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LAN Yanxi is sitting in the car and dare not move. The contact object mentioned by his mother before is not the man just now. What is his mother doing?

LAN Yanxi is like a child who has made a mistake, but she dare not go down to face her.

When LAN Mu was about to leave, LAN Yanxi suddenly woke up and immediately pushed the door to get out of the car and ran after her.

"Mom!" LAN Yanxi cried out, and LAN Mu turned to look at her. There was a flash of panic on her face.

"Mom, who is that man? You will not... " LAN Yanxi has a feeling that she can't breathe. As a child, she may not have the right to interfere with her mother's choice. After all, her father left early, and her mother suffered too much misfortune in LAN's home. If she can't be safe for the rest of her life, LAN Yanxi will be very distressed.

"Hope!" Blue mother saw her daughter, also had a moment of surprise, but soon, her look went down.

"Mom, you can't walk on two boats, can you?" LAN Yanxi still wants to know what the relationship between that man and his mother is.

"Of course not!" Blue mother listened, look anxious, hurriedly explained: "he is mother's new friend."

"Don't lie to me. I saw the way you were together just now. Can a new friend Kiss you?" LAN Yanxi is eager to cry and scared to death. Although her mother has many shortcomings in her eyes, she is definitely not a person who has two minds.

Blue mother look a little uneasy, hurriedly said to her: "have a word to say with me home, here people go, not easy to chat!"

LAN Yanxi found that there were a lot of people around. She was shocked and hurriedly followed her mother home.

In the elevator, blue mother looked at her daughter and found that she was pale and powerless. She immediately asked, "what's wrong with you, Yanxi? Have you suffered any grievances? "

"No, just a cold!" LAN Yanxi reached out and patted his handbag: "I just took the medicine. Don't worry about me!"

"Yan Xi, you tell me the truth, how does Ling Mo Feng treat you? If he is not good to you, my mother will save you from the fire pit of the blue house. " Blue mother is angry and anxious, her face is red with anger.

Lanyanxi knew that his mother was still in love with him, and immediately comforted him and said, "Mom, he is really good to me, so leave me alone. It's you. Don't do anything stupid."

Blue mother was said by her daughter, and she laughed at herself: "women are old, but they are not worth money. I didn't give up my life before, but now I do! "

"Mom, what's the matter?" Blue Yan Xi see mother's eyes inexplicably more tears, immediately anxiously asked.

At this moment, the elevator door opened, blue mother took out the key to open the door, shaking her hand, the key fell to the ground, she covered her mouth and cried.

Lanyanxi quickly stooped to pick up the key and opened the door. He was in a hurry.

"Mom, what's the matter? Did that bastard bully you LAN Yanxi's hands and feet are cold. Although her mother has a good temper, she still has a temper. How can she be bullied?

Blue mother sat on the sofa and wiped her tears with a paper towel, which was the original violation of the matter: "mom told you before that she wanted to marry him, but later, we were stopped by her daughter on the way to get the marriage license, and her daughter forced her to die and refused to marry him again, so we were not married!"

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's heart is broken. Her mother finally finds a man who is willing to marry, but the other side is not willing to marry her. This kind of pain is really sad.

"Other people are good, to me, but fate is too shallow, I can't fight for fate, can only compromise!" Blue mother seems very sad, after all, is determined to marry.

"Mom, there are still many good men in the world. Don't be sad, there will always be the next one." LAN Yanxi was so distressed that she looked at her mother's swollen eyes. She wished she could bear these sorrows for her mother.

Blue mother grabbed her daughter's hand and said: "Yan Xi, mother's life is hopeless. You are still young. You must see the real face of a man before you can get married. I don't expect you to marry a high-ranking man. I just want someone to be sincere to you, and you will have a safe life."

Lanyanxi's hand, which was held by her mother, hurt a little, but she didn't take it away, just nodded with tears: "I will, mom, don't worry about me. I've grown up, and I'll make my own decisions. You'd better take care of yourself and don't let me worry."

"I just don't like it. Nothing else." Blue mother laughed at herself.

"Since the daughter of the other party doesn't agree, don't be afraid to be strong. I will accompany you more in the future." Lanyanxi knows that her mother is suffering, but she can't help her. She can only comfort her.

"I know. I'm dead hearted. It's ridiculous for an old woman to talk about love again. I still have self-knowledge. I can only say that my life is not good. If your father is still alive, I'm sure I won't live such a miserable life. Your father really treats me. Unfortunately, I didn't give him another child. I left you alone. There are no brothers and sisters to help me in the future Road, also can let you go alone Blue mother thought of here, tears and wet eyes.

"Mom, don't mention these things any more. I ask you, has my uncle given you all the money he promised every month?" LAN Yanxi also quickly wiped a tear and asked in a low voice.

"Yes, but less and less. I don't care about the company's sluggish operation and slow payment collection. Sometimes it takes me two months. Anyway, I don't care about it. I have money in my hand and don't want to see their face again." Blue mother's heart is high. She doesn't care about these interests.

"I knew that they didn't keep their promises. They knelt in front of their father's grave and swore so solemnly." LAN Yanxi clenched his fist angrily.

"Yan Xi, I'm blessed to have such a daughter as you. You've transferred all the pocket money your grandfather gave me since you were a child. You've also gone abroad to work and earn money. If your grandfather knows it, he's afraid he'll have to be angry with me." Blue mother put out her hand and hugged her daughter. She felt sorry for her understanding.

"Mom, people don't care about you, but I can't. young people should do something and live a full life. Anyway, I have found my goal in life, do my job well, have a hard and unforgettable love, and then get married and have children." LAN Yanxi said stupidly, but his eyes were shining with hope.

"Well, it's good to have a goal. I won't lose myself. It's just that you and Ling Mo Feng are quarreling. I'm afraid it will become true." LAN Mu knows the dangerous relationship between LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng, and she keeps this secret for them all the time. However, it is said that she hears a lot, and she inevitably worries about it.

"Mom, don't take it seriously. If you have anything to do in the future, just call me." Said blue Yanxi softly.

"Well, of course I listen to you. By the way, didn't you just ask me about that man? He is really my new friend, just He's been pursuing me, and I don't have a partner right now, so I promised to see him for a while. " Blue mother said that she was a little shy.

Lanyanxi's beauty is inherited from her mother's. although she is over 40 years old, she has a good foundation and a little makeup. She still has a charm in her early thirties. She is very patient.

"Mom, who is the other party?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously and blamed herself in her heart. When she heard that her mother was going to get married, she still suffered a lot. I hope it's not true. Now that her mother is not married, she worries again. It's a bad feeling.

"I don't know much about it. He just said that he would make some investment. He is 38 years old and has not been married. I fell in love with him as a brother-in-law. I've always felt unrealistic, but he came to me constantly and paid all kinds of attentions to me." Blue mother said here, I also feel funny.

"Mom, don't worry about getting married with the other party. Would you like to know his details first? I'm afraid you'll be sad to lose again. " LAN Yan hopes to urge each other.

"Don't worry. I'll only fall in love and not get married. Anyway, I've seen through marriage. Love is happier than marriage." Blue mother is also experienced, so, at the moment, it is not so anxious.

"Mom, I want Ling Mo Feng to investigate the details of this man, OK?" LAN Yanxi asked and pleaded.

"Investigate him? Yan Xi, what do you think he can do? " Blue mother is a little surprised.

"No problem, it's the best. I'm afraid that the other side will be unfaithful. I know that you are single and have money. What do you want to do?" Cried LAN Yanxi in a low voice.