do you use my money? "

"Just because I'm my mother's daughter, I use the money my mother gave me!" Bai Yiyan is still upright and strong.

Pei Ying's face was livid again: "your mother's shameless woman will only use these two sons as an excuse to dress up herself as a lady with my father's money every day, but what is her origin, I don't know? I don't know what kind of ditch it is! "

"Pa!" As soon as Pei Ying finished scolding, Bai Yiyan reached out her hand and slapped her in the face. Pei's brain is full of pain and his face is red and white.

"Dare you hit me?" Pei Ying couldn't believe it. Bai Yiyan was too young to move her fingers.

Bai Yiyan stares at her coldly and sternly, warning: "you should scold my mother again, I will tear your mouth today!"

Pei Ying was so warned by her that she really couldn't scold any swearing. She opened her mouth wide and didn't know whether to cry or scold for a while. Bai stared at her coldly and said, "do you want Ji Yueze's phone number? Don't dream. I won't give it to you. Before, you could rob anything I had, but he, you can't rob. Remember? " Pei has never seen Bai Yiyan's cruel expression before, and she is dead again. With

after that, she suddenly covered the side of her face that she hit and ran to the door crying. Bai

Yiyan has some pain in her brain. She didn't expect Pei Ying's greatest ability is not to bully her, but to complain. At this moment, she covers the evidence that she beat her. I'm afraid that she won't have a good lunch this afternoon. However, soon, Bei Hong came up, together with the flustered white mother and the crying grievance and poor Pei Ying.

"Yiyan, have you made a small profit? Why don't you apologize to her?" As soon as Bai's mother went upstairs, without waiting for Pei Hong to speak, she immediately went up to question Bai Yiyan. Although her voice was very light, she could see that she was still a little upset.

Bai Yiyan said lightly, "yes, she is disrespectful to me. I will beat her!" "

Bai Yiyan, what's wrong with my daughter? Can't you scold her for something? Why do you hit people? What did you do to her face? " Pei Hong looks at his own daughter's cheek swollen, which is a heartache. Just now, Bai Yiyan is really fighting hard. Moreover, when she practices Taekwondo again, her strength is naturally heavier than that of ordinary people. Pei's face is numb, so she will be so aggrieved and cry like a victim.

Bai Yiyan said coldly, "I'm stupid, but I can't scold her, so I can only use my strengths!" Bai

as we all know, it's also why Pei Ying can't fight with Bai Yiyan because she can only lose when she fights with Bai Yiyan. White

the mother was worried and scolded: "Xiaoyan, what are you talking about? Hurry to say sorry to Xiaoying. It's wrong to hit someone."