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LAN yanxijue's trip didn't come in vain. Ling Mo Feng's old story has been heard for a long time. Ling wennuan, a little girl, is really interesting and lovely.

At nine o'clock, lanyanxi should also leave. Before leaving, Ling Mo Feng took her hand and walked upstairs quickly.

"Ah Don't do that! " LAN Yanxi didn't expect that he suddenly grabbed his hand, but when he reflected, people had been dragged to the stairs by him. She could only look at Ling's mother and daughter with a dry smile. She felt that her face must be red.

Up the stairs, LAN Yanxi was not even breathing, so he was pressed on the wall of his study.

Lanyanxi's frightened heart will stop, a pair of beautiful eyes will flash in panic, reflecting the same complex expression of men. Next second, the expected thin lips will hit hard. Lanyanxi is scared this time and dare not move, let alone take the initiative.

"You..." Fortunately, the man just kissed her for two seconds, but the breath was heavy. He stared at her pretty face and pinched it unwillingly: "who made you laugh at me at the dinner table?"

"I didn't!" LAN Yanxi wants to be silly, but she feels that she can't fit it. At the dinner table, in addition to Ling's warm laughter, she is the one who laughs the most. She can't deny the fact that it's here.

"How old are you? You're playing with my sister!" Although Ling Mo Feng said this with the his teeth clenched, he didn't mean to be angry with the her, but he spoiled her to death.

LAN Yanxi tooted his mouth: "I'm a man with a low smile. What your sister said is very interesting, so I'm not to blame! "

"Are you justified?" Masculine smile.

"You don't want me to go. If I stay in your house for a while longer, maybe people think you won't let me go." LAN Yanxi immediately laughs.

The man put one hand on the side of her ear, and the other hand sketched her perfect chin with his fingers: "to be honest, I really don't want you to go."

"So you want to stay me for the night? No, we are not engaged. I can't stay in your house. It's against the rules! " Lanyanxi immediately explained it carefully.

Ling Mo Feng was directly amused by her. He closed his arm and carried one hand behind his back. He went around to the back of his desk, opened the cupboard and took something out: "I have something for you!"

Lanyanxi didn't expect Lingmo Feng to be romantic. She would give her something after a period of time.

"What is it?" LAN Yanxi immediately went to see it curiously.

"It's not expensive, it's just that I once visited. A Taoist sent me amulets, saying that they can keep peace and drive villains. I've always kept them by my side. Now, I want to give them to you." Ling Mo Feng put the small box in her palm: "you need its protection more than I do!"

"Me? I don't need it. Since it's for you, keep it. It's very rare. " LAN Yanxi hurriedly pushed the small box back into his hand. He dared not accept it. It was not valuable. However, in her opinion, it was a man's sincerity, more valuable than anything.

"Take it, you take it, and I'll be at ease. Although I shouldn't be superstitious, there are still many unsolvable mysteries in the dark. Believe it once, and it's better to have a peace of mind!" Ling Mo Feng once again put her fingers in her palm and let her hold them firmly.

Blue words shimmered in her beautiful eyes. The water was rippling. She looked down and her tears rolled around her eyes.

"Well, I'll take it!" LAN Yanxi replied softly.

"That's good. I'll send you back. Be careful on the way!" Lingmo Feng Mou bottom even if not give up, but also had to send her away.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi pinched the small box, put it in his pocket, picked up his toes, printed a kiss on the man's thin lips, then turned around and walked out.

Ling Mo Feng followed her with long legs, and they went downstairs.

Ling's mother and Ling wennuan are sitting on the sofa drinking tea. When they see two people coming down, their faces are full of joy.

"Sister in law, are you leaving now? Don't you play more? " Ling wennuan said her feelings directly.

"We'll come again next time, warm, auntie. Then we'll see you later!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile, waved, turned around and left by car.

Ling Mo Feng stood at the entrance of the stairs and watched LAN Yanxi's car leave.

Ling warm like a kitten, want to pass behind him.

However, he was carried by a man to the back of the clothes, pathetic appearance, it is people want to laugh.

"Mom, your son is bullying me again. Do you want to take care of it?" Ling warm immediately shouted like a fried chicken.

Ling's mother looked at the two brothers and sisters and said angrily, "no matter what, you can solve it yourself. It's really warm. When Yanxi comes to our house for the first time, you shake your brother's embarrassment. How can he look up in front of Yanxi? Your eldest brother is also a man of face! "

Ling Mo Feng stared at his sister with a fierce face: "if Yan Xi hates me, you will be guilty!"

"Brother, I have something to say. Don't do it, OK? If you let me down, you can't hold me higher than me, just carry me like this. " Ling wennuan's desire for survival is very strong. He can bend and stretch.

"Hum, you little girl, if you don't give me some color, I don't know how the world is. What do you want to say when I see Yanxi, do you know?" Ling Mo Feng still likes to play tricks on this sister, because she is really cute sometimes, and is the seasoning for boring life.

"I know. I'll say hello to you all. The head office is here." Ling wennuan immediately showed a dog leg like smile.

"That's your taste!" Ling Mo Feng is enough to let go of his younger sister.

Ling wennuan moved his arm: "it must be red, hum, bad brother!"

"I......" Ling Mo Feng looked at the small girl who was not soft. For a moment, he was so angry that he had nothing to say.

Ling wennuan grimaces at him, turns around and escapes upstairs.

Ling's mother, looking at the two brothers and sisters who were not peaceful since childhood, was also unable to vomit. Let them make trouble. It's not like a family if they don't fight or scold.

Of course, Ling Mo Feng is not really angry. He just feels that his younger sister will meet a person who can cure her sooner or later, so he doesn't know when that person will appear. Hurry to take this little thing away, so as to save him from worry all day long.

"Your relationship with Yanxi looks very good. You have to treat others well. Don't be rude like before. Don't scare them!" Ling's mother still has to say something about her son. He's a man with a steel will and body. How can he understand the delicate girl? She couldn't rest assured that he pulled others' strength just now.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned and quickly admitted his mistake: "Mom, don't worry, I didn't use my strength just now!"

"Yan Xi is very good at family education, and he knows a lot about it. Old blue man teaches very well. Marrying our family to be a daughter-in-law is actually a grievance to others. Although you are now the vice president, they were born with a golden spoon. You are not bad for your peace and interest, but they just accompany you to play here. Alas, it's really hard for her to be a young girl." Ling's mother is very transparent about things. It's just because she understands them that she understands them.

"Mom, I know and remember what you said. Yanxi is a very good girl. I will cherish her." Ling Mo Feng's sincere assurance.

"Well, politics, your father and I can't help you too much. It's up to you to fight for it. You are the proudest child of your parents, whether you succeed or fail. We will still stand behind you and support you!" Ling's mother still loves her son very much. Now it's stormy outside. He's fighting for Bo alone in the wind and rain. It's really uncomfortable, but she has to let him go. Because he has grown into a man who can stand up to the sky. He needs to fight his own country.

"Mom, why do you say such sad words suddenly? Do you hear any bad rumors?" Ling Mo Feng asked gently.

"How could I not hear it? But mom doesn't believe it all. What kind of person are you? Mom and dad know it best! " Ling mother replied with a gentle smile.

"Mom, dad has retired. Don't meddle in politics any more, otherwise people will gossip. I will be careful. You must be relieved!" Ling Mo Feng's situation now, his family is naturally the most worried.

"Well, mom is very relieved, and I believe you can do it well!" Ling mother with tears in her eyes, nodded hard.